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Um. Yeah. Audition please! It's gonna be an awesome story. *still open*

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2012/09/17 - Updated: 2012/09/19 - 207 words


  • auditions!!

    (#) CrimsonRevenge 2012-09-17 07:55:04 PM

    Name: Tristan Langdon


    Nickname: none

    Age/Grade: 17/11th grade

    Sexuality:straight female

    Stereotype (ex: The Jock, The Nerd, The Cheerio):Nerd

    Appearance (Be DETAILED!):Long dark red hair that is straigtened all the time, she has big green eyes and full pink lips. She stands at five feet tall and is skinny, but curvy.

    Actor/Actress (Who would portray them?): Lucy Hale maybe if she had red hair

    Personality (NOT A LIST OF WORDS): She is nerdy and musical. She loves comics and hanging out with the boys. She loves horror movies and is sarcastic. She constantly quotes movies and is introverted a lot when the boys aren't around. She doesn't show her true feelings toward those see cares about because she doesn't want to get hurt.

    Fashion Sense (Goth, prep, boho, etc.):She dresses in tshirts like band tshirts and gamer tshirts and tight straight legged jeans. She wears her makeup dark on her eyes and wears black rimmed glasses when she reads.

    Family: She has three older brothers and her mother is deceased. They live with her single father.

    History (Childhood, family life): Her mother died when she was ten. Her brothers take care of her because their dad travels a lot for work.

    Likes: She loves comics, star wars, star trek, and other nerdy things. She loves music, especially rock music. she likes going to concerts and just hanging out with the boys.

    Dislikes: spiders, trains, failure, midgets, and clowns

    Talents: She's a natural artist, with no training. She draws her own comics.

    Friends: She's friends with the mcr boys and her own brothers

    Enemies:The Heathers and all the popular crowd

    Their theme song (What song speaks to them?): Gunslinger by Avenged Sevenfold

    Biggest Secret: She has attempted suicide.

    Biggest Insecurity: She thinks she is ugly.

    Love Interest (ANYONE is fair game. Let's get a love triangle in there. If you have two OCs who like each other, just say so. I'll allow that.): Gerard, Frank, or Mikey! Anyone would be amazing!!!

    What you'd like to have happen to them in the story (I'll try to work it in, but no promises): I'm down for anything!

    Anything else?: Nope I'm good!! Thanks for the opportunity to audition!!
  • auditions!!

    (#) atomickilljoy 2012-09-17 07:58:30 PM

    Name: Jennifer Flores

    Nicknames: Jen


    Age/Grade: 15, grade 20


    Stereotype (ex: The Jock, The Nerd, The Cheerio): The Nerd, but loves rock

    Appearance (Be DETAILED!):
    Hair:Black, wavy up to her shoulders, with one hot pink highlight
    Eyes: wide brown eyes, large black rimmed glasses
    Complexion: Brownish skin(light brown)

    Actor/Actress (Who would portray them?): Hmm...I don't think ANYONE is close to Jennifer. Not that she's gorgeous, but I guess she's.. unique. I have no idea, I'm so sorry!

    Personality (NOT A LIST OF WORDS): She's really nice to people who are friendly, she doesn't get mad TOO often, but if you piss her off, you'll pay, she's very smart, and loves to read, which is why she's a nerd. She has a perverted sense of humor, and is very funny.

    Fashion Sense (Goth, prep, boho, etc.): Rocker mixed with a smidge of nerd, because if her glasses

    Family: two older protective brothers. Her mom died and her dad fled before she was born

    History (Childhood, family life): Her dad left her mother for another woman before Jennifer was born, her mom soon died of cancer, and her brothers are now distant, but protective. They have slight anger problems, so Jennifer is the only one who doesn't. She's a bit boyish since she grew up with two big brothers. She's Mexican American, so she knows Spanish

    Likes: Rock music, books, math, history, singing rock music, baggy band shirts, drawing and comics

    Dislikes: Dresses and being alone in the dark

    Talents: she sings good, she's naturally smart, and she can draw good

    Friends: Bob, Ray, Mikey, Frank, and Gerard. She likes hanging out with guys. She gets along with their girlfriends, too.

    Enemies: All of her bullies. She has a lot.

    Their theme song (What song speaks to them?): Letterbomb by Green Day, because she sometimes bottles up rage and needs to let loose.

    Biggest Secret: She is always sneaking out with her boyfriend, so if her older brothers found out, they'd put her on lockdown or move

    Biggest Insecurity: Her kind of boyish appearance, since she wears baggy t shirts.

    Love Interest (ANYONE is fair game. Let's get a love triangle in there. If you have two OCs who like each other, just say so. I'll allow that.) BOB ALWAYS BOB BECAUSE I LOVE BOB BOB IS AMAZING BOB I LOVE HIM XD

    What you'd like to have happen to them in the story(I'lltrytoworkitin, butnopromises): Her brothers keep on suspecting things, and develop more protectiveness si she has to be more sneaker Maybe sex with her boyfriend, but that's optional :)

    Anything else?: that's it
    I hope I get the part! Amazing idea!
  • auditions!!

