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Greener with a Scenery

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Anna's POV

I woke up at I think 7:00 and noticed I had no clothes on. I tried to get clothes on Gerard but only succeeded in getting his shirt on. I ran into my room and saw Jon on top of the covers still in his clothes from last night. I smirked thinking about his night. I got dressed into some running outfit and decided to take a jog on the beach before anyone woke up...and get some aspirin for them.

Gerard's POV

What time is it? I got up to get some water when I realized I had no pants on.
"shit" I muttered wrapping the blanket around my waist. I knew Anna put my shirt on before she left to wherever. As I was trying to sneak towards my clothes, I heard the front door open.
"Hey you," Anna said smiling as she walked in with a Rite-Aid bag in her hand.
"Hey yourself, what's in the bag?"
"I cant tell you" she teased
"if you don't I'm going to attack you," I joked
"How am I supposed to take you seriously when your not wearing any pants?"
"Good point."
"It's aspirin for the guys." she said walking over to kiss me.
I kissed back and went to look for pants.

Anna's POV

Wake up call. I first went into Ray and Mikey's room.
"Good morning fellas!"
"hmmm" they said still half asleep and trying to stop their head aches.
"Aspirins in the kitchen kids." I said as I walked out and towards Bob's and Frank's room.
Bob was already up playing video games. He saw me walk in.
"My head kills"
"Well playing video games really makes it feel better" I remarked sarcastically "Aspirin's in the kitchen when your ready."
"thanks, your amazing."
"where's Frank?" I said noticing he wasn't in the room
"kitchen?" Bob shrugged
I walked into the kitchen and saw Frank eating some popcorn.
"I was so hungry this morning and I was so lucky to find ready popcorn in the microwave. It's a little stale but it'll do." he said smiling, I heard he handled hangovers well.
"Lucky you" I said remembering the popcorn. Last stop was Jon's room. I took a glass of water and aspirin with me.
I put the water on the counter and climbed into bed next to him.
"hey babe, it's time to wake up." I whispered
"no, my head hurts and I wanna sleep."
"here take the meds" I said handing him the water and helping him sit up.
"Did you have fun last night?" I asked going under his arm.
"mhhmm, but I was still sort of pissed off at a certain someone. How about you?"
"Oh you know same old." I said smiling at him.
"Your dirty," he said pushing me away from him playfully.
"Hey you asked"

Gerard's POV

We all decided just to hang around today instead of doing anything. By 8:00 PM we were ready to leave. It also meant us leaving to see our families again which meant I wouldn't see Anna or Jon for a few days. The car ride was a drag and took forever and we made back to Jon's place by 10.
"Guys, we gotta go," Ray called.
"we know," mikey replied. "I just wanna say bye."
"THANKS ANNA WE LOVE YOU!" They all shouted dog piling her.
"See ya Jon. Thanks for everything dude."
"Bye beautiful" I said kissing Anna goodbye. "I'm gonna miss you."
"I'm gonna miss you too sugar." everyone figured out by then we were pretty much together.
"Thanks Jon, we'll see you soon." I said to him doing that handshake hug thing that homies do. (LOL)
"Bye Gerard."
We all left and went home to our mommies and daddies.

Anna's POV

The next day me and Jon stayed home again. I decided to talk to him.
"Hey honey can we talk?"
"Sure babe"
"I think I'm in love with Gerard. I mean he's wonderful"
"Go for it because I really don't think he'd hurt you, I mean Robert's face is pretty much broken because he punched him."
"I know, I heard you were gonna have a stab at him too." I teased
"I was gonna finish him off if the guys didn't hold me back."
"aww I love you soo much Jon, I don't know what I'd do without you.
"I love you too Anna, always."
A half hour later of much girl talk (me talking, him listening) I heard the phone ring. ring, ring
"Hey sexy"
"hey wats up"
"well an unexpected concert was scheduled for the day after tomorrow so I thought me and the guys could come oevr and we go out to dinner at your little diner."
"YEAH! I'm so excited! I know it's only been a day but I really miss you."
"I miss you too. I gotta go Mom's calling me for dinner. Bye I love you."
"I love you too bye."
"who was that?" Jon asked walking in.
"Gerard, him and the guys are coming in two days to hang out with us before a concert they have to do."
"Cool, I'm starting to miss them already."

(Day in between passes by)
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