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Camp Destroya

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This is a FRERARD story. it's my first one so please don't be too disappointed.

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Okay this is my first one so please don't judge me too badly. But if you think it's shit please tell me so i call stop humiliaing myself. Thanks! :)

Franks POV
Why was she making me do this? Me and my mom were sitting in the car, on our way to this stupid summer camp. My mom was sending me here because she thinks I need help. She is right but there was no way I was going to admit it. Everyone calls me a stubborn bastard and that was true too, but I was also a gay, emo punk kid with an alcohol, nicotine and caffeine addiction. And because of these I was getting sent to this stupid camp. Well not because I was gay and an emo, but because of my nicotine and alcohol addiction.

She didn’t like me getting wasted every weekend and she hated the smell of nicotine every time she walks past me. She wanted me to get back on track. What a load of bullshit. I was just being myself. An absolute bastard. Not many people would admit that to them self but I knew it was true and there was no point denying it. I had my earphones blasting into my ears for the entire journey so I didn’t realise my mom shouting at me until an empty water bottle hits me bang on the nose.

“Shit, what the fuck mom?” Luckily for me, my mom was okay about me swearing in front of her, well she wasn’t really, that was another reason for this stupid fucking camp. Even though she didn’t have any right on telling me off, she swears twice as much as I do, so she can just go fuck off.

“We’re here dipshit. So get yourself fucking ready for this fucking shit called reality.” I told you she was worse than me. I put my earphones back in and saw her roll her eyes at me. She didn’t understand I was getting myself mentally ready for this fucking shit called reality. I gazed out the window towards a sign. ‘Camp Destroya.’ I had to admit, it was a fucking awesome name. But that didn’t stop me from hating this camp.

We drove until we found somewhere to park, and we walked into this massive hall. There was at least 200 other kids there. I was surprised there were so many kids, but they had come from all over the country, so compared to that, this was miniature. I never really thought about it till now, but we were in Washington. We were 166 miles away from my beloved state of New Jersey. I was about three hours away, I just wanted to be home. But the more I think about it, I actually decided that I would hate to be home. I had no friends, I was beaten nearly every day because of my sexuality, how I looked and the music I listened too. It was totally fucking unfair.

I finally took myself away from my shit thought of home and looked around the room. On the walls there was every single state of America with a person underneath. I guessed that’s where you signed in. I looked around the room until I found the sign with ‘New Jersey’ on it and walked towards it. At the stall there was a young girl with short black hair, dark blue eyeliner and a misfit t shirt on. She saw me walking up to her so she smiled at me, she looked nice enough, but first impressions can be wrong. I of all people should know that. When I reached the table the girl looked at me in the eyes. She had lovely brown eyes. I had to admit, if anyone could turn me straight again it would be her.

“Hello what’s your name? I’m Jamia Nestor, the New Jersey group leader.” Jamia, what a nice name.

“I'm Frank Iero. It’s nice to meet you Jamia.” She looked down at this piece of paper, it had eight names on it, one of which were mine and another was Jamia’s. It must have been this register thing. She made a tick next to my name.

“You’re the first one here so you get the privilege to help me out. Just say your goodbyes to your mom and come sit next to me. Okay?” I noode and said goodbye to mom. I wasn’t at all upset, I actually felt a little relived when she left. I know that's a mean thing to say but it's true.

It was weird, was being so nice, why was she being so kind to me? I sat next to Jamia and we just spoke. I turns out my first impression was right, she was great, and she had this really good gay radar thing so she old straight away I was gay, which was better than me having to come out again. We talked for what seemed like hours, until her eyes were diverted and two boys came up to the stand.

“Hi I’m Mikey Way and this is my brother Gerard.” A small but surprisingly happy boy said. I looked behind him at one of the most gorgeous boys I have ever seen.

Gerard’s POV

I knew I was gonna hate it here. This shit hole was gonna end me. And of course my mother didn’t believe that. She believed this was gonna help me and Micks get over our addiction, which is bullshit cause we don’t need any help. It’s these addiction that make us the Way brothers. But of course we’re just children and we don’t know shit about the real fucking world. Well obviously she’s never been to our school where I get beaten till I'm close to death just because of the way I look, the music I listen to and the thing that gets me the most trouble, the fact that I am gay.

Some people just can’t accept it, not even my own father. When I told him, he got so mad, he put me in hospital for a week with severe head injuries. This got him sent to prison, not the state one but it was still a prison. My mum divorced him as soon as the trial was over, but that doesn’t stop the bullies at school. They don’t go as far as my father did, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt any less. That’s where the alcohol and nicotine come in, they give me some time to forget. That all I’ve ever wanted. To forget.

Me and Mikey had already said goodbye to our mother and walked in. I already knew I was gonna hate it here. This room just proved it. Mikey stared to rood towards a stall with ‘New Jersey ‘ above it. He wasn’t as angry about coming here as I was. He was a lot more calm that me. And a hell lot more sociable. He had loads of friends back home. I on the other hand had none. But I din’t mind that. It meant that I didn’t have anyone to impress. I followed Mikey to the stall, where a woman was sitting. She looked up at us and smiled. I heard Mikey talking to the girl, but all I concentrated on was the ridiculously sexy guy sitting next to her. Maybe this place might not be as bad as I expected it to be.

Sorry for getting your hopes up if you added this to your alerts. I just needed to fix a couple of things! Once again sorry and thanks if you did add this to your alerts! If your reading this for the first time, ignore this, it's just me rambling on as always! I'm gonna stp now! Bye! :)
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