    (#) atomickilljoy 2012-09-17 08:00:57 PM

    First time sex more specifically, but like I said, totally optional
    I forgot to mention that she wears baggy band t shirts (The Beatles, Iron Maiden, Metallica, etc. ) with skinny jeans, with converse.
  • auditions!!

    (#) frofist 2012-09-17 08:01:35 PM

    This sounds pretty cool, I love Heathers!
    Anyway, I'd love to audition, but I don't have the time to type one out right now, will this still be open by tomorrow morning?
  • auditions!!

    (#) PartyPoisen 2012-09-17 08:05:17 PM

    Part: Mikey's GF if not Ray's Gf
    Name: Bryn Avian Tate
    Nicknames: Bunny. Tay. Bray. Bam Bam
    Nick name: Ava
    Age/grade: 16 - 17 (can chane if needed) 11th
    Sterotype: gothic outcast
    Actress: Michelle Trachtenberg
    Personailty: bubly and sweet and really mellowed out. But when mad can be crazy like screaming and cursing.
    Fashion sense: usually gray or black skinny jeans with a white tank top and leather jacket over it. All star high tops. So goth.
    Family: mother, Avaina. Brothes Mason 20 and twin sister Taliana.
    History: grew up even a outcast in the family for being the ugly child. Beside being brought down, she was pretty happy and bubbly. Her father was never there and her mother was always running around so she weas close to her brother who was her protector.

    Likes: drawing. Letting of steam by punching things. Playing piano and reading.
    Dislikes: snobs. Being wrong. Her school and cheer leaders and over happy people.
    Friends: the guys. Her rother. Her best Friend Evelyn.
    Enemies: jocks and cheerleaders
    Theme song: thnks fr th mmrs - fall out boy
    Secret: hadsecretly killed her dad when she poisened his drink one night he had beat her.
    Insecerity: believes she is ugly thanks to family twling her she was her whole life. She thinks her nose is way to big for her face.

    Love interest: beside Mikey (or Ray) can her friend Evelyn be a love interest? Evelyn Markos. Black hair. Hazel eyes. Pale. Serious person with a soft side.
    Anything you want to happen?: can she be a bit sycho when they kill of everyone?
  • auditions!!

    (#) ReturnFromTheAshes 2012-09-17 08:09:15 PM

    Aditioning for frank or gerards gf please!
    Name: Sara Lockheart

    Nicknames: Batman


    Age/Grade: 16 junior

    Sexuality: Straight

    Stereotype (ex: The Jock, The Nerd, The Cheerio): the badass

    Appearance (Be DETAILED!):
    Hair: Black, straight, bangs parted to the left side, kinda long
    Eyes: Blue (kinda like Cillian Murphy's)
    Height/ Weight: 5'4, 113. Skinny but with curves
    Feauture: pale white skin
    Actor/Actress (Who would portray them?):
    Erm.. Chuck Norris (just kidding... seriously) Non slutty verison of megan fox XD
    Personality (NOT A LIST OF WORDS): She likes to prank people, can be very foolish at ttimes but is serious when needed to be. Doesnt give a fuck what people think.

    Fashion Sense (Goth, prep, boho, etc.):
    Band tee shirts, ripped jeans, hoddies, converse

    Family: only child. Lives with dad

    History (Childhood, family life): Mom dies when she was 13, didn't like to soicalize when she was younger.

    Likes: batman, comic books, tim burton movies, bass guitar, computer, creeping people out for lulz.

    Dislikes: assholes in gereal.

    Talents: plays bass guitar, likes to draw

    Friends: MCR Gang! xD

    Enemies: people who dont like dr who O__O

    Their theme song (What song speaks to them?): Wake me up when september ends by green day

    Biggest Secret: gets afraid sometimes

    Biggest Insecurity: her body

    Love Interest (ANYONE is fair game. Let's get a love triangle in there. If you have two OCs who like each other, just say so. I'll allow that.)
    Frank Iero (or Gerard) ^.^
    What you'd like to have happen to them in the story (I'll try to work it in, but no promises):
    Erm, he sees her getting beat up and he comes to the rescue C:
    Anything else?: Has a misfits tattoo on her lower back.

    Yay hope this is okay! C:
  • auditions!!

    (#) vampiresdontglitter 2012-09-17 08:23:17 PM

    Name: Gianna Foster

    Nicknames: Gia Tortilla, or just Foster.

    Nickname: Gia

    Age/Grade: 17, 12th grade

    Sexuality: straight

    Stereotype (ex: The Jock, The Nerd, The Cheerio): Artsy freak

    Appearance (Be DETAILED!): medium length black hair that's naturally curly. 5'6, slender frame. Almond shaped dark brown eyes. Usually smokey eye shadow and red lipstick. Cartilage piercing. Beige skin tone.

