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Ashley can't deal with it anymore.

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It had been three days since Stefan had run off. Ashley had been constantly calling and texting him, but Stefan carried on ignoring him.

He felt so guilty, and was dreading the thought of the boy he loved leaving forever.

The depression had finally sunk in, Ashley hadn't eaten or slept properly in days.

I've lost everyone I love. All I do is hurt people. I don't deserve to leave.

The cruel thoughts were spinning around his mind, until something finally clicked.

He was going to end everyone's pain, it was the only way he knew how to fix things.

Dear Stefan,
I'm so sorry for the pain I have caused you. I promise you that I never told Dru to dump you. Please tell my mum that I love her.
Stef, don't think that this is your fault, I chose to end the suffering. If I cannot live with you, I will not live without you.
I love you Stefan Abingdon, forever and always.
Ashley xxx

He re-read the note to make sure He'd remembered everything he wanted to say.

He rifled through his overnight bag until he found his razor.

He slowly dragged the blade across his wrists, wincing at the pain.

You deserve this, he thought to himself.

He got up a picture of him and Stefan on his phone, wanting his boyfriends face to be the final thing he saw before he finally closed his eyes.
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