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so yeah, two updates in one day, i must be tripping - or on a roll. :)

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Joe looked at Patrick with apologetic eyes as Patrick took a step back.
"Dude, she just doesn't remember right now, she'll come around." Joe spoke as if Kate wasn't in the room.
"I've got to go, I don't know, someplace else." Patrick choked out and turned to walk out of the room, Joe dropped Kate's hand and headed after him.
"Patrick!" Joe yelled from the doorframe and Patrick waved an arm at him that instructed to keep away.
"Shit." Joe mumbled as he glanced back at Kate who was lying in the bed with tears streaming down her face as the doctors prodded and questioned her.
What year is it? - How old are you? -Who's the president?
Kate ignored their constant questioning and cried out for Joe not to leave her by herself. Joe didn't know what to do, he ripped out his phone and tried to pace his breathing.
"Andy!Katewokeupandshedidn'trememberPatrickandTrickstormedoutandIdon'tknowwhattodo." Joe said quickly all in one breath.
"What?" Andy questioned.
"Kate's awake she doesn't remember Patrick, he left in a fit and I can't leave Kate here by herself I don't know what to do." He said a tad slower this time.
"Ok I'm in the elevator now, I'll be there in a second." Andy shifted his weight as he watched the elevator numbers change, he glanced at Pete who looked like a lost five year old as he chewed on his thumbnail.
"Kate's awake" Andy replied as he took a deep breath, Pete's head immediately shot up, his eyes burning questions into Andy.
Andy understood Pete's eye language and responded.
"All I know is that she doesn't remember Patrick."
"I don't know." Andy sighed as the elevator doors slid open revealing Patrick pacing in front of the elevator buttons with tears streaming down his face. Patrick tried to get past them into the lift but Andy blocked him.
"Hey." Andy responded with a hand on each of Patrick's arms.
"What's going on?" Pete questioned as Patrick tried to tear himself out of Andy's grip.
"She doesn't remember me, she doesn't love me, I made her cry. Now excuse me please." Patrick pleaded though his tears and Andy just embraced him into a hug. It was then that they heard screaming coming from Kate's room.
"I told you shit-heads already, it's 2001, I'm 17, and Bush is president, now someone tell me what's going on!"
Pete immediately ran into the room and Kate broke down in tears again relieved to see her brother.
"Katie baby, it's all right now." He responded and he held her to his chest as he stroked her hair.
"Pete what's going on?" Kate cried.
"You were in an accident." Pete started off and bent down to Kate's eye level.
"Don't, she'll be overwhelmed if you tell her everything. It's too much." A nurse chimed in and Pete glared at her.
"Look, you were the ones that told me my sister was probably going to die, and here she is alive, and wanting to know what happened to her, you can't tell me that I can't let her know if it'll make her feel better." He spat out at the lady who sighed and nodded her head.
"You were shot, baby girl, twice. Patrick, your boyfriend," he stopped and glanced behind him for Patrick who wasn't there, Pete sighed and walked into the hallway and emerged seconds later pushing Patrick into the door before continuing, "Patrick, your boyfriend," He gestured to Patrick, "found you. You've been in a coma for three days. It's not 2001, it's 2006 - and you're not 17, you're 22." Pete touched her cheek and Kate shook her head 'no.'
"I got my appendix out yesterday." Kate whispered, and Pete looked at her apologetically and shook his head.
"No sweetie, you got your appendix out when you were seventeen, that was five years ago."
Kate cried and brought her hands to cover her face, out of reflex Patrick pulled her into his arms but she pushed 'the stranger' away. Patrick's eyes filled with tears and Andy placed a comforting hand on Patrick's shoulder. Pete's heart broke for his best friend as he searched his mind for anything that would trigger a memory. He glanced at the windowsill that was littered with pictures in picture frames. Pete hurriedly ran over and picked up the pictures scanning though them for anything that could help his cause. After settling with a few good ones he walked slowly back to the bed and gently dumped the pile in Kate's lap. She looked up at her brother with questioning eyes.
He grabbed a frame and put it in her hands,
"This was your senior prom, you were the prom queen, remember? Look at your date, that's him." Pete pointed at Patrick. "Remember you had to beg him for a week to take you to prom and he finally said 'yes' you were so happy." Kate looked from the picture to Patrick but shook her head that she didn't remember. Joe chimed in,
"Yeah everyone was so pissed that a Glenbrook South kid was the New Trier prom queen's date." He laughed as he remembered the night, "Oh, I broke my arm that night cause Andy hit me with the van as he was pulling out of your driveway. Got my tux all dirty. Do you remember Andy?" Joe questioned and Kate shook her head 'yes.'
"I met you in my kitchen on my birthday, you made coffee at 3 am." Kate whispered and Andy shook his head 'yes.' Pete scanned though the pictures again and handed her another one.
"This is you're band, Sam, Matt, Brian. You know them." Kate gestured that she did.
"Band?" She questioned and everyone shook their heads.
"Delilah." Patrick responded with the same hoarse voice as before.
"You were just finishing you debut album before. . ." Andy let his voice trial off before picking it up again, "Patrick was producing it." He shoved Patrick forward.
"Who did we sign with?" Kate questioned, and Joe laughed.
"Decaydance and Fueled by Ramen." Joe responded and Kate gave him a questioning look,
"Pete's record label."
Kate's eyes grew wide in disbelief.
"Yeah the band got kind of big." Pete grinned and crossed his arms in front of his chest.
"Arma Angelus? You guys sucked." Kate spat out. The boys laughed.
