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You Fudging What?

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Fudge. Heh Heh. But, anyway. Liz, you have some serious explaining to do..

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Liz, I can't fudging (haha fudge) believe you did that. I can't believe you fooled us.
Well done Ash for doing awesome-as-fuck detective work! awards a gold star

Liz, I actually believed in 'Reno'. I actually believed her story, and she had become so close to me. I just. I can't believe you faked us like that. I know, in what Poppana said, we all like to have a little fun and stuff like that, but what you don't know is, Reno could actually be a real person's name. So, it could be identity theft, which is punishable by law. Bet ya never thought of that, did ya? I was going to write 'Reno' a oneshot, but now I know it's you, don't count on it. I am just mad at you Liz. You fucking lied. We, all of us, demand to know why you tried to fool us, and we expect a fucking apology.

hearing an applause oh thank you!


Anyway. I am 25 days clean today (party poppers woo!)
All those words I said yesterday, 100% fucking truth.
Sadie loves you guys so so much.

So, I plan to update on This Blood Evacutation today. 'Reno' is no longer my co-planner, as she is not. fucking. real. so, now Becca and Mia are my co-planners. Mhm.
The next chapter will be a fucking shock. (Spoiler: Ash and Sam will be in there, I'll put them in :P) Not going to tell ya what happens, you gotta read it and find out yourself. Expect an update around 4:45pm my time.


I found Ellie today, on the way home. She's in Seclusion all week. I told her about the concert, and she said she'd ask about it. Once that's done, we just gotta plan it all out, with Mum. I expect Mum will drive us there, but I dunno how we'll get back..
I got Kerrang! magazine today too. MCR poster special. I looked at the posters like "oh god this is torture..".
I think some kids from my school called me an emo as I walked to school this morning. I couldn't hear them, I had headphones in. I was like "sorry, what was that? couldn't hear ya over my AWESOME AS FUCK MUSIC BIATCH!" lol.
I'm working on a new drawing-thing. I am gonna do like a lyric collage, purely of PTV lyrics. I drew the PTV logo, coloured in black, and am writing lyrics behind it, later going over them in red and black. I've put lyrics so far to Caraphernelia, Kissing In Cars and King For A Day. I wanna fill the sheet up, it's A3, drawn landscape. I'll take a pic when I'm done, and if you actually want the picture, tell me and I'll email it to ya :)



Who are you now? Did you say what you want, don't go back to the start. I'm asking, who are you now? Do they break you apart, won't you fight back for what you want? ~ Sleeping With Sirens, Who Are You Now.

One of my fave lyrics from that song is "I won't try to be perfect, but I won't try to be fake." because it's basically what I'm like now, trying to figure out who I really am. I won't try to be perfect, but I'm also not going to try to be fake. I just want to be who I am, and who I'm happy with.


Right. Time to update This Blood Evacuation, then go to Skyrim. :)

xoxo Sadie
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