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You're going to be a mother?

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The ex shows up and Gerard gets a little jealous....

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Franks POV
"My name is not fucking Franklin." I remind ronnie. Jesus christ, why does fucking Radke need to turn up now? I knew I shouldve just gotten shot when I hit puberty. "Okay okay chill out man." He says, his voice weirdly high as he holds his hands up in protest. "What's that?" He asks after a few moments of awkward silence.
"Nothing!" I say shielding my growing bump.
He gives me his "seriously?!" Face which means he knows what's going down here. Fucker.
"Oh well I ate a few too many smiley faces for lunch you see. I'm fucking pregnant dickface!" I almost scream.
"Oh and baby daddy left you?" He adavnces further towards me which forces me to step back. He's always wanted me back for some unknown reason, I mean I was hot but come on. Sometimes I think even Gerard is with me purely for our sprog we managed to create. After a few sex sessions?! Sex will be protected from now on let me tell you, fucking put me through this shit again. The baby isn't shit but if I hadn't come to the hospital I wouldn't have bumped into Ronnie. Plus,they didn't even bother telling me it's twins! Which I know it is! "Frank?!" Gerard bursts through the door crashing into a trolley full of doctors equipment. "It's not twins okay? They wouldve detected it you silly! Fucking hell, I almost ran into that chick at work and popped her breast implants! Let's- who the holy fuck are you?" He says looking at Ronnie up and down.
"Ah Ronnie, Franks ex." He says plainly as if he's making a statement about the milk his grandmother uses to bathe in. I roll my eyes as Gerards horrified expression intesifies by each millisecond. He looks at me with wide eyes and then back to Ronnie before throwing a protective arm around me. "Woah chill out dude, he came on to me first." Ronnie says cooly before sauntering off leaving me with a beetroot headed boyfriend. "Frank?" Gee asks me again.
"Don't listen to him." I say turning away, ready to head home.

Gerards POV
"Frank, did you- you still like him." I say sliding into the front seat. That guy wasn't bad looking, better than me, nothing close on Frank of course. "What the fuck?! No! He showed up and we got talking! Which by the way I didn't oblige too and I don't even like being around him. Gerard, you need fucking help with your paranoia." He almost screams starting the car. Normally I drive but I guess he's made up his mind. We fly out of the car park and almost crash into a bollard separating the entrance and exits. Needless to say, we went catapulting out of the entrance lane and almost die.

"You're such an idiot." Frank mutters under his breath, lighting up one of my cigarettes and inhaling the sweet toxicity of it's content. "Fucking hell Frank! Its so simple for you! You could get any fucker you wanted! Like him, a better looking boyfriend! And you can just toss me aside like everyone else." I burst out. He looks at me in shock. I'd never confessed to that before, to anyone. And so the tears start to pour, another thing NOBODY has ever driven me to. "Put that cig out, bump won't like it." I groan and watch as he does as I asked before swerving the car at sixty mph into a layby. "Let's talk Gee, you beautiful motherfucker." I manage a smile and apologise for being so messed up. "Its a good job I like the fucked up ones the best. Only a little mind." He adds brushing his calloused fingertips across my cheek.
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