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Chapter 4

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Ashley's POV

We got home and I got dressed, then my phone rang.

Me: Yello
Nikki: Hey girl
Me: Hey how are you? How's William? How's the band?
Nikki: Calm down, I'm fine , William's fine, and the band is in town, that reminds me OPEN THE DOOR!
Me: You're here!!
Nikki: Yea
Me: Okay I'm coming bye.
Nikki: Thank you bye.

I ran down the hall, Frankie stuck his head out the door.

"Why are you running ,did you see Gerard this Morning?"

"Hey he's hot even when he has bed hair!", Miranda yelled from the kitchen.

I laughed and opened the door to another of my best friends Nikki and William who is like my big brother he is very protective over me. It's the same with Patrick and Pete from Fall Out Boy we are really close as well. For someone who has no brothers she has a lot of guys who can kick your ass. I know I have a lot of best friends but who said you can't have more than one best friend. But right after I opened the door William ran up and picked me up swinging me in the air. "Willy!"

"You know ,you're the only person that he will let call him that.", Nikki said hugging me.

Gerard walked in, in his boxers and he was shirtless. William was not happy, he grabbed my arm and dragged me to the kitchen.


"A friend."

"So you sleep with your 'friends'?"

"No, him and his band is staying here because I can cook."

"Oh.", he said as he started to laugh, we walked back in there and I was tackled by the rest of the band. Frankie walked in, in his very tight jeans and I mean tight, man he was looking good. Just then I got another phone call.

Me: Yello
Briana: Hey come get me
Me: Why?
Briana: I got into a fight and I was suspended.
(I said walking out I heard footsteps walking into the hall to listen in.)
Briana: Well this guy grabbed my ass and I punched him and his girlfriend was there and she pulled my hair shall I say more.
Me: No, I'm on my way
Briana: Okay bye.
End of conversation

Frankie walked in who I'm assuming was the one who was listening in on my conversation on the hall. " What's wrong?"

"Briana got suspended."

"That's my girl.", Gerard said walking in.

"Shut up Gerard your coming with me."

"no problem."

I grabbed my keys and was about to walk out with a fully dressed Gerard.

"Where are you two going?", William asked.

"Got to go get my sister."

"Oh from the airport?", that's right I never told him.

"Oh no, she moved in I have to go get her from school."

"Oh explain later."

"Just for you."

We walked out and got into the car. And Gerard started talking.

"So do you have the hots for Frankie?"



"What did that question come from?"

"Just answer my question I wont say anything to Frankie."

"Okay, yeah I like him, why do you want to know?"

"Ashley don't get involved with Frankie Your going to get hurt."

"Why do you say that?"

"Frankie is with someone, Ashley."


"He is dating a woman named Jamia."

I felt tears in my eyes. I knew it was to good to be true.

"Are you okay"

"Yeah , but I thought he liked me too, but I was wrong."

"He does like you."

"Did he tell you?"

"No, it's just the way he stares at you when you talk."

"You idiot, that's because I was talking!"

I parked the car and got out of the it. I walked in and got Briana. We walked back to the car.

"Gee, why are you here?"

"I wanted to come get you, I'm proud of you."



We got into the car and the ride was silent I got home and walked in. Mikey and William both could tell something was wrong. Miranda and Nikki were gone. I'm guessing shopping. I walked into my room, and Mikey and William walked in.

"What's wrong?"

"Did you know that Frankie had a girlfriend?"



"He wanted to tell you when the time was right."

"When , after I told him I loved him!?"

"You love him?", they were taken back by this.

"I was falling for him it would eventually happen."

"I'm so sorry."

"It's okay."

"No, I should of considered your feelings and told you before you two meet.", Mikey hugged me and William hugged me and told me to go an interview with him and his band that it would cheer me up. So I agreed to go after Mikey told me that it would be good for me.

I got dressed up and went to the Fuse building. I didn't know that the interview was going to be on t.v. Steven walked up to us, and shook everyone's hands. "Who is this?"

"The producer of or latest cd we're going to working on and is the producer of our last c.d."

"Wow I love your work didn't you do Fall out Boys first record?"

"Yea, I'm working on My Chemical Romance's new cd as well."

"Wow no kidding I love those guys."

The announcer man yelled that they had two minutes before going on air. I stood there by the director then Steven waved for me to come and sit by him, so I did.

"Don't think your going to get away without sitting on the couch, your famous.", It made me laughed. Then the man told Steven to began.

