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A/N sorry I hate these too but this is impotant

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Just a A/N Sorry I just wanted to sum up whats been going on...

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Sorry but I just have a feeling this is getting really confusing so I was wondering should I carry on doing every ones POV or should I do it in one persons POV (If you want this one tell me who you want me to write it in.) Or do you want me to write it in the 3rd person where its like a narrator? Please tell me...

Secondly To sum up whats happened well...
1. My Chemical Romance and Black Veil Brides are on tour together.
2. Gerard and Andy develop feelings for each other.
3. Mikey cheats on Frank.
5. Ashley (BVB Bass player) Develops feelings for Frank.
6. Mikey and Ashley go out for the day and Mikey asks Ash if he likes Frank. Ash denies it.
7. They all play I never and Andy and Gerard find out they like each other.
8. Ash admits to Mikey that he likes Frank.
9. Frank hears everything they say and knows Ash likes him.
10. Frank gets a letter from a old friend.
11. Ash knows that Frank was listening in on his and Mikey's conversation
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