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Awful Ideas

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Brendon couldn't have thought of something Ryan would want to do that was worst than this.

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Today was going to be a miserable day for Ryan, just like every other day. Today they had a show. A show led to Brendon teasing him just to make hormone-equipped fans get turned on and scream. He detested when Brendon’s lips approached his. He despised when Brendon caressed him in front of the cheering crowd. Every time this happened he just wanted to have him, but he couldn’t.

Ryan fixed his scarlet tie and grabbed his vintage guitar. Today, he felt different. It was as if his feelings for Brendon would soon detonate. Brendon walked pass him and touched his shoulder. Chills were sent around his body from the contact. He needed Brendon more than ever. Two years was to much waiting.

He walked onstage, tense. Today, he was almost sure he wouldn’t control his emotions. Ryan was a shy guy, but shy guys usually accumulate all their feelings and some day or another they would burst. Today felt like that day and Ryan wasn’t crazy about the idea.

Everything started just fine. He played the guitar as usual and occasionally approached the microphone to sing. His voice sounded nervous today, only he knew why, so he left the singing to the minimum. He sang just enough so his band mates wouldn’t think there was something wrong with.

But then, it came. Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off. Brendon’s engaging voice started singing and Ryan just played, trying to get as far away as possible from him. Hopefully, Brendon would be too lazy to walk all the way to were he was now playing. He was mistaken.

Brendon soon got inches apart from him. He sang. The microphone in one hand, Ryan’s thigh in the other. Ryan couldn’t help but feel pleasure from his touch. His blood was pumping pure ecstasy, he couldn’t control himself. Good thing there was no microphone nearby, because everyone would have heard his moans of satisfaction. Soon, Brendon left.

Ryan felt rather disappointed, but at the same time relieved that no one noticed how much delight he had felt from that touch or the bump that had formed in his pants. The rest of the show, Ryan played swiftly. No pressure was felt for the rest of the night. That was until they got of stage and Brendon called his name, with a strange look on his face.

He knew, Ryan was positive. Brendon had heard his moans of pleasure on stage. That’s why he was looking at him right now. How was he supposed to explain this? He couldn’t tell him how he felt, but he couldn’t avoid him either. That would just make Brendon know for sure Ryan had feelings for him.

Ryan walked towards him, trying to look casual. Inside, he could feel the desire to feel once again that touch that Brendon had provided earlier, burning up. Sweat started to drop on his temples. “What’s wrong?” Ryan asked with a horsy tone.

Brendon looked at his friend. “Are you alright? You’ve been acting really weird today.”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just didn’t sleep too well,” he lied. God, how much he hated lying to him. It felt so wrong considering how much he loved him.

“Well, better get a Red Bull now, cause we are going out!” Brendon announced enthusiastically.

“Going out? Who? Where?” Ryan asked, nervous.

“I met these two girls, they are great. So I told them we would go out with them tonight. So get ready and leave that face behind!” He said and entered the dressing room.

Ryan just stood there. A date with Brendon, in which he couldn’t get to keep him in the end of the night, what an awful idea. How could he stand seen Brendon with some random girl around him? His body would sure burst in rage if the girl got too close. He couldn’t do it. He couldn’t.

He walked in and found a shirtless Brendon cleaning his face. He looked at Ryan and smiled. “You better get ready now,” he suggested and continued cleaning the area around his eyes.

“I can’t go,” Ryan stated. “Take Spencer or Jon, not me please.”

Brendon dropped the soaped paper towel he was using, on the dresser and looked at Ryan. “Why not? Ryan I want you to go. You are my best friend.”

Five words Ryan hated hearing from Brendon’s lips, “You are my best friend”. He heard those words too much, he couldn’t stand them anymore. He didn’t want friendship, he wanted more. Brendon put on his pleading brown eyes. They instantly captivated Ryan’s heart. “Fine, I’ll go!” He gave in.

Brendon smiled, “Thank you!” he shrieked and hugged him. The feeling of Brendon’s bare skin on Ryan made him quiver. Goosebumps started to show all around his body. He wished he could feel that same sensation every night. Brendon’s body felt so good, so welcoming. He wanted to have him all for himself.

This probably is the only time I’ll post to chapter a day, but the prologue was so short it didn’t feel right to leave it there alone. Hope you enjoyed it.
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