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What to Expect

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Fluff! ;)

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Hey beauties! xx

Franks POV
I stroll through the endless aisles of Mothercare wearing Gerards huge Red Jumpsuit Apparatus hoody. He was taking it easy as pie, sat at work bossing kids around and bitching out barbie dolls that wanted to jump him. Oh and eating those leftover veggie burgers we had for dinner the night before. My tummy would not stop growing now and i was loving eating like a pig. A big pig, a huge pink one with a massive snout that made oink noises for attention from it's sperm donor. Not that Gerard was a sperm donor, like i'd let the sexy little bitch get off that easy after letting my internal female genatalia feel his reproductive stick of wonder. We were going to be parents and he was having fucking maternity leave.

Not that i'm unhappy. I am happy that there will be a mixture of the two of us. Like banana and apple in a blender.I was secretly hoping that our little prince or princess would take after Gerard. Have those stunning wide eyes and sultry dark hair, not dyed obviously. And what else? If this little bean was to take after Gerard, they have more chance of being tall, an advantage i've never tasted.

That was one more thing. We had just passed our twelve week mark and decided all throughout these months we would not ask about the baby's sex. We would wait for the surprise and prepare for either gender. We could buy white, green and yellow. Girly yet Boyish, epic win! The nursery was already painted red, well half painted. Gerard and I got a little carried away when we started making out and...

But yeah things are good,we even have a names list. If we are blessed with a son I want River Lucas Gerard Iero Way, Gerard wants Barnabus Micheal Frank Anthony Iero Way, which clearly sucks compared to my choice yet it's sweet he wants my name to be involved with his son. And if we have a little girl i want Brogan Marie Grace Iero Way whilst Gerard wants Leia Lee Joan Iero Way, which i also love, but i have to be an uncooperative bitch, it's why he loves me, not to mention what i'm best at, apart from my job, where i would be for eight hours tomorrow.

I run my fingers across the soft, delicate material of babygrows and suddenly i'm excited. Life doesn't get better than this. I'm so glad i changed my mind back then.

Gerards POV
"Hey." I almost sing down the phone.
"Oh Hey." I almost hear Frank's beautiful ass smile from the other side of the line.
"How are you? I miss you, you know."
"Aww Baby I miss you too. I'm doing alright, well, we're doing alright." And he laughs that angelic musical little giggle he is blessed with, whether it came from smoking pot or not. I don't give a fuck, i love it.
"Aww i'm glad my two favourite people are okay. Wish i could be home."
"Wish you were here!" He screams, a muffled sound filling his voice. Ah Ben and Jerry'a Cookie Dough, our baby happened to love that already and Frank was eating buckets of the magical potion every day. We shared when i got home, well if any was left.
"So tomorrow? You okay with dinner with my parents? And then we can go late night shopping afterwards and then the ultrasound the day after." I smile, life was blessed now, all because of a shitty job i had hated as soon as i started.
"Yepp, we're busy little bees!" He sang with sass.
Bee? Bee...he could be onto something.
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