    Actor/Actress (Who would portray them?): Kat Dennings

    Personality (NOT A LIST OF WORDS): Eccentric. Not afraid to speak her mind, so opinionated. Satire humor, can be dark sometimes. A bit quiet but usually talkative when in a good conversation.

    Fashion Sense (Goth, prep, boho, etc.): Pin up girl style, vintage.

    Family: Little sister Isabella (13), mother Fiona, and father Vinny.

    History (Childhood, family life): Was a bit of a loner during the younger years, usually just sketched pictures and take them. Never really got in trouble until high school, been in a couple fights, almost suspended. Thus, making a few enemies. Family life was okay, parents worked alot so she helped take care of her younger sister who she loves a lot.

    Likes: Photography, drawing, reading, cooking, poetry, music, video games, traveling, writing, movies, origami, food.

    Dislikes: stuck up bitches, traffic, large crowds, loud noises, being picked on or challenged on her beliefs. Bubblegum music.

    Talents: Good at photography, great dancer, and pretty much an awesome artist. Sketches, paintings, origami, the whole nine yards.

    Friends: Ray and Bob

    Enemies: Popular crowd

    Their theme song (What song speaks to them?): Volcano Girls - Veruca Salt

    Biggest Secret: Afraid of failure.

    Biggest Insecurity: think she's fat, weight issues even though she loves food.

    Love Interest : Ray or Bob please!!! one or the other is fine, preferably Bob :D

    What you'd like to have happen to them in the story (I'll try to work it in, but no promises): Have her get in a fight? I don't really care, you are the writer :D

    Anything else?: Don't think so...

    FRIGGING LOVE HEATHERS! Christian Slater, oh my cheese :P
  • auditions!!

    (#) PartyPoisen 2012-09-17 08:43:29 PM

    Oh anything else I should've put Black haier with blue dyed streaks and blue gray eyes. Really pale cause she hates the sun.
  • auditions!!

    (#) ReturnFromTheAshes 2012-09-17 08:46:34 PM

    Btw really good idea for a story. I saw the movie before and it was awesome. Im really excited for the fic ^.^
  • auditions!!

    (#) XEvil_AngelX 2012-09-17 08:52:02 PM

    Name: Sam Wesley Alexx

    Nicknames: Alex, Wes, Skye

    Nickname: NEVER Sam

    Age/Grade: 16, 11

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Stereotype (ex: The Jock, The Nerd, The Cheerio): The music-obsessed gamer

    Appearance (Be DETAILED!):
    Hair-Neon pink on the upper layers, with a bright red on the under layers, collar bone length worn down under her signiture black and grey striped beanie
    5"5, scrawny (just over 100 pounds), pale except for a natural redness in her cheeks, has green eyes with a hazel center, high cheek bones
    Clothes (if needed) an old army jacket over a band tee (Billy Talent, Linkin Park or Operation M.D), a pair of PJ bottoms (usually black and red) under a pair of black and white checkered high tops converse
    Actor/Actress (Who would portray them?): Jennifer Lawrence

    Personality (NOT A LIST OF WORDS):
    Acts so fuckin' bipolar, goes from "OMFGFREAKINGOUT" to "Whatever bros" and more punk (a.k.a doesn't give a fuck about anything else anyone says)
    Fashion Sense (Goth, prep, boho, etc.): Punnk

    Family: Lives with her uncle Winston, has a sister JJ(Joy Janice) who disowned her along with her parents, 2 older brothers Darren and Chad (who lives with her)

    History (Childhood, family life):
    Childhood- Her parents bought her affection up until she was 14, where she began self-hatred, eating disorder, self-harm, sucide and such. Her parents were always fighting for the longest time, and taking it out on her; saying how she broke the family up, how they are ashamed to have her as a daughter and such..
    Likes: Music, Pewdiepie (who she gets a lot of the games she plays from the videos) video games (more horror),originality

    Dislikes: Preps, her family, life at times even

    Talents: Bass, drums, ability to sneak off without anyone notcing

    Friends: Erm, more punks, she doesn't give a fuck about who her friends are as long as their not like "OH, we can help you look better" and try to change her

    Enemies: Preps, jocks, anyone out to change her

    Their theme song (What song speaks to them?): Lies Greed Misery- Linkin Park or Walking Disaster- Sum 41

    Biggest Secret: She really was the reason for her family splitting up (they lived on a farm, and she got REALLY pissed at her sister one day..which ended in her stabbing her sister, causing her parents to fight and such)

    Biggest Insecurity:Her shoulders, gets called a guy a lot so the more guy-ish features

    Love Interest (ANYONE is fair game. Let's get a love triangle in there. If you have two OCs who like each other, just say so. I'll allow that.)
    Absolutley anyone
    What you'd like to have happen to them in the story (I'll try to work it in, but no promises): Something with the family drama (she is insanley close to her brothers, which is sad because her bro Darren is in the army)

    Anything else?:...Erm not really

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