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An audition for another story of which I shall write!

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Humor,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2012/07/04 - Updated: 2012/07/04 - 289 words - Complete


  • Auditionistas!

    (#) XCherrikidXD 2012-07-04 10:12:36 AM

    Name: Lucy May
    Nickname: Lu lu
    Body: Pale skin, 5'1, skinny with slight curves
    eyes: Sea Green
    Age: Whatever fits.
    Part: Err I dont mind, Gee's wife?
    Anything else: plays guitar/bass, piano, loves to draw.

    hope its okai =)

    ~Lu lu xoxo

    Author's response

    Okay then! You're mine, Rachel and Sophie's mum, and Gee's wife! Welcome to the family! XD xx
  • Auditionistas!

    (#) gunpowderandlead 2012-07-04 10:21:59 AM

    Name: Analeigh Blackburn-Bryar?
    Nickname: Leigh, Ana, Banana
    Appearance: long pin straight ebony black hair with blunt bangs. 5'6, slender frame, emerald green eyes, beige skin tone.
    Age: whatever you need
    Part: Bob's wife
    Anything else: Australian, but doesn't have much of an accent after moving to the states when she was a teen.

    Author's response

    Sure! XD xx
  • Auditionistas!

    (#) YoshikiHide182 2012-07-04 10:27:18 AM

    Part:gee's or Frankie's wife
    Nicknames:lee,awa,the meme guru
    appearance:shortis-tall,slim,long neon pink hair,dark brown eyes,pale skin(doesn't tan),green and purple nail polish,wears liquid eyeliner or dark make up.
    age:21 but you can change it if you want
    anything else:has loads of tattoos and snake bites

    Author's response

    Those are taken and Mikey's wife is reserved. Can I offer you a place of a child? :) xx
  • Auditionistas!

    (#) Cookie_monster 2012-07-04 10:31:02 AM

    I don't mind :') xoxo

    Author's response

    Okay... You can be Mikey's wife (That's an amazing offer F.Y.I ;)) or you can be His, Ray's or Bob's kid. Which one do you prefer? If you don't have any preferences I'll do eenie meenie miny mo! XD xx
  • Auditionistas!

    (#) Bella_Jinxx 2012-07-04 10:34:01 AM

    Name: Ashley Harlequin Way
    Nickname: Ashy, Ash, A
    Appearance: Long blonde hair with blue streaks in it, blue eyes, pale-ish.
    Age: 27, change if needed!
    Part: Mikey's sexy woman ;) ... I don't know why I wrote that.
    Anything else: Is quite close to Gerard too. ^^

    Sounds like a brill idea, and if I can't get Mikey's wife, I might audition Andy or teenage Ash for a part?
    -Jinxxy and Andy, flaming homosexuals at your service ^^

    Author's response

    :O Maybe! Gahh! Maybe! If not, do you mind who you are? :) xx

    No! Wait! I just saw that last part! Great attention skills Penina! XD We still have to wait though. Do you mind auditioning them anyway? :D xx
  • Auditionistas!

    (#) Drowning_in_Irony 2012-07-04 10:36:39 AM

    Name: Caitlin Mae

    Nicknames: Cait, Caitie, Casper (joke for beig harmless and pale like the ghost)

    Appearance: Pale, long curly chocolate brown hair with a side fringe (she's always adding colors to it), forest green eyes

    Age: 14 in real life, but Whatever fits

    Part: Anything you need

    Anything else: huge music geek, closet superhero nerd, loves horror movies even though she's always freaked out afterwards

    Thanks :)

    Thanks :)

    Author's response

    I'm probably going to make you my non-biological sister. We still keep in touch and you promise not to tell our stupid parents! ;) xx
  • Auditionistas!

    (#) BleedingValentine 2012-07-04 10:40:55 AM

    Cheers, Sistah! Let's get this partay started. xx

    Author's response

    XD I will when all the parts are taken! :D xx
  • Auditionistas!

    (#) Drowning_in_Irony 2012-07-04 10:43:10 AM

    Sounds good :) Excited to read xx

    On another note: I'm horrible with staying on topic and ramble a lot.

    Just in case you want to incorporate that :) xx

    Author's response

    :O Are you sure we're not related, it's just that what you described is me! :P xx
  • Auditionistas!

    (#) Drowning_in_Irony 2012-07-04 10:45:38 AM

    Haha maybe ;) Ya never know!

    Author's response

    That would be so awesome! XD xx
  • Auditionistas!

    (#) Bella_Jinxx 2012-07-04 10:49:14 AM

    Name: Andy Jago Iero
    Nicknames: The A Team, AndyPandy, Andylicious, and The Flaming Heterosexual.
    Appearance: Has long black hair to the nape of his neck, gray eyes, pale, and has snakebites and a nose piercing. Wears 'guyliner' and will fucking flip out if you call it eyeliner.
    Age: 17, change if needed :)
    Part: Frankie's son :)

    And fuck it, I'm putting teenage Ash in too.

    Name: Ashley Harlequin Way
    Nicknames: AshBash, Ashbestos, and Volcano.
    Appearance: Bright orange hair, amber eyes hidden behind glasses, pale and wears a little bit of eyeliner and mascara. Not as much as Andy though.
    Age: 16

    Ya like 'em?
    -Jinxxy, Andy and Ash xx

    Author's response

    You two are accep... wait for it... I've got a good feeling that perhaps Andy and I might get together! You don't mind that do you Andy? XD xx

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