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Third OC: Destiny Gold

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Meet the OC playing the role of Kellin's cheerleader girlfriend in High School Never Ends. I changed the fic to put her in, but Mia you will still be in there, and I shall tell you what part you'll...

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Name: Destiny Gold.

Gender: Female.

Age: 16 years old.

Looks: She has blonde hair, long blonde hair, and sparkling blue eyes. She is a white girl, no tan or anything, and she is slim. Typical cheerleader in High School.

Personality: Destiny is the Queen Bee of the entire school. She is obnoxious, a little Daddy's girl, and she is rude and ego-istic. She's basically a big bully, who wears way too much make up and any guy she likes, purely because she acts like their type of girl.

School Clubs: She is captain of the cheerleading squad.

Talents: Dance and Gymnastics.

Family Information: Her father is Richard Gold, head of the major corporation of Big Beats Records, a rap and hip-hop record label. He gets a lot of money, which is all given to Destiny and her sister Tiara. Tiara Gold goes to East High School in Albequerqe, many miles from LA, but she gets there by private jet. Destiny's mother died when she was four years old, upon giving birth to her brother, Donny. So, Destiny dreams to make it big, like her father dreams her to do, and she is a spoilt little brat.

Likes: Destiny likes good-looking guys, that's why Kellin caught her eye in High School Never Ends. She doesn't believe in personality, only the looks. She isn't like any of my other OC's who like bands and stuff, no, she is into Pop and RnB, the likes of Justin Bieber, One Direction, Nicki Minaj and Rhianna.

Dislikes: She loathes rock music, and barely knows half the bands, all except her boyfriend's band, Sleeping With Sirens. She believes rock music is Emo, and steers clear of it, she even calls it that from time to time, which angers the rockers to great lengths. Destiny's a typical girly girl, hates rock music and despises video games, and she barely knows the controls for them.

Typical Outfit: Short skirts, short shorts, anything that shows off her body. She wears any colour that looks good on her, so everything except brown or grey or light blue. She usually wears t-shirts with GEEK written on them, or Justin Bieber t-shirts, if not that then her cheerleading uniform, a red and black sports bra and skirt combo with plain white trainers. She wears many bracelets too, and giant hoop earings.

Any Other Information: Nope.

Alright, so that was my OC, Destiny. (I made her a sister of that High School Musical character alright because I can.)
Now, Mia, you will still be in there, but something entirely different to what you originally was. I'll make you.. my adopted sister on my father's side, and you come in in two chapters time, then again at the party that is the giant plot twist and you come in in the finale. So, I hope this'll make you feel better, knowing that you're not the slutty cheerleader anymore.. I honestly felt incredibly bad about it.. I hope we're still friends, right?
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