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Um. Yeah. Audition please! It's gonna be an awesome story. *still open*

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2012/09/17 - Updated: 2012/09/19 - 207 words


  • auditions!!

    (#) atomickilljoy 2012-09-17 08:52:51 PM

    I'm SO sorry. I meant Grade 10!
  • auditions!!

    (#) XEvil_AngelX 2012-09-17 08:54:34 PM

    oh, nevermind about the actress thing (I didnt get it and was like 'shes a great actor' so I have no bloody idea about actresses (I cannot stand sitting through movies) and she killed her sister O-o
  • auditions!!

    (#) LaurentheHuman 2012-09-17 08:57:54 PM

    Oh this is a cool idea! I'm much too tired now, but I'll be sure to put one up tomorrow. Yay, now I have something to look forward to! xD
    'Night. c:
  • auditions!!

    (#) tmbfucks 2012-09-17 11:01:04 PM

    Can I audition a bit later? It's just that I can't now but I'd really love a part! :') xx
  • auditions!!

    (#) Bella_Jinxx 2012-09-17 11:04:41 PM

    Could I audition for Gerard's boyfriend?

    Name: Alex Ryan Dawn

    Nicknames: Al, A

    Age/Grade: 17, and Grade 11? I think?

    Sexuality: Bi.

    Stereotype (ex: The Jock, The Nerd, The Cheerio): The mysterious, quiet guy.

    Appearance (Be DETAILED!): Messy blonde hair that goes to the nape of his neck. Icy blue eyes that sparkle when he's being mischievous. Pale skin, which is smooth as hell. He's roughly 5"5. He's extremely, extremely skinny and his ribs and hips stick out. He's quite athletic and can run like the wind.

    Actor/Actress (Who would portray them?): Probably Tom Felton, or Jake Abel.

    Personality (NOT A LIST OF WORDS): He's shy, and quiet. He doesn't talk to many people, let alone smile at them. If he does smile/talk to you, consider it the ultimate mark of approval. To his few friends, he's sarcastic, witty, sweet and caring. He's a bit snappy and bitchy at times.

    Fashion Sense (Goth, prep, boho, etc.): A mix of goth and 80/90's punk.

    Family: Lives with a foster family, who he hates with a passion. Tries to get away as often as possible. They're strict Catholics, as opposed to his Atheism. They drag him to church every Sunday, despite his protests.

    History (Childhood, family life): When he was 5, his parents committed suicide in front of him. They had dementia, and thought he was imaginary. Even as a teenager, he still has nightmares in which he sees his parents hang themselves. He was shifted from foster home to foster home, he made trouble in whatever home he was in.

    Likes: Books, writing, music, and the dark.

    Dislikes: Society, being dragged to church, pop music,

    Talents: Playing guitar, and writing. He writes the most amazing, vivid, raw, heartbreaking lyrics/poems that sometimes match Gerard's drawings.

    Friends: The MCR boys, but not many other people.

    Enemies: Bullies, sluts/whores, Cheerios.

    Their theme song (What song speaks to them?): I Never Told You What I Do For A Living - MCR

    Biggest Secret: That his parents committed suicide.

    Biggest Insecurity: His past. He hates it. He's kept it a secret from everyone.

    Love Interest (ANYONE is fair game. Let's get a love triangle in there. If you have two OCs who like each other, just say so. I'll allow that.)

    What you'd like to have happen to them in the story (I'll try to work it in, but no promises): He's kept his past (his parents' suicide, his constant moving) from everyone. One day, one of the bullies finds out and starts taunting him. Alex is heartbroken, and resorts to cutting to try and soothe the pain.

    Anything else?: His voice is rough and scratchy, sort of husky. He's only got one relic from his past- his father's dog tags. His parents' names were Kellin and Charity Dawn. His mother was pregnant when the two killed themselves.

    I hope you liked him!
  • auditions!!

