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Do you want a Christmas one-shot?:)

by Cookie_monster 8 Reviews

Would anyone like a one-shot on Christmas Day? :D

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2012/12/16 - Updated: 2012/12/16 - 146 words


  • Do you want a Christmas one-shot?:)

    (#) tmbfucks 2012-12-16 10:54:12 AM

    YOU HAVE?!? I LOVE YOU SO MUCH HOZZIE!!! Haha. I can't wait for it! :D xx

    Author's response

    Haha I hope you like it :') I'll probably post it on Christmas Eve though because it's more of a Christmas Eve one-shot :3
  • Do you want a Christmas one-shot?:)

    (#) atomickilljoy 2012-12-16 11:02:37 AM

    Name: Jennifer Flores

    Nickname: Jen

    Age: 25

    Hair- black, wavy, shoulder length, sideswept bangs
    Eyes- brown, with black rimmed glasses
    Skin- light brown

    Likes: comics, action figures, Bob, drawing, reading, writing, and singing.

    Dislikes: dresses, clowns, getting yelled at, and the dark.

    Plot: Bob and Jen love everything about each other, despite them being a few years apart and Bob and Jen being famous(drummer and singer).They couldn't love each other more. When Jen realizes that she's pregnant two weeks before Christmas, she and Bob couldn't be happier. Jen realizes that it's time to introduce Bob to her family(three brothers and mom), to her dread. Her mom invites her to spend the holidays with them, especially since she wants to meet Bob. They go, and her brothers immediately hate Bob. The fact that he got her pregnant doesn't help. They go all protective over Jen. Her mom still has to make her decision. Funniness ensues, at the end, her mom likes Bob and the brothers just have to deal.

    Ten Facts About Yourself:

    1. She's a lead singer in a band.
    2. The band is her and her friends, Patrick, John, Gunner, and Greg.
    3. Her and her family is Mexican American.
    4. She's working on a comic.
    5. She's a big nerd
    6. Her brothers see her as a little brother, since she is boyish like them.
    7. Her father left them when she was 5 and her brothers were 8,11, and 13.
    8. She hates dresses.
    9. She and Bob met when she was still working in a comic book store and she was 19 and he was 24.
    10. She only can sing.

    Author's response

    Just wanted to let you know that I can totally write this with no problems :3

    Love Hozzie
  • Do you want a Christmas one-shot?:)

    (#) xxMikeyxx 2012-12-16 11:03:55 AM

    Name: Amy Jones

    Nickname: Ams

    Age: 15

    Looks: Long brown chest length hair with a side fringe, green eyes, pale skin, short and skinny

    Likes: Comics, Films, music, drawing, singing

    Dislikes: Mean people, heights, dark, small spaces

    Plot: Amy hates christmas ever since her sister died on that day two years ago. She doesn't like to join in the festive cheer. She hasn't accepted any presents or anything as she knows it's not a time for celebration. Her mum and dad try and be festive but it never works. A week before christmas she meets a guy called MIKEY. He is the only one who actually accepts her hate for christmas. But he manages to make her love christmas and HIM (Mistletoe). (Hint Hint)

    Ten Facts About Yourself:

    1. Her favorite superhero is Spiderman

    2. She loves cookies

    3. Favorite film is Edward Scissorhands

    4. In the film the lines "Hold me" and then "I can't" get her emotional (Hopefully if you've watched the film you'll understand)

    5. Plays piano and guitar

    6. Has a habit of getting stuff out the toaster with a fork. Hehe

    7. Her favorite thing to look at are the stars.

    8. When she first met Mikey she thought he was the sweetest guy in the universe

    9. Loves to laugh (She doesn't a christmas, so it'll make her happy if she does)

    10. Never had a boyfriend...TILL NOW!

    BTW. Can Mikey be in his glasses era???

    Let me know if you need more detail in the plot =)

    Author's response

    Hey! I can totally write this! :3 And yeah, Mikey glasses era is the cutest Mikey to be honest :')

    Love Hozzie
  • Do you want a Christmas one-shot?:)

    (#) Sam41 2012-12-16 11:05:15 AM

    Sure why not
    Name: Sam Wesley Alexx
    Nickname: Alexx
    Age: 17
    Looks: Black hair with neon red streaks, the style looks exactly like Joan Jetts (seriously, minus the red it looks exactly the same), silver blue eyes with a slight green tint, small figured but still has curves, about 5"5 and 120 pounds
    Likes: Music, drawing, being weird
    Dislikes: Whores, bitches, preps
    Plot: Errr how about she's new-ish in town (been there for a month and a half) and one of the MCR boys invites her to this party. The party goes on and blah blah blah, they start playing truth or dare and she gets dared into like a 7 minutes in heaven thing with MCR boy from earlier, and boom whatever ending fits
    Ten Facts About Yourself:
    -I play bass
    -I am awkward as a turtle
    -I am really outgoing
    -I have an obsession with Coke Zero
    -I still count on my fingers while doing simple math problems
    -I have low self-esteem and have no confidence in myself
    -I am not at all girly
    -I dress and act how I want and don't give a fuck about what anyone thinks
    -I memorize song lyrics and band quotes faster than school work
    -I draw nearly everyday
    -I live for being original in my looks (hair, clothes, etc.)

    Author's response

    Would it be a Christmas party or just an average party? :3 Either way I can write it so thanks :D

    Love Hozzie
  • Do you want a Christmas one-shot?:)

    (#) xxMikeyxx 2012-12-16 11:16:28 AM

    I think that quote "Hold me" "I can't" Should be featured in the story somehow. I'll just cry if it does

    Author's response

    I'm not sure I understand what you mean by that ;/ If you explain then I'll include it :3

    Love Hozzie
  • Do you want a Christmas one-shot?:)

    (#) tmbfucks 2012-12-16 12:01:07 PM

    Haha. I think that'd be even cuter. THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU BEAUTIFUL WOMAN!!! :D xx
  • Do you want a Christmas one-shot?:)

    (#) Mcrroxursox45 2012-12-16 12:32:19 PM

    Name: Tiara
    Nickname: Drama Baby
    Age: 16
    Looks: I think you already know. Lemme know if ya dont.
    Likes: Pink, glitter, vampire diaries, loud music.
    Dislikes: bugs, death.
    Plot: Tiara finds her boyfriend ian cheating on her, so she invites her best friend Gee over. They talk a lot, and he spends the night. The next morning over coffee and donuts, Tiara admits that she like him (No ILYs), and he admits the same, but they agree not to date for a little while.
    Ten Facts About Yourself:
    Arizona Tea. 'Nuff said.
    Batman! 'Nuff said.
    Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn. 'Nuff said.
    Baking. 'Nuff said.
    Dancing. 'nuff Said.
    Makeup. 'Nuff said.
    Tight, cute clothes. 'Nuff said.
    Bisexual. 'Nuff said.
    Vampire lover. 'Nuff said.
    Gee is highly important to me. 'Nuff said.
  • Do you want a Christmas one-shot?:)

    (#) xxMikeyxx 2012-12-16 12:51:01 PM

    Oh sure watch the trailer:

    It'll make sense.
    I was saying that maybe me and Mikey will be talking and one of us says "Hold me" and the other says "I can't" for some reason. Maybe it'll be Mikey that says "I can't" I'll just cry

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