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Um. Yeah. Audition please! It's gonna be an awesome story. *still open*

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  • auditions!!

    (#) Bella_Jinxx 2012-09-18 05:56:02 AM


    Clothing style: As I read somewhere, "an emo and a skater boy's love child".
  • auditions!!

    (#) juneonthemoon 2012-09-25 05:38:28 AM

    Looks like no one is auditioning for the parts you need XD Idk if my character is exactly what you need either though.

    Name: Oliver Montgomery

    Nicknames: Olive, Levi, Olly. (although he just prefers Oliver.)

    Age/Grade: 17, junior.

    Sexuality: Pansexual.

    Stereotype (ex: The Jock, The Nerd, The Cheerio): Hum....whatever is convenient I suppose :3

    Appearance (Be DETAILED!): Short (ear length) dark hair, dark brown eyes, milk & honey skin, perfect jawline, masculine yet effeminate at the same time, ½ Korean ½ Mexican American. Stands at a lovely six feet.

    Actor/Actress (Who would portray them?): Ezra Miller

    Personality (NOT A LIST OF WORDS): A very quiet and reserved character who prefers to observe than to speak. He is friendly, yet it's a bit forced. Oliver is actually quite selfish in that he makes friends with the right people for the wrong reasons, although he truly does have a kind heart inside. It should also be noted that he is an old soul, he feels he should have been alive in another era.

    Fashion Sense (Goth, prep, boho, etc.): A stlye that can only be described as “Givenchy Men FW 12” meets Forever21 Mens and often inspired by James Dean.


    History (Childhood, family life): Oliver grew up with a single dad (Joon Montgomery) who raised him with liberal ideals. His father is an architect who is often out on business meetings. Oliver had been home schooled until his sophomore year of high school, after convincing his father that a public school setting would be a life experience that he wished to pursue. Besides Joon, Oliver doesn't have any other family relationships. It's always been him and dad, therefore their relationship is very close knit, they tell each other almost everything.

    Likes: Old movies, horror movies, foreign films. El Laberinto Del Fauno is one of his favorite films. Ice cream. Candy, lots of it. Caravaggio. Pulp Fiction. Psychic shops (mostly for the fun of it and for the smell of their incense and oils). Morrissey, Lana Del Rey, Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry. *Reading (books such as Flowers in the Attic, Lolita, Filth, 1984, The Virgin Suicides, Let The Right One In, and The Lover). Star gazing at the planetarium. Dancing and being silly. Banana cream pie.

    Dislikes: Math. Raisins (except in cinnamon rolls and toast). Most modern day music. City lights (they block the stars). Sunny days (he burns easily).

    Talents: He is a fantastic liar. He also plays piano well, but not professionally or anything.

    Friends: Anyone convenient at the moment.

    Enemies: No one in particular. Anyone who gets in the way of what he wants.

    Their theme song (What song speaks to them?): Lana Del Rey – Dark Paradise.

    Biggest Secret: In his first year of high school (home schooling) he had a friend who he met at a coffee shop. He fell in love with her, but because she was in love with another boy he never told her, he stopped talking to her after that, totally lost contact with her out of jealousy and sadness. Although he has dated other people since )males & females), he is still in love with her, and often imagines her when he pleasures himself.

    Biggest Insecurity: Not meeting his father's expectations.

    Love Interest (ANYONE is fair game. Let's get a love triangle in there. If you have two OCs who like each other, just say so. I'll allow that.): Anyone really. Whatever is convenient for the story. Obviously he is in love with another original character, but she doesn't have to be at all in your story.

    What you'd like to have happen to them in the story (I'll try to work it in, but no promises): Anything.

    Anything else?: Thank you (:

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