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The First Night

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After a night of whirlwind events, Gabriel is dealt a harsh lesson in the ways of Melikus and vampires, leaving her heart broken as she realizes what she's done.

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Carpe Noctem
A vampire tale
By: Kellyconcarne

Disclaimer: I own all of the following characters with the exceptions of Azreal who belongs to Mallory Hoffman, Kain who belongs to Byron Lemburg, and Lucas Falx who belongs to Tony Thigpen.

Chapter 5: The First Night

Gabriel awoke the next night, confused at first as she didn't remember where she was.

"Why am I not at home?" She thought. Then memories of the previous night came flooding back into her mind. She looked down at her chest and saw Melikus' head lying across her breasts. She went to move it but Melikus' eyes flew open. Gabriel froze, but Melikus smiled and moved his arm away. Gabriel stared at him with fear and insecurity in her eyes. Melikus had a robe draped across the bed. He grabbed the black robe and wrapped it around him. He stood up and tied the sash around his waist.

He looked at Gabriel.
"You'll need a new dress."

He called for Katri, who came in with a simple black dress. It wasn't fancy or anything special. Actually it was rather plain. He threw it on the bed. Then he said, stonily,
"Get dressed. We're going out."

"Where?" She asked.

"The woods. Now get dressed." She nodded and
began searching around for her corset. Melikus pointed to it on the floor. As Gabriel bent down to pick up off the floor, Melikus spoke to her, very coldly,
"I want to make something clear, Gabriel. Last night was only for pleasure. There will be no commitment between you and I. We are not going to get involved. I have no desire to be part of a special relationship with you."

Gabriel's jaw dropped with shock.
"But...But...WHY?!" She cried. "You just took my VIRGINITY! Doesn't that mean anything to you?!"

Melikus shrugged.
"No, not really."

Gabriel gasped
"How? Why?...I..."

"It's simple: I don't love you. I never will." He hissed. Gabriel stared at him, horrified. Melikus only continued,
"I don't like being bound to one woman. Woman have only one purpose and that is to bear children and satisfy men with pleasure."

Gabriel clenched her fists. The chill in his voice stabbed her in the heart like a knife. She couldn't bear to look at him, her heart was filled with so much hate and shame. Just when she thought she couldn't take anymore, he spoke again.

"Do not misunderstand me. Women, such as yourself, are beautiful and sometimes very skilled. But women are their best when on their backs." He said nonchalantly.

Gabriel lifted her eyes to him, burning in anger. She stood up and walked over to him, her body trembling. She wanted to scream and wring his neck. Then her rage got the best of her and took over. With a hateful growl, she slapped him across the face. His head twisted sideways violently. Gabriel stared at him furiously, her teeth gritted, fists clenched and chest heaving. She felt so humiliated.

Melikus touched his cheek gently, silent. Then with a snarl, he grabbed her wrists.
"Don't you ever hit me again, wretch! I am your master so you will obey." He hissed into her face. He threw her on the bed and walked out the door, swearing under his breath.

Gabriel remained lying on the bed, motionless. She slowly sat up, still in shock from Melikus' behavior. She had never been so humiliated in her whole life. She felt like retching, her body was so unclean now from the previous night. She stared into the fireplace that was burning softly across the room, tempted to throw herself into it so she could free herself from her own putrid flesh.

She glanced down at the floor. There, in a heap, was a part of her favorite dress, shredded and tattered. She knelt down and picked it up. Memories flooded into her mind as she stared at the tattered cloth. Parties, precious moments with her parents, laughter, joy. It reminded her of how she was the day before, before she was thrown into this whirlwind of darkness and unknown emotions.

She felt her heart tearing like the cloth, falling to pieces. She had committed the greatest sin of her life with a man who could care less about her well-being. As her eyes remained on the cloth, they filled with tears.
Finally, she couldn't hold her remorse in any longer. She let out a sob of despair, burying her face into the cloth. Her body shook from the gasps and sobs. After a few moments of sobbing, she heard Melikus call her,
"Gabriel, come! The night is young and so are we!"

Gabriel lifted her face from the fabric, her face hard like stone. She wiped her tears away and shoved the sobs filling up her throat deep into her chest, swallowing them in her heart with bitter hate. Running her tongue over her fangs, she felt the sharp prick again.
"It's too late now..." She whispered. If this was the life she was to live then she had no choice. This is what she had to live with. There would be no comfort for her tears, no concern for her pain. She was her own reassurance.

With these harsh thoughts burned into her mind, she composed herself. Her eyes dried, she brushed the dust from the dress and followed Melikus' beckoning.
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