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Chapter twenty two- 69

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Frodo's POV

I wrap my arms around her and she leans her head on my shoulder growing tired, she sighs softly and I look down at her bare arms, she's starting to feel the cold (I can tell because she has goosebumps).
One of my arms is around her neck, her elbow is bent and shes holding that hand, the other arm is holding her other hand.
I notice that theres a bit of body art, its three letters carved into her arm- F A T. She notices me looking and she shifts her arm so its not visible anymore, thats something she's had a lot of practice with, hiding.

Alicia takes us both back to the Iero's house and I go upstairs with Steph. All my stuff (including clothes) is thrown all over the dark room, this wasn't the first time that Frank had to rescue me but Steph silently passes me things as I throw them into a rather large backpack.
A piece of cracked glass the size of my fingernail falls onto the floor and it's shining- Steph goes to pick it up and it stabs her finger but she doesn't care. She doesn't even flinch, she takes it out, tosses it in the bin and wipes the blood on herself.
Before we finish packing I hand her a small bag that had her clothes inside, the ones she was wearing when they took her to the clinic. She changes then helps me make the bed and then we go downstairs and Alicia takes us to my apartment, we thank her for the ride and apologize for being so much trouble but she just smiles and says "No worries".
I unlock the apartment door of number 69 (yes I know, appropriate choice right?) and we go inside.
"Blake! Where the fuck have you been?!" Jinx says stepping into the room, "Oh, hi Steph" she weakly says "hey" and then he looks back at me,
"I stayed with Frank, something happened" I said looking at Steph from the corner of my eye, he got the point and just nodded.
He sits next to us on the sofa and Steph's leaning her head on my shoulder as I tell Jinx the story.

"I'm glad you guys are okay though. I don't want to see either of you in that clinic okay? And Steph, you're welcome to stay here whenever you want" he says looking over at her, she nods and he stands up; "Good night" he says before disappearing behind the locked door of his room.
"Bed time?" I ask her
She shakes her head, "I-I'm not sl-sleepy" she says,
"Me either" I tell her.
I stand up and go over to the fridge, I take out two cans of red bull and two small plates, I fill the plates with vegetarian spaghetti Jinx made and warm it up.
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