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Frank gets a letter... Ash knows he was there!

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I got a letter from a old friend today... He went to Belleville high with Me, Mikey and Gee.
It read:

Dear Frankie,
Hey man haven't wrote to you for a while. I miss ya. So are you still with Gerard or are you with Mikey still. Heard Gee's with Andy Beirsack now sorry 'bout that man. Hope your alright. Hey I got a new phone so sorry if I haven't text ya my new number is 222-7647 (A/N not real number for anyone sorry though if it is I just made it up.)
Paddy. (AKA: Polar-bear)
His name was polar-bear because he used to have a white fair coat, and he used to look like a polar bear in it.


I knew Frank had over heard us but I let it slide, and pretended I didn't have a clue he had been there. I wanted to know though I wanted to know if he liked me as much as I liked him. I doubt it though.
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