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Chapter 2

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What happened to Mikey?

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i present unto you, chapter 2. And I would just like to say thank you so much for the reviews on the last chapter, they really meant a lot to me and put my faith back into this story. onwards.

I lay there, curled up on the concrete floor, shaking. The tears had stopped falling after he left me here, replaced with a feeling of emptiness, nothingness. I stared into the darkness, willing myself to feel something.
Anything would be better than this.
My entire being ached and I couldn't move, I didn't want to move ever again. 
Everything was consumed with silence, no sounds were coming from anywhere. It was almost deafening.
I wasn't cold but I wasn't warm, I don't even think I could really feel the temperature of the room. 
I just lay there, silently until I heard a laugh come from just outside the room. 
I know that laugh. That's Franks laugh.
All of a sudden my brain went into overdrive; Frank, detention, still in school, Frank, jock, closet,Frank.
I sat up slowly, a dull ache consuming my body, and called out his name.
'Frank!' It sounded pathetic, even to my own ears, but I heard him stop laughing.
'Mikey?' he asked, surprised. A wave of relief ran through my tired body.
'Frank, I-I'm in here,' I called again.
'Well where is here, you dispshit?' he asked. I choked out a laugh.
'The janitors closet,' I replied. I heard him sigh over dramatically and then the door was shoved open, the light was blinding white, making my eyes hurt for a second or two before I could see Frank standing there. My stomach flipped.
'Mikey, what the fuck are you do-Mikey? Holy shit, Mikey are you okay?' Frank rushed to my side and knelt down beside me, tucking a strand of my hair behind my ear. His eyes scanned up and down my body, a worried yet angry expression on his face. 
'Mikey,' he said, straining to keep his voice straight, 'who did this to you?' 
I whimpered slightly and he wrapped his arms around me.
'What did they do to you, Mikes?' Frank asked, his tone a lot softer. I leaned into his side and shook my head. He didn't say anything.
I don't know how long we sat there for, me listening to Franks heartbeat and being comforted by his steady breathing. 
'Hey, Mikey? Mikey? We'd better go. Do you think you can walk?' Frank asked me gently. I nodded meekly and Frank began to stand up, guiding me with him. 
When we were standing we began to slowly walk toward the exit of the school, Frank humming Smashing Pumpkins into my ear. 
We managed to the end of the street before I burst out crying. The sobs were shaking my entire body and Frank had to tighten his grip on me just to keep me upright.
'Hey, hey, sshh,' he whispered, which just made me want to cry more. I buried my head in my hands so Frank wouldn't see me, I couldn't stand him looking at me while I was like this. 
'Oh Mikey,' he whispered and slowly peeled my hands away from my face. I looked into his eyes, swirling russet-green colour filled with concern and sadness, but I could see the flare of anger he had deep down, he was keeping it contained so he could comfort me. 
'Mikes, please tell me what's wrong,' he pleaded. I looked down and shook my head. He sighed.
'Please Mikey, it's only me, it's Frank. You can tell me anything yeah?' I shook my head again. Frank stayed silent and I daren't look up at him to see the pained expression I'm sure he was wearing. 
'Come on, I'll get you home, yeah?' he asked quietly. I nodded.

When we reached my house, Frank turned to look at me. 
'Mikes, I'm gonna let you go inside now, Gerard will look after you. And if you need me, if you wanna talk, even if it's just about useless crap, I'm here, okay?' I smiled a little.
'Yeah, thanks Frank,' I replied. He smiled back.
'Any time, Mikey boy, any time.' He kissed my forehead and walked down the driveway and around the corner without looking back.
I stood there, not moving, for a couple of minutes, watching where he left and ghosting my fingers over where he kissed me on my forehead before opening the door and calling Gerard's name. The house was dim and quiet, eerie almost. I didn't move from where I was stood, I could hear Gerard climbing the stairs up from the basement.
'Hey Mikes! How are yo-wow, are you okay?' his toothy smile quickly dropped into a look of concern as he approached me. He put a hand up to rest on my face, making me wince where I could feel the black eye was beginning to form. Gerard recoiled his hand and sighed before enveloping me in a huge hug. 
'Are you okay Mikes?' he asked softly. Tears began to leak from my eyes and onto his shoulder as I gently shook my head. 
Gerard didn't say anything for a while, just kept his comforting arms around me as my crying become more hysterical. 
'What happened to you, Mikey?' he asked after a while. I leant back from him and looked into his worried, dirty green eyes. The tears threatened to fall again but I was determined not to let them. I let out a shaky sigh. 
'H-he....he...' I stuttered weakly.
'Hey, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to,' Gerard said softly. I shook my head. 
'He r...raped m-me,' I stammered, tears convulsing from my eyes again the moment the sentence was finished. Gerard's arms enveloped my so tightly I was certain I'd be squeezed to death. I could vaguely here him talking but couldn't listen to what he was saying. 
'He raped me,' I whispered.
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