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I hear party music downstairs.. shh party music..

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Howdy hey hey :)

Okay so.

I wrote the next chapter of Would You Please Stay today, after a really long hiatus on that. I think it went.... okay... read it if you wanna.

I also am going to write both smut bits in High School Never Ends. Because, I wanna gain control of the smut. Which I am doing. Read that if you want, the first part is up!

Now. I was just wondering one little thing.
I've seen on twitter, people are like "I hate Ronnie Radke" and stuff.
I was just wondering... why?

Okay. I get it. Ronnie pretty much fucked up in the past, but he's learned from that. Plus, he seems like a pretty cool dude. He's only human. Chill.

I know what you're gonna say. You're gonna say "Justin Bieber's only human too, yet you hate him" and stuff like that, but that's different. With Pop stars in this day and age, they say they are role models, yet they aren't.

I'm going to list all the reasons why I don't like Justin Bieber as the person he is.

First, when Cut For Bieber started (all started when he smoked weed..) I would have thought he'd see what his fans are doing to themselves and stop. But. No. He didn't. So, he isn't really that good of a role model, if he probably can't even see what his fanbase is doing to himself.

Second. He was late to his own concert. He let down most of his fans, who desperately wanted to see him, but he was late. He did apologise and all that, but, that still doesn't bypass the fact he let down most of his fans.

Third. He is basically ego-istic. The fame is pretty much getting to him. Okay, so first, he smokes weed causing his fans to fucking self harm. Second, he was late to his own concert. Third, he fucking mooned his fans. Fourth, he called the police because he couldn't even handle the fucking paparazzi. So, he's turning into a fucking ego-istic asshole, who can't even handle the business of being famous.

Dare I go on with why I hate some of the one direction fanbase? I think I will.

Well, I hate some of the directioners, purely because they offended Suicide Silence fans, by basically saying Mitch deserved to die. Basically, I never saw it, but I saw a picture with the tweets. Basically, this Directioner was like 'oh Mitch was an emo he deserved to die' and shit like that, which pissed me off a bit. Then, they said that his daughter, his FOUR OR FIVE YEAR OLD DAUGHTER, should kill herself, purely because of her father. I honestly wanted to go apeshit on them, like, really. I get they may not like Suicide Silence and stuff, but they didn't have to say Mitch deserved to die, or that his daughter should kill herself, basically because that makes them fucking assholes. Also. When Harry supposedly 'stomped' at one of their shows, Directioners began to call it 'The Styles Stomp'. Now, I haven't actually seen the stomp, but I have a feeling it was basically the Lucker stomp. So, basically, after Mitch died, they took his stomp.

I just. I don't get how you can hate rock bands like that though?
I mean, you may hate Suicide Silence because of the music and stuff, but at least don't hate them as people. One really good thing that I know of, that Suicide Silence has done, is they bought toys for needy kids for christmas. They used their money, probably the bands money but I don't know, and they used it to buy toys for them kids, and it just warms my heart.

I know, I know, I say I hate Blood On The Dancefloor alot, but, now I'm realising I hate the music much more than them. The music, just doesn't sound like rock to me, it sounds like techno or something used for anime.
The music, is basically like fifty shades of gray. It mostly about fucking sex, like a smut fic or something.
But, I like the people, Dahvie and Jayy are okay. I may not like the music, but that's alright.

But, Justin Bieber? I hate both him and his music.
Hate me if you will, but that's what I think.
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