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Darien and Serena meet, and think of a way to fix Serena's relationship.

Category: Sailor Moon - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Characters: Tuxedo Kamen, Usagi (Moon) - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2006/11/30 - Updated: 2006/11/30 - 499 words

Chapter two

"Oh? Me too. I live only a couple blocks from here." He said looking at his watch. "Well I got to run, how about we meet here on Sunday, same time?"

"Sure. got nothing else to do." I replied.

"Cool, later Serena." He walked out.

"I got a date with Darien! All the girls in school are going to see him on Sunday!" I screamed softly.

I finished my coffee and walked back to my car. I started driving home, I finally got home and walked into the door. Hmm, mom must be out. Cool, house to myself, sweet.

"Serena! There you are, I was worried sick!" Oh no! Mom was home.

"Sorry mom, I went out for a coffee." I replied slowly.

"Well?" She asked

"Well, what?" I looked quizically at her.

"Did you get the job at Sobeys?" Her long red hair swayed back and forth.

"Yea, I did." I smiled

"Good! Now you don't have to hang around here like a lazy ass!" She replied coldly.

"Lazy? You call me lazy? When you're the one who makes me do everything?" I answered through my teeth.

"Well, I. Ohhhh. Just get out of my face! I dont want to see it!" She yelled

"Good, 'cause I dont want to see yours! Oh and by the way, if you really wanted to impress someone, I would take make-up tips, if I were you." As of that I walked out of the house and started my car.

I didn't know where I was going but I needed to get out of that house. I drove back into town and stopped at a motel. Good its cheap. Good thing I got my allowence last weekend. Well now that I kicked myself out of my house, what am I suppose to do? Where am I suppose to live? Maybe I can move in with Rei, no way, maybe Lita and her brother Jason. Yeah, Jason I heard has a crush on me, but then again who wouldn't? Im the most popular person in the school. Okay, sorry, too much bragging. I need to get out of here. Hey what's this? I reached into my pocket, of my coat, and grabbed a piece of paper. Its a number, maybe its Dariens.

I dialed the number and a serious tone answered,"Hello?"

"Hey, Dar, its me Serena." I shivered.

"Oh? Hey Serena! What's wrong?" He asked worridly.

"Oh it's terrible! First my mom yelled at me because I got the job, and then she yelled at me, calling me lazy! Then she told me to get out of her face and so I left and now im in a gross hotel, which by fact I never paid for, Oh Darien, what am I to do? I have school on Monday" I started crying.

"Its okay Serena." He thought for a moment," What hotel are you at? You can come stay at my apartment, and then we will figure out the rest."

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