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Chapter 7: The Worried Sister and the Surprise Confession.

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What will this poor pair face. Rikiya leaving last time without a second glance. Will Akari "fix" her big brother? And what will Haruki do now? Please review as well we'd love feedback.

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He curled up on the bed and tried to sleep, if I sleep I can't remember he thought. Rikiya finally got back home Akari was out playing. And the first thing he did was punch a wall, fall againist it and cry. "Why?! I didn't have to do that...why?!

I can't, I just won't attend tomorrow no one will notice I'll take extra hours at the host club. I'll take home some girl and bury my sorrow in her, tears welled up in his eyes as his thoughts swirled. I just I can't....."

Rikiya laid there till Akari got home; she just watched her brother's sorrow. "Oniichan did you love Oshiro-sama?" "No-" "But-Oniichan don't you-?" "Akari it's not important go to bed..." Rikiya laid on the floor where he fell, slumped halfway against the wall.

Haruki slept and as he awoke he thought he could hear his mom's voice saying, "live so that'll you'll be happy, don't live to make others happy" that was the last thing she said to him before she died. "I almost forgot" he said to himself, it was early in the morning so Haruki got dressed and snuck out. He walked into the city to find Rikiya's apartment, but getting lost in the process.

He sighed and sat on the curb. "This sucks" he said to himself, but I gotta keep looking he thought and continued to wander. Rikiya laid past out with a small blanket over him, while Akari walked outside to meet Ryuu as they did every morning for breakfast. Though Rikiya was usually attending morning courses or coming back from a late shift. Her destination was put on hold when she saw Oshiro-sama.

Finding him on the end of their street drifting away for Ryuu's grasp she ran to Haruki. Akari forcefully stating,"Mr. Oshiro-sama I hate you, Rikiya Oniichan isn't the same!" Tearing up now she continued, "He won't even talk he's been so sad and I can't make Oniichan happy! Fix it!" She cried. "I just want my Oniichan back to normal."

Haruki felt horrible doing this to a 4 year old, a very intelligent 4 year old at that, whom had just scolded him. "Hey I will make it better, I just need to talk to him alone." Akari smiled "okay I'll be with Ryuu!" She pointed him to the apartment and said her farewell as he climbed the 3 stories.

"Shizuka-Senpai?" he walked in the open doorway looking down at his feet. "I" he started Rikiya looked at him heart broken, why was he here? Haruki ran and hugged him tightly. "I love Shizuka-Senpai" blurted out Haruki, "I want to be with senpai even if masters don't approve" Haruki was on the verge of tears, scared that he was too late.
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