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The Hunt

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Her heart still broken and her thoughts scattered, Gabriel learns how to hunt thanks to the teachings of Reptilius, Katri, and Melikus.

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Carpe Noctem
A vampire tale
By: Kellyconcarne

Disclaimer: I own all of the following characters with the exceptions of Azreal who belongs to Mallory Hoffman, Kain who belongs to Byron Lemburg, and Lucas Falx who belongs to Tony Thigpen.

Chapter 6: The Hunt

Melikus led Gabriel out to the woods with Katri and Reptilius following, eager blood thirsty smiles sprawled on their faces.

"So the newest fledgling is going to learn how to hunt. This is going to be an interesting sight." Reptilius sneered to Katri, rolling his eyes at Gabriel. She heard them but ignored them. She was too distracted by the events that had just passed between Melikus and her. As she walked beside Melikus, he kept glancing over at her with a sly smile as if he was amused by her anger. Gabriel refused to look at him, keeping her eyes set on the path in front of her. Looking at him made her stomach twist in disgust. Finally, after moments of awkwardness passed, the Dragon Clan leader spoke softly to her,
"I know you hate me now. But it will pass with time. However, if you even try to leave, I'll hunt you down and kill you...No one leaves me and lives to tell someone."

"Death is better than this hell with you." Gabriel snapped back.

Melikus smiled with malicious spite.
"Is it really now? Well, think what you will but I think that after tonight you will change your mind drastically. Now, it's time for your first lesson, my little one."

Gabriel just looked at him with dead, cold eyes.
"Fine, show me. Tell me what to do." She said dryly.

He stood behind her, his head close to her ear.
"First, close your eyes. Concentrate on detecting a heartbeat. Any heartbeat. Feel it." He instructed, whispering in her ear.

Even his voice made goose bumps run up her body. Gabriel closed her eyes and tried to focus, searching for a heartbeat. She tried to feel anything, see anything, hear anything. After a few moments of trying to sense a heartbeat, she sighed and opened her eyes.
"I can't sense anything..."

Katri groaned.
"Here, let me show you, fledgling." She closed her eyes and let out a low growl, sniffing the air. Her eyes flew open and she crept silently over to a bush. She held her arm back, poised and ready to strike. Then with a hiss, she jabbed her arm down into the bush. She yanked out an adult black cat by the neck. The cat thrashed out, hissing and growling in defense.

Katri held the cat tightly and sank her fangs into the cat's neck. The cat screeched as Katri's fangs dug into it's veins then immediately fell limp in Katri's arm. Katri pulled away and looked at Gabriel, blood dripping down the corners of her mouth, twisted in a sickening smile.

"It's that simple, you fool." She hissed at Gabriel. She focused back on the still cat in her arms."It would be such a shame to put a beautiful cat such as this one to waste." After thinking for a moment, she bit her free wrist. Gabriel looked at her, puzzled.

"You're going to turn a cat into a vampire? Is that possible?" She asked Melikus, who nodded in reply.

"Of course, dogs and cats may become vampires as well."

Gabriel watched Katri feed the blood to the cat from her wrist. The cat woke up and jumped out of Katri's arms. She smiled,

"I think I'll call her Volumptas, the Latin goddess of pleasure. What a lovely little pet she will be." Katri looked back at Gabriel. "Why don't you stop gawking and give it a try, Gabriel? Or are you that inept?"

With a quick glare at her female counterpart,
Gabriel closed her eyes and tried to concentrate again. At first there was nothing. Silence. Then she smelt something, something strange yet delicious. It filled her nostrils and tickled her senses. She could feel her hunger growing as she sniffed the air more. It was blood, fresh blood. It was followed by a soft thumping, consistent and strong, growing louder with each beat. The heart beat of something small and young. She saw it, a raccoon, crawling around, searching for food.

"I've got a heartbeat" She whispered, her eyes closed. Melikus smiled wider and crooned in her ear,
" follow it...find out where it's coming from. Can you tell me where it's coming from?" Melikus asked. Gabriel nodded.

"Behind me, in the bush." She responded.

Melikus wrapped a hand over her shoulder.
"Excellent my dear. Now...kill it and take it's blood. Feed that hunger. Kill it, right now." He ordered urgently.

Gabriel hissed and turned around, her eyes snapping open. She crept over to the bush and crouched down. Then she jumped into the bush. But the raccoon darted out of the bush, easily detecting Gabriel's clumsy movements. The raccoon started to run up a large tree before stopping and looking back down at Gabriel.
She spotted the raccoon and snarling with hunger, she started climb out of the bush. The raccoon saw it's predator coming and ran up the tree. The young vampire stopped underneath the tree. Then with a cat-like leap, she jumped up and grabbed a strong sturdy branch.

She pulled herself up and steadied herself on the branch. She looked up and saw the raccoon, staring at her in fear. She growled and grabbed another branch. She swiftly and cleanly, pulled herself onto the next branch.
Then she saw the raccoon at the end of a branch that wasn't very strong. She carefully crawled out to the end of the branch, the heartbeat pounding in her ears, driving her on.
Just as she reached out to grab the raccoon, the branch snapped. Gabriel seized the raccoon as she fell from the tree. To her own surprise, she landed solidly on the ground, her knees absorbing the impact. She realized she was still holding the raccoon. She looked at Melikus who was beaming with pride.

"Go ahead. You've earned it." He said. Gabriel smiled and hissed before sinking her fangs into the raccoon's neck. The little creature screeched in agony. The blood flowed into Gabriel's mouth. It tasted salty yet strangely sweet at the same time. Gabriel pulled away in surprise from the taste of the blood, her eyes wide. Melikus smiled at her confusion.
"So what do you think? Does it satisfy your hunger?" He asked.

Gabriel licked her lips, savoring the taste. Then she smiled widely and nodded. There was something addictive about the blood. Something that made her desire for more. With another hiss, she sank her fangs back into the raccoon's neck. Low growls oozing from her mouth, she sucked the blood out of the unconscious small raccoon's body. Something inside her awoke as she took in the blood. A hunting instinct, perhaps, that had been created yet dormant ever since she had been named a vampire. Melikus, Katri, and Reptilius watched and cackled.

Gabriel glanced at Melikus who had pure delight burning in his eyes. Then somehow, unexplainable, she could hear his voice in her mind, as if his thoughts were echoing in her head. With a whisper, it said,
"You are mine.."
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