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Close to the Flame

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hot and spicy night

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Horror, Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Published: 2006-12-30 - Updated: 2006-12-30 - 570 words

Gerard's POV

I took Anna's hand and led her out of the bathroom which got some stares out of the women trying to get in. I smiled down at her and she smiled back. We saw the guys sitting in some corner in the back.
"hey guys, we're going to head back to the hotel, Anna's not feeling too good." Jon started getting up.
"don't worry about it, your too worked up, chill a bit and I'll take care of her." he hesitantly nodded looking at Anna who nodded back and sat down.
We walked outside into the cool summer night and started walking back.
"You cold" I asked her. She nodded.
I took my coat off and put it on her and put my arm over her.
The hotel was around the corner.
"Gerard?" she asked.
"what happened to Robert after I left?"
I took a cigarette out, lit it, and took a drag.
"He was talking shit about you so while they held Jon back from killing him, I punched him and then I went to look for you."
"Thank you" she said moving closer to me.
I held her tighter as we walked into the elevator.

Anna's POV

I really have the best friends ever maybe even boyfriend.
I walked into my room and put on some skeleton pajama pants and a black t-shirt on. I walked out and saw Gerard in his pajamas trying to put in a movie.
"Sure, which one?"
"The nightmare before Christmas, it was the only thing we have since Frank carries it around everywhere." he smiled
"Well I love it," I said sitting on the couch. Gerard sat next to me and pulled me close. We were sitting like that for almost half the movie.
"want some popcorn?"
He got up and started putting the popcorn in the microwave. I got up to keep him company in the kitchen.
"Gosh, it's been a long day. I'm so tired." I complained.
Gerard went behind me and starting rubbing my shoulders.
"How does that feel?"
"mmm that feels amazing"
Then he started kissing my neck and I tried to turn around to kiss him back. He stopped me and kept kissing me I was growing anxious.
"Please," I whispered softly.
He turned me around and kissed me passionately. His tongue begged for entrance and I gladly let him in.

Gerard's POV

I pushed her against the counter and my hand was moving up her shirt. Her skin was so soft. She took my shirt off and I picked her up and wrapped her legs around my waist and carried her to the couch without breaking the kiss.
I took her t-shirt off and starting to kiss her on her neck and moved down to her breasts while taking off her bra and moving to take her pants off.
She was tugging at my pants and I helped her take them off once I was done ripping hers off. She massaged my erection and I started moaning her name. Below me I started grinding my hips against hers.
"Fuck me," she whispered getting louder each time.
I gave her what she wanted and we both climaxed.

Anna's POV

It was amazing, Gerard was amazing.
We lay there in each other's arms.
"I love you," he whispered.
"I think I love you too." I whispered back and we went to sleep.
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