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The Plan That Totally Failed

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Serena and Darien talking about some things.

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Chapter 3

"Really?" I sneezed." Oh thank-you Darien."

"Yeah, but you still didn't answer my question Serena." He giggled.

"Oh right." I blushed. "Um, Im at the Boston Beef Hotel."

"Who in their mind would name a hotel that?" He started to laugh and I joined.

"Yeah, I always wondered that." I smiled.

"Okay see ya in 10 minutes." He hung up the phone.

I can't believe that I am going to be staying at HIS house. 10 minutes later he showed up and we were heading back to his house and then we made a sudden stop. We were at Sobey's, the place I am to work tomorrow. Man! Why did he have to stop here? Was it to visit a friend, a girfriend? No it couldn't be, why would he invite me to stay with him, if he had a girlfriend? He came back out a few minutes later with bags in his hands, whew im safe. We were finally at his apartment and we went inside, it was really nice. Oh no! he only had one bedroom and no couch! Where am I to sleep?

"Uh, Serena?" He looked at me puzzled.

"Yesss?" I slurred, I was lost in his awesome blue eyes. What has gotten into me? "Oh sorry. What do you want, Dar?"

"Yes, actually i do." He looked at me and went into the kitchen. "Do you want a soda?"

"Sure." I yelled and looked around.

"Serena, I can't believe you are at my place." He smiled shyly.

"Yeah, well I don't see why you said yes very quickly, and we like just met." I said coldly.

"Yeah well, I don't even know I said yes." He laughed slightly then stopped. "Serena, ever since I was like 6 years old I have been having dreams of a sweet little girl, with blonde hair and pretty pink eyes." He got lost in his thoughts and continued, "then when I turned 14 I had more dreams of YOU, it was so wierd. They perdicted this to me."

"Whose they?" I asked puzzled.

"I don't know, whoever made me have these dreams, I guess." He looked at me.

"Uh huh, Darien, is that why you talked to me at A&W?" I looked at him.

"uh, yea, shure." He smiled.

"Okay, what now?" I opened my soda.

"Hmm, well we need to figure out how to get all your stuff out of your mom's house." He grabbed a pen and paper.

"How the hell do you purpose we do that?" I said standing up.

"Well that's why we need to sit down and talk about it." He laughed.

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