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Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

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Davis' take on Rose moving out to live with Pete in Chicago.

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Voodoo Child (Slight Return):


I flopped back on what used to be Rose's bed. Still can't believe that she is gone. Most of the things that belonged her are packed up and shipped off to Chicago. It's just Keisha and me now. I mean, we knew it would be coming, but not this soon. She's going to call us soon. I wonder what life without Rose would be like. I tried to picture that little world that was now a reality.

Well first off, no one's going to disturb me in the mornings. Maybe that much at least. Now that I think about, Rose and I didn't really hang out that much. She worked while I had school. She had her friends and I had mine. We haven't been talking to each much lately either. Well, the table's going be a little emptier now. Damn, what's Keisha going to do with all of that food now?

I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling. Would that mean her man would move into the house? I shook my head. Nah, she's not like that. Maybe Keisha will give it to the ladies in her church. So where does that leave me?

I still have Kayla and Charlie with me. Things are starting to get better for Kayla and me, but I feel like I'm neglecting Charlie. Maybe I should I call her. But wait, Rose might call then. I guess I can call her tomorrow. I reached up and rubbed my nose. I wonder what time it is. I glanced over at the nightstand and found it empty. A confused look came over my face.

Huh? Where is that...? It suddenly donned on me what happened. Rose took everything but some of the furniture in this room. I smacked myself in the head. Okay, this is going to take a while to get used. Keisha called for Rose to have breakfast with us this morning. I had to remind her that my sister was already gone. She looked disappointed when I told her this.

"Oh," she replied. I could understand how she felt. I already miss hearing Rose's voice screaming at me to get my attention. The house is already too quiet and I don't like it. Even when I play Jimi Hendrix in my room, it's too quiet. I need something else to think about right now.

I sat up on the stripped mattress, frowning in displeasure. Her room's too empty now. Keisha needs to fill it back up again. I don't know with what, but it has to be something. I shuddered as another idea crossed my mind. If she does invite anyone to take over Rose's room, please don't let it be Cousin Lola. I can't stand her controlling and uptight way of doing things. I think I would die if she came to stay with us. Rose had her moments, but at least living with her didn't drive me crazy. I smiled as another idea took that one's place. Maybe I could talk Keisha into letting Kayla stay here with us. She isn't too happy living with her grandma at the moment and she really needs a place to stay. However, I felt the glow vanish from my face. Keisha won't accept that. She already doesn't like Kayla because she's a Goth. For some result, my aunt thinks just because my friend is pale and wears all black, that she worships Satan. Rose and I constantly fought Keisha on the matter, telling her that not all Goths are devil worshipers.

That's when it hit me: there's going to be no one to break up the battles between Keisha and me. Our battles will be deadlocked without a bridge between us to reach an understanding. I dropped my head to my knees. Oh man, this is going to suck!

"Davis!" I heard Keisha yell from downstairs. "Rose is on the phone! She and Peter made it to Chicago safely!" You have no idea how fast I leapt off of that mattress and ran down the stairs to the kitchen phone, boy!

Crazy Mama!
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