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We drove for about 30 minutes through the strip, and then onto, what i presumed, a high way. We drove for aound 20 minutes in silence. I was busy looking outside of the window, while Brendon turned the radio on and was singing along to the songs. They were playing Queen.

- so tell me about yourself - said Brendon
- full name is Aerona Margaux Loriette. But i hate the name Aerona, so i go by Margaux. As far as i know im related to you, and my parents died so that is why im living with you. - i replied still looking out of the window.
- Oh... im really sorry about your parents, how did they die? If i can ask that question......
- No its really ok. And they died in a car crash. Some drunk dude crashed into their Mercedes when they were driving from a concert. I was at the time with my best friend Peter at my house watching movies.
- Oh. Im really sorry. Ok, now. What are your hobbies

I noticed that he changed the subject quickly, and i understood why. He really didn't want to go on the subject of his god parents.

- ughm.... writing music, reading, racing cars, ughm..... playing the piano, watching movies, sleeping, listning to music. Ughm... flipping.... ok i thank thats about it
- lol thats alot. Ok i have more tho - he said and laughed - my parents arnt here, they had to leave to go to LA for their friend's thing, im not really sure why, so wel be staying at my apartment that i rent out wen they go on trips, and there will be 2 of my friends with as well, ryan and erica.
- K then. I really dont care wer i stay. No ofence but i really dont wanna be here right now, i wanna be in chicago. Like im not saying nything bout u, cuz i dont even noe u, but thats the reason. Its really awkward for me n stuff. - i said. I needed to tell him, before i become a total bitch
- Yea i understand. I really do. I would tottaly feel the same way as you do now! I would actually be really mean to me if i wer u! - he said and laughed
- Yea i guess. Hehe - i laughed aswhell, his laugh is really contagious, he makes the funniest faces ever when he laughs
- Ok here we are. This is the house, wer stopping by to pick my crap up then wer goin to the apartment
- Oki doki. Il wait in the car
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