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Ficwad has pissed me off right now,and I'm going shitstorm about it!

A few reasons for why I am angry at Ficwad.

1.Profile Of A Ficwaddian.

Now,I like meeting new authors.A lot.It's a good way to get new readers and a few good fics to read.But the thing I hate about this is you all use the same god damn fic title for this.At least once per day I see on the recent stories box 'Profile Of A Ficwaddian' with a different summary and author.It's gotten a bit annoying.The least you could do is call it something new.Examples are:

My Profile.


I'm new.

and so on.Just for a bit of Originality.

2.Shipping Drama.

Now,what happened with me and Mia during my half term.It was about a ship,my ship,but to be honest.I was up at like midnight every night and up early each morning during half term,so my sleeping pattern kind of fucked my brain up.I don't want to talk about it no more,okay?

closes the box on what had happened.

But,there is too much drama with shipping!Now,on fanfic sites there are two types of shippers.We have:

-Nice shippers.They are usually like "oh so it did happen a few times,but it's ended now.I'm happy for both of them now,they have a family now.It was fun while it lasted" and all that.The shippers I like.

and finally we have.

-Major shippers.They basically go around saying "(insert ship name here) IS REAL.IT STILL IS.I LOVE (insert ship name here)" and stuff.I'm not really a fan of them.

What I'm saying is,that you don't need so much drama for a ship.Basically,calm yo tits and just write!

And finally.

3.How people's fics don't get recognition.

Now,as you know,not only do I write fics.I read them too! But,what really pisses me off is how,if I'm reading a really cool fic,and I look at the review box.If I see that the whole fic up to that point has no reviews,I feel a little ungrateful.I mean,I feel responsiblity for that person not getting any reviews,so I try and do something about it.I'm not saying "DON'T READ MY FICS READ EVERYONE ELSES." I'm just saying,give others a chance.The newbies look up to us,all of us who have been here for some time.We could at least read what they think is good enough to be by our work,and see if we like it or not.Even if we don't,we could say why,and try and help them get a little better at what they love.

So,I'm kind of mad at all this stuff on Ficwad.I thought we were all friends on here..

I'll just take out all my anger in some dancing.

weird headphone dance,just like Gerard from Life On The Murder Scene
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