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Just one..

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I don't know...I've grown desperate

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Could you guys do me a favour and review my newest chapters of MHAIBHD and TTUAIYGTTC? I haven't had any reviews all day on MHAIBHD,and it kind of worries me.Also,it doesn't have any rates either,which makes me a little sad.

You're all probably thinking 'stop whining sadie' and all that but,it's just,I wanna know if I'm good enough to be writing stories.Plus,when no one reviews,I get worried about all of you.You have no idea what I thought had happened to you guys when no one reviews.I think you've all died or something.You're not dead now,right? RIGHT?!


I want rates and reviews,just to show me that I'm good enough to write this stuff.Also,one last thing.

Can you all tell me what you think of me and all that,either in a review or a fic or something.Just to read whenever I feel like suicide and stuff,and when music isn't really helping.I've been lied to before,girls in school always used to say they liked me but they never really did.So,don't lie when you tell me what you think of me okay? I've been lied to before and I don't wanna be lied to anymore.

Also,have any of you seen the Harlem Shake video with Pierce The Veil,All Time Low,Of Mice And Men and Sleeping With Sirens,on youtube? It is fucking hilarious,I watched it this morning and had to hold back from laughing so loud because my mum was in bed.The funniest bit was Vic was making out with himself,and Kellin was shaking his head slowly like 'that should be ME.' or 'Vic can u not'.Lol.It gets 10....awkward turtle faces.That's how I'll rate stuff from now on.Awkward Turtle Faces,because I'm an Awkward Turtle.

So,that is pretty much it.
Ooh! also,next friday I'll be throwing a little Ficwad party thing.I threw a small one yesterday,only Ellie and Mia came along.It was all about cheesecake.Oh and Revenge Gerard,Party Poison and Frank came along too.Gerard is passed out right now,the cheesecake was TOO MUCH!

x) it was fun!

so,I'll wait patiently for your reviews guys.

goes back to thinking everyone has died and I'm left aloneeeeeeeee
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