    (#) Bella_Jinxx 2012-09-18 02:56:43 AM

    Oops! Love Interest: Gerard :)
  • auditions!!

    (#) tmbfucks 2012-09-18 03:23:15 AM

    Name: Penina Dayne

    Nicknames: Pen or Penny

    Age/Grade: 15

    Sexuality: Straight

    Stereotype (ex: The Jock, The Nerd, The Cheerio): The shy, quiet girl

    Appearance (Be DETAILED!): Long, straight, chestnut brown hair with a full fringe, big, green eyes with long eyelashes, very pale, not skinny, but not fat either, and I have a banana shaped scar on my left elbow from falling in glass.

    Actor/Actress (Who would portray them?): Either Dakota Blue-Richards or Troian Bellisario

    Personality (NOT A LIST OF WORDS): I'm really shy when I'm around new people, but when I'm close to someone I can't stop speaking, probably because I can't speak to anyone else. When I'm around people I know, I'm one of the most friendly, and funny (if I say so myself) people you can be with, but I'm moody around my family because we just don't get on. I can get really angry at times, and even throw things around the room in anger.

    Fashion Sense (Goth, prep, boho, etc.): Probably goth. I always wear black leggings.

    Family: Divorced parents, I stay with them week on week off with my older sister, my younger sister, and younger brother. My mum has a partner who I really don't like, and I only have one grandma. I've never known anyone else. I've also got cousins, but I never see them.

    History (Childhood, family life): My younger sister and I have never got on. We always fight, but I swear it's not my fault. She just hates me for no reason. She's stabbed me with a fork, hit me on the head repeatedly with a metal bell, and thrown glass and china at me. I've told everyone, but they never believed me. Now they do, and they say they've known she was mean all along, but they didn't really. My family life has always been complex. My dad was adopted when he was 3, he never knew his birth dad, and his birth mum died when he was about 50. His adoptive mum's racist, and I never knew her. His dad died before I was born. I've got autism, and I've got severe depression and anxiety. I'm always paranoid, and I've thought about running away a lot.

    Likes: I adore music and the internet, I love animals too. Especially dogs. I've always wanted one.

    Dislikes: Insects and spiders, and I hate strangers, especially ones who I can sense gossip about me a lot.

    Talents: I can play music by ear, and I can sneak in and out of places with out getting caught. I usually do a lot of things and I've never been caught. I think I'll be able to hack into computers and stuff in a few years :L

    Friends: MCR and their friends/girlfriends

    Enemies: My younger sister, and anyone who tries to be mean to me.

    Their theme song (What song speaks to them?): Carrie Underwood - Temporary Home

    Biggest Secret: Sometimes, I imagine how I'll die, and it's almost always because I did it myself

    Biggest Insecurity: My nose. Someone once said that my nose is so big it put them off their food, and I've never been comfortable with it since.

    Love Interest (ANYONE is fair game. Let's get a love triangle in there. If you have two OCs who like each other, just say so. I'll allow that.) Can I please be Frank's girlfriend? I love him to pieces. If not, I don't mind. I don't have to have one, but I'd really love it if I could be Frank's girlfriend!

    What you'd like to have happen to them in the story (I'll try to work it in, but no promises): Um... can I act on my suicidal feelings? Like, I'm about to jump off a building or I'm about to take a lot of pills, but Frank stops me?

    Anything else?: I think that's it. If you need anymore information let me know. I can't wait for this. It looks like an amazing story! :) xx
  • auditions!!

    (#) atomickilljoy 2012-09-18 04:34:29 AM

    ^^^^^^^^^^^ It's true. She loves Frank as much as I love Bob. Probably a little more XD
  • auditions!!

    (#) tmbfucks 2012-09-18 04:40:59 AM

    Haha. I adore him! He's just so cute and then he's so unff, you know? Haha. XD xx
  • auditions!!

    (#) atomickilljoy 2012-09-18 05:39:44 AM

    I know. XD Bobert is so huggable! I miss him! D:

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