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The End

by DrT 45 Reviews

The Last Battle has been fought, and Harry Potter has won. The price, however, has been high. Nearly every person Harry cared for is dead, maimed, or otherwise injured. The magical culture of Bri...

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: R - Genres: Drama - Characters: Harry, Hermione - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2006/10/07 - Updated: 2006/10/07 - 3189 words


  • Harry's Second Chance

    (#) Bukama 2006-10-07 03:45:55 PM

    Bloody brilliant ending.
    Though I am sad to see it end.

    Good luck with your other and future works.

  • Harry's Second Chance

    (#) TxA_GunFighter 2006-10-07 05:11:14 PM

    Good story, really enjoyed reading it.

  • Harry's Second Chance

    (#) FatBeastOfLove 2006-10-07 07:42:21 PM

    Good story man, it was a great adventure indeed.
  • Harry's Second Chance

    (#) saugart 2006-10-08 06:53:43 AM

    It's a fine tale, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I was hoping to bump its rating up and can not do so! My only options were the following, since it has already reached its maximum "good stuff" ranking of 5: OOC -- inappropriate, given the changes which happened to Harry and Hermione from the time travel ; Illiterate -- nope. It's clearly literate, ; Cliche -- no, it's not a cliche Harry-time-travels story ; Train Wreck, Boring, and Predictable obviously don't apply.

    Aha! I have found it:

    Oh, this is such a Mary Sue story! "Hermione taught at a Muggle University in Christchurch and became an authority...." : Just what you'd like to be doing, right , Dr. T?

    Oops, I think you're already an authority in your field with a Professorship. I don't think "Mary Sue" applies to retroactive wish-fulfillment, when you already got there on your own. :) I suppose I'll also have to avoid applying the "Mary Sue" label to any fourteen-year-old girl who on her own has managed: to become best friends with Harry, Hermione and Ron; to get sorted into Gryffindor; to demonstrate mysterious magical powers; and who at (whatever the age of consent is in her jurisdiction) has already taken the virginity of the Boy Who Lived.

    Thanks again for writing.

    Author's response

    Trust me, whatever authority I have, it ain't in maths!

  • Harry's Second Chance

    (#) ariat_girl 2006-10-08 01:37:24 PM

    Wow. This was the perfect ending to an exceptional tale. This story was magnificently done. I look forward to more of your work. Until next time!

    Sara K.
  • Harry's Second Chance

    (#) firelord 2006-10-08 08:03:53 PM

    this story was fantastic and funny thank you for writeing it.
  • Harry's Second Chance

    (#) Shaggy37 2006-10-08 10:55:27 PM

    OUTSTANDING ENDING!!!! I loved it and I can't wait to see what story you start now. You're an awesome writer and I loved reading both of your stories. Do keep up the outstanding work:):):):)
  • Harry's Second Chance

    (#) brad 2006-10-15 05:27:07 AM

    Well, a reasonable and satisfying little epilogue to your story, with the usual Dr. T attention to details on courses and grades and all things educational. Amusing to have Hermione end up as such a 'very well-built' lass ... I'm pretty sure in most of your stories you've had her as quite slender and small up top (forgetting for the moment that restricted story you wrote!!).

    And so in this story, more so than any other - although you've lectured on the course and structure of political structures and their utility in policing dark wizards in several - you manage to have a more enlightened system of fair government come about and show that there is no more need for any 'superhero' dark lord slayers. Sort of a pity that they ended up so detached from the country of their birth, though; I was surprised that Hermione never returned. I guess, being bonded to Harry so early, she never really formed a close attachment to any of her other classmates.

    I enjoyed reading this story, but felt a little let down near the end ... as I think I've mentioned before it felt rushed, the whole idea of the duel seemed artificial, there was no real struggle for Harry in those last few chapters (I kept on expecting something to go wrong) and I thought the house-dropping, black knight appendage-chopping and apparation at 30,000 feet cast the tale in an awkward semi-ridiculous light.

    And after saying that the selfish, ever-greedy reader than proceeds to ask -- anything else coming up? A sequel to Amsterdam maybe, or another short story (crosses fingers)? I have the impression - from comments you made before you started this story? - that maybe you're now going to have a bit of a break. If so, thank you for all of the entertainment you've given us and I hope you settle in and enjoy your new job and home. Cheers.

    Author's response

    No, no continuation of Amsterdam, although I was told the folks over there are going to have someone read it for a podcast at some point. I think the next story will be a retelling of the Triwizard tournament, Triwizard Redux, an 'R' rated tale at most, so it will be on Schnoogle and perhaps here as well.

    Yes, I was going to take a break, but I don't have a tv, so the only thing I can do to relax is write.

  • Harry's Second Chance

    (#) MasterKtulu 2006-10-18 05:08:54 PM

    Wonderful story, and thank you for a happy ending that brought a smile to my face.
  • Harry's Second Chance

    (#) Total_Blue 2006-11-20 06:05:27 PM

    Excellent story. I had a great time reading it. I was sad to see Luna die. I liked how you showed that Harry never forgot her, but buying the Quibbler when her father could no longer run it.

    I liked the scene with the DE's appearing on the airplace wing. I KNEW that was going to happen. Great homage to "Make a Wish" there. Looking forward to reading your other "Harry goes back in time" story.

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