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I Remember

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They started to walk on one of the many paths that traveled around the lake. Both of them were silent as they walked. Delilah just bobbed her head as if there was a radio playing. Whatever was going on inside her head, Julius did not want to know.

After a few minutes Delilah began to hum that familiar tune, but almost immediately stopped. She sighed. Julius could tell she was bored. He tried to think of something to talk about, but couldn't. It was official, this past day had been the most stressful day of his entire life.

Julius decided to ask her about the song that she was humming, but as he opened his mouth, Delilah grabbed his wrist and pulled him towards a gut that was standing beside a cart. The man's cart had balloons all over. Some were for twisting into animals and others were balloons that he would fill with helium.

Delilah thought that it would be neat to get a small ladybug balloon that she could wear on her wrist. Being the gentleman that he was, Julius had paid for it and they continued their walk.

They walked for almost ten minutes in silence, but then Delilah said, "Julius, come here."

Julius was so deep in thought that he hadn't even noticed that Delilah had walked over seven feet away from him. She was walking down a few steps that lead to a small dock. Julius followed her to the end of the dock. They both sat down. Delilah took her shoes and socks off.

"What are you doing?" Julius asked.

"Seeing how cold the water is." She rolled up her pants and dipped both of her feet into the water.

"Well... Is it cold?"

"No. It feels good."

Julius eagerly took off his shoes and socks, to see for himself. He put his feet in the water. Delilah was right it wasn't cold at all. It was perfect.

"Julius, don't you think it's beautiful." Julius looked up to see her, looking at the sunset. It was breathtaking. Not the sunset, but Delilah.


"Hm." Delilah turned her head towards Julius. Before Delilah could get a good look at Julius, their lips met. Their first kiss was everything they thought it would be and much more. It was so perfect, that for a moment Delilah thought it was a dream, a very wonderful dream.

When their lips finally parted, Julius said, "I remember."
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