"Hi, I'm Steven and this is Steven's untitled Rock Show and I'm sitting with the Academy is and the producer of their next cd Ashley Louise so, when are yall going to start the record?"

"Soon very soon."

"So Ashley, What other projects are you working on and who have you worked on ?"

"Well I'm working on My Chemical Romance's cd and I've worked on Fall out Boy Academy is and even rappers like Sean Paul."

"Wow, that's amazing ,so is their a man in your life?"

"Wow that's funny why would any man want me?"

"Your beautiful ,talented, smart, need I say more?"

"Well no I don't have a man."

"Well you should love me I'm hooking you up on a blind date."

"Oh really?"

"Yes, well I loved talking to you all but we have to show a video and it is Venom in your eyes."

The announcer said cut. We all walked off. I was at the food table to getting some coffee. Steven Walked over. " I really meant what I said, be at the Heart Throb at eight Friday night. You will see me and I will show you who your date is."

"Okay it's worth a shot."

"That's my girl." I heard William say walking up behind me. We rode back in silence until I broke it.

"When Is the show going to be aired?"

"Tonight at six."


"Why do you want to know?"

"I wanted to watch myself."

"Oh.", He said laughing.

We got home and I walked in Frankie was sitting on the couch he looked up. I just walked to my room. I closed the door behind me. I went to my bathroom took a shower got into something comfortable. I walked out and got into my bed and turned on my t.v. there was a knock at the door. "Come in."

It was Frankie.

"Is everything okay?"

"Yea, how about you?"

"It's good."

"That's good, how's you girlfriend Jamia?"

"You know?"

"Yeah and you didn't tell me some one else did."

"I was going to tell you."

"it's okay, shh it's coming on."


"I'm on Steven's Untitled Rock Show."

"Oh.", he sat by me and we watched. I thought they would cut out what Steven said to me but they didn't. "Was Steven hitting on you?"

"I don't know."

"Are you going on that date?"


"Oh ,but it could be a weirdo or something."

"Well I'm taking that chance."

"Okay, well I'm going to go to be.", He walked out and walked back in with Mikey.

Mikey said, "Can we sleep with you."

"Come on.", He jumped in and layed between me and Frankie. I was almost asleep when Mikey's arms wrapped around me. I didn't mind I was use to Gerard doing that anyways. "Mikey are you asleep?"

"I would of been if you would stop talking.", I giggled because his head was laying on my head, which was funny to me .

"Why are yall sleeping with me?"

"Well, notice two people missing, and noticed Gerard screaming."


"Tell me about it, they kicked us out of you beds and I'm not going back in there when their done, I'm staying in here with you."

"I don't mind, Night."


Aneesah's POV

I have to see Mikey and tell him my feelings for him, this is killing me. I have an extra key to Ashley's house so I let my self in everybody was up except for Mikey and Ashley. I walked towards Mikey's room. "He's not in there." I heard Gerard say I turned around to see him smiling really big.

"Where is he?"

"In Ashley's room."


I walked in and their it was Mikey's arms were around Ashley. ASHLEY HE WANTED HER NOT ME!

He opened his eyes and they grew wide. I just walked away. I just walked away. Well it was more like running away. I felt the tears running down my face. "Aneesah!! Wait!" I ran out to my car. "Wait!",


"What I see her as my sister!"

"Oh really!", I got in my car.

"I LOVE YOU!!", I stoped breathing when I heard those words coming out of his mouth. "I love you.", I kissed him passionately, when we heard.

"GO MIKEY!!", from Ashley and Gerard was whistling.

"Just answer me one thing."


"Why were your arms around Ashley?"

"Oh long story short.", he lend in and whispered, " Frankie's got a girlfriend and Ashley found out and she was heart broken."

"What a jackass."

"Calm down you need to take Ashley out because she's got a date Friday night and she needs something sexy to where."

"Okay and I will buy something for me to."

"Okay let me go tell Ashley.", he began to walk off.

"Wait does this mean are we you know?"

"Yeah we're boyfriend and girlfriend maybe in the future husband and wife."

"You're thinking to far ahead of yourself we haven't even been on a first date yet."

" That's me I'm always planning a head of time it runs in the family.", I laughed and he went and got Ashley to go get dressed and when she was done they both came out dressed.

"Sorry Mikey but this is a girls day out."

"Okay I'll go put on that cute black dress in the back of Ashley's closet.", I laughed.

"Just get in the car."

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