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Chapter 8.

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this one is full of suprises, and dont worry people. the gerard/hannah romance will take off soon.

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Its monday. daaamn it its monday.
yesterday everything happened, it was sunday. but, if youre knowledgable about a calendar, you may have already connected those dots.
but monday, do you know what monday is? its the end of a weekend, and a day of long, boring, school. its also a time for friends that have been feuding to meet face to face. damn monday. damn you to hell.
i stopped cursing the day today and got out of bed. i readied myself for school, brushed my hair, ate breakfast, etc. the usual.
and right on time, just as frank said, the doorbell rang announcing his arrival.
i happily went to open the door, and kiss my boyfriend good morning.
i opened the door, and thank god i paused to look who was standing there before i kissed them, because it was not frank.
however, that would have made a hilarious story.

youll never guess who it was standing there. go on, go on. ill give you a moment to ponder.
done? well Amy is at my door. yeah, i know, wtf right?
yeah, thats what i was thinking too.

"Uh hi?" i said, or more like asked in a 'im confused because youre here on my doorstep but we arent friends' kind of way.
"hey, i was wondering if you wanted to walk to school with me. i mean, i dont really know you but id like to get to know you." she smiled.
it really did look like she was trying to be nice. and i think she really did want to get to know me, which shocked me beyond all belief.
but i thought this over, maybe this would be good. and if i knew amy, gerard would spend more time with us. yeahhh. sounds good to me.
"yeah, sure. lemme just grab my stuff." i picked up my messenger bag and flung it over my shoulder, and grabbed my jacket.
we started walking to school, and i must say i felt timid and afraid to say anything. but thank god she broke the awful silence.
"so, hannah." she said uneasily.
"where are you thinking about going to college?" she asked meakly.
"well," i replied, "i just applied for USC in southern california, and Princeton."
"wow, princeton." she grinned. "thats awesome!"
i smiled. "yeah im pretty excited. hey, what about you?"
"well i applied to clemson, virginia tech, and USC as well." she smiled proudly.
"wow, thats great! wouldnt that be funny if we both go to USC?" i giggled.
"yeah, that would be pretty cool actually." i laughed.
we talked about college the whole way to school. i actually really enjoyed her company. plus, being best friends with boys tired you out and its nice to have some female companionship.

i put the fact that she was dating gerard aside, and i thought maybe we could actually become friends.
she was nice, and very intelligent. shes one of those people you can just have an intelligent conversation with, about politics or news or anything like that.
i was actually somewhat dissapointed when we arrived at school. i liked talking with her.

"so, maybe we can grab some coffee after school?" she asked.
"yeah, sounds great! meet me over by the big oak tree over there." i grinned.
we both went our seperate ways to our classes.
i had english with gerard first, which i wasnt too happy about. i wasnt angry with him anymore, just scared of what he might think of me.
when i entered the class, i looked around for him. i noticed him at the back of the class, and he looked at me sadly. i made my way over to him and sat down in front of him. halfway through the class, a crumpled ball of paper landed on my desk.
i uncrumpled it and read it.

/im so so so so so so so sorry/

i looked up at him and smiled, signaling it didnt really matter anymore. i scribbled onto the paper a response:

/its okay. i shouldnt have yelled at you. i was being a bitch/

i threw it back to him, and he read it. he looked at me and shook his head no and mouthed "i was the bitch"
at this, i let out a high pitched laugh and slapped my hand over my mouth. the teacher had stopped what he was doing, and looked over at me.
"Ms. Brody, is there something you want to share with the class?" he asked, a smug look on his face.
"No sir, i was just telling Mr way here that i....i..uh..liked your pants!" i said. for the love of god, was that the best i could do?

"oh?" he asked suprised. "yeah i got em at Macy's. i really like the texture. they were half off." i stifled my laughter, as did gerard.
"well sir, im gonna have to pick up a pair of those for myself." i added, unable to contain my laughter anymore.
the teacher nodded in agreement, and went back to the lesson.
gerard looked like he had already pissed his pants.

when the bell rang, i met up with gerard outside. he seemed like he was in a hurry to get to me, and when he reached me he picked me up in a tight hug. for a moment i smelled him, the familiar scent of smoke and musk, and felt at peace. he put me down and at this time i heard frank run up to the both of us.

"so we all good?" frank asked happily. gerard nodded and the two shared a manly hug. i couldnt help but laught.
"so hannah," frank started, "i went to go pick you up this morning but youre mother informed me you had already left with a girl?" he asked me curiously.
"oh! oh my god frankie im so sorry i forgot you were coming!" i mentally slapped myself.
"yes okay....that still doesnt explain the female presence in which you were accomponied by." he stated smartly.
"oooh, big words do wonders for you, frank. but uh, actually i walked to school with amy." i kept my gaze to the floor.
"ha ha, okay, funny. who were you really with?" he hit my arm playfully. gerard had a playful disbelieving look on his face also.
"im serious." i stated, cocking an eyebrow at them.

they looked at me incredulously and turned to eachother and shrugged.
"you guys wanna do something afterschool? like go to the mall?" gerard asked, glancing at both of our faces.
"well you two can. ive got plans." i said.
"plans....that arent with us? that doesnt happen often." frank pointed out.

"yeah," i stated like it was obvious, "but im going to get some coffee with amy."
they looked at one another again and nodded.
"well hope that works out for you, brode. i gotta get to class." frank said unsurely, and kissed my forehead. gerard shifted uncomfortably.
"i think thats great!" gerard smiled, and put his hand on my shoulder. "amy really is something, isnt she?"
"ehh yeah, well ive gotta get to class too, gee. ill see you at lunch?" i asked.
"yeah. see you then." he hugged me and we parted.

maybe, this is how its supposed to be. all through chemistry i thought about gerard, and frank, and amy. and how maybe this was all for the better. i thought about mikey too, i missed that little punk. i also realized something really really awful.
theres only a few months left of high school. which means we'll all go to college and maybe never even see eachother again!
oh god, oh god. i dont even wanna think about it.

come lunchtime, we all sat around under the oak tree like we always do, gerard and amy with us. amy actually didnt really pay attention to gerard the whole lunch period, cause me and her were talking and laughing. shes actually not a bitch when you get to know her. she told me shes only a bitch to people she doesnt know, because its her way of avoiding contact because shes shy. which, makes sense.

One month later.

So amy and i are really close now. shes really nice. and things with me and frank arent really going very well. so its nice that i have her to talk to. she says that gerard gets on her nerves sometimes, and thats understandable. but i dont think theyre going to break up anytime soon.
i got accepted into both princeton and USC.
amy got excepted into USC too, so thats cool.
Gerard got accepted into the school of visual arts in New York.

but i have sort of a dilemma. all the guys, theyre going to stay in the new york/new jersey area for college.
and i have a choice, i could either go to princeton, which is in new jersey, or USC, which is in california.
but the thing is, princeton doesnt really have what i want. i want to get into filmaking and photography, which is what USC is well known for.
so i could stay here with them, or go to california for me.
ive never had decide between two things so great before.

i honestly dont know what to do.
california is screaming my name, but jersey is calling me softly.
so should i take the hard way, or the easy way?
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