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chapter 3

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Frankie's POV

The last few weeks have been crazy. We've been in the studio non stop. Ashley maybe fun and out going but don't judge a book by it's cover. She is serious when it comes to her work. The way she pushes us saying "you can do better" and " Are you sure you want it that way." But the second we step out of her building she is the silliest person around, well other than Gerard of course. Ashley's sister Briana started school. Never take a teenage girl shopping unless you are ready to walk and hold a lot of bags. I learned this the hard way don't ask long and very embarrassing story.

Ashley still has no clue that I have a girlfriend, but she never asked. So I never told her. I will try soon. I have been making Ashley eat breakfast every morning and I forgot to mention SHE CAN COOK! One day I asked her can she fix Parmesan Eggplant, it tasted just like my momma's. Brain decided to sleep on the couch at Ashley's house after eating her famous spaghetti. Gerard said that's the reason he loves her. And he keeps on telling her that she is his sister that they just got separated at birth. The funny thing is that they don't look nothing and he only said that to talk her in the cooking even when she was really tired. But Ashley is the most hard working woman I've ever known.

"Frankie can I talk to you?", Mikey said snapping me back into reality.

"uh... yeah whats up?"

"I like Aneesah."

"Ah well it's obvious , since you are always together."

"Well you and Ashley are always together dose that mean you like her?"

"You know I'm with Jamia."

"Have you told Ashley yet?"

"What's with all the questions?"

"With your attitude I'm going to talk to Ashley."


" Aneesah , What?, You think I'm going to tell her about you and Jamia? don't worry I'm not but you need to before this blows up in your face."

"It want Jamia doesn't know about Ashley and I want it to stay like that until the perfect time to tell Ashley."

"You sound like you don't want to hurt Ashley, I think you're falling for her."

"I care about her as a friend and that's all.", well that's what I have convinced myself.

"What ever I'm out."

"What's with the slang?"

"Oh it kind of rubbed off of Briana. Bye."


I know that he was right but I can't tell Ashley now she is working so hard on the record and keeping an eye on Briana. And not to mention she has to deal with us.

Mikey's POV

I walked out of our room in search of Ashely, I walked in the room and she was talking with someone on the phone.


She hung up and got her keys and stormed out of her room.

"Ashley can I go?"
"Yeah sure."

I followed her out into the car. "So whats up?", she was trying to start a conversation.

"What do you mean?"

"Mikey you don't wanna go anywhere with me unless you need to talk or something is up." BUSTED!

"I like Aneesah."

"Yeah and?"

"Come on is it that obvious?"


"What should I do ask her out, what if she says no."

"Why would she say no, when a few days ago she asked me do what should she do she was seriously thinking about asking you out."


"Yes, but don't tell her I told you because she would kill me!"

"I wont how should I ask her out?"

"Take her out just you and her and ask her out." You know 'accidently' get lost from the group or something."

"How do I do that?"

"You really are helpless aren't you?"


"You know 'accidently' get lost from the group or something. Or maybe ask her if she wants to go for a walk and if you want to get her something special that's a bonus and ask her out duh!"

"You're a life saver.", she really was but she doesn't deserve to be lied to like that. Frank should dump Jamia and go with Ashely but no no one takes my advice. And most of the time I'm right.

We got out and Ashley walked into her office. She was so mad that she didn't notice that she was still in her pjs. She stomped up to some girl. "I left it right here", she picked up some book and gave it to the girl. "Something like this happens again and your fired."

"Yes mam."

"Ashley!", I heard her voice, the voice that made me melt, Aneesah.


"Why are you here on your day off in your pjs."

"What Mikey you didn't tell me that I was dressed like this!"

"Sorry." She turned around and smilled.

"Hey stranger."


"Well I've got to go back home and get dressed."

Ashley started to walk off. "Are you coming?"

"See you when you get off?", I asked hoping she would say yous.

"Of course.", she smilled at me, I love her smile.

"See you later."

"Can't wait", she said under her breath, she didn't know I heard her but I'm glad I did. It is going to make me asking her out a lot more easier.
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