"Fall Out Boy." Pete corrected.
"Uhm, ok." Kate responded with a nod. Pete shuffled though the pictures and handed her another one.
"This is you with Molly, and Sara." Kate smiled at the picture and pointed to the little girl.
"She's so cute, who is it?" She looked up eagerly and Pete's face fell.
"That's your niece." He whispered, Kate laughed.
"No really?"
"Seriously, that's Molly, my daughter. Me and Sara are married, she's actually expecting another one in a few months, it's a boy." Pete said proudly. Kate put the picture down slowly, it killed her that she didn't remember. She looked up at Patrick who looked like he had just been gutted, she felt bad for him, she wondered about their relationship, where we in love? she wanted to know more about him without seeming too obvious. Pete handed her another picture.
"That's you and Patrick at Warped, you guys are always grossly annoying like that." He gestured to the picture that had once held a spot on Patrick's dresser. She smiled and traced the corners of the picture frame with her index finger before sighing and placing the picture down with the rest of them. Another nurse appeared in the doorway.
"I'm sorry but visiting hours are over now, I'm afraid only one of you can stay if anyone is staying overnight." She whispered and Pete nodded.
"I'll stay." Joe offered, and the others nodded. Patrick was the first to turn and leave when Kate spoke,
"No, wait."
Everyone turned to face her except for Patrick who still headed for the door.
"I want Patrick to stay, if that's ok. I mean if he wants to." Kate replied and Patrick paused in the doorframe.
"Trick?" Pete questioned and Patrick nodded,
"Yeah I'll stay. Of course." He responded and walked back into the room, taking a seat in the chair that was practically molded to fit his butt. Pete leaned in and kissed his sister on the cheek, Andy followed with a kiss on the forehead and Joe gave her a comforting hug.
"We'll be back in the morning." Andy replied as the trio walked out the door. An awkward silence filled the room once the couple was left alone.
"So you're in my brother's band?" Kate questioned first as she wrung the sheets in her hands, Patrick nodded as he shoved a spoonful of the crunchy peanut butter Joe brought into his mouth.
"What is it you do?" She questioned again, he shoved another spoonful into his mouth before responding.
"Sing, play guitar." He replied with a nod.
"You any good?"
He slightly laughed through the peanut butter.
"I'm alright."
"Did I like it?" She smiled slightly as she watched him attempt to get the peanut butter off his thumb.
"If I remember correctly you said I had a voice like sex." He laughed but kept his eyes fixated on the peanut butter jar, she laughed at him.
"Alright then." She smiled but then averted her attention to the sheets she was wringing, she brought her voice to a whisper, "I'm sorry I don't remember."
"Don't be, it's not your fault." Patrick sighed as he stabbed the peanut butter with the spoon.
"How long have we been together?" She asked as she cleared her throat, trying to bring the focus back to getting to know more about him and their relationship.
"Uhm, it's hard to say." Patrick said with his mouth once more filled with peanut butter. "Like three and a half years, give or take."
Kate nodded and eyed the peanut butter,
"Can I have some?" She reached out to the peanut butter and Patrick handed her the jar. She got a big spoonful, shoved it in her mouth and chewed happily.
"I don't know if your supposed to eat that though, so if anybody asks you didn't have any." Patrick pointed at her with the spoon and she nodded and rolled her eyes at him as she handed back the jar.
"Three an a half years is a long time." Kate commented and Patrick nodded as he took another big spoonful of peanut butter in his mouth.
"Do we have sex?" She gasped, Patrick nodded again with the spoon still in his mouth.
"Did you take my virginity?" Kate pointed a finger at him and Patrick nodded once more while licking in between fingers
trying to get some stuck peanut butter.
"Did I take yours?" She questioned while putting her head in her hands now obviously interested.
"Yes Kate." He responded while chewing.
"Where?" Patrick shifted in the chair, he was kind of embarrassed now. He never had to vocalize any of this before not even the other guys new anything about their first time.
"In the backseat of my car." He mumbled into the peanut butter before shoving the spoon in his mouth.
"Gross." She frowned and let out a breath obviously disappointed.
"I wasn't like that." He responded with his mouth full.
"Like what?"
"Like whatever your thinking, it wasn't like that."
"You mean it wasn't like me screwing my boyfriend of one week in the back of his truck at a Incubus concert?"
Patrick burst into laughter and covered his mouth so peanut butter wouldn't fly out.
"No!" He said in between laughs while trying to swallow the peanut butter that was now stuck in his throat.
"It's not funny, this is important. What was it like?" Kate whined while stealing the peanut butter from him and shoving a spoonful into her mouth.
"Well first of all," Patrick started off but stopped to catch his breath, "We were dating for a year, and secondly we were caught in a snow storm." Kate gave him a questioning look and Patrick nodded.
"We were on the way back from the movies, 'Like Mike' actually." Kate started laughing and Patrick frowned, "Shut up you totally made me go, and now you don't even remember seeing it, figures." Patrick rolled his eyes and continued, "Anyways, it started snowing really bad and you got scared cause we couldn't see the road so I pulled over, and yeah." Patrick averted his gaze back to the peanut butter jar, Kate smiled.
"That's cute."
"I try." Patrick smirked while putting another spoonful in his mouth.
"So you have a voice like sex?" Kate questioned with a raised eyebrow, and Patrick laughed.
"So says you."
"Well I'd like to think I'm an excellent judge." She said matter-a-factly and Patrick nodded,
"As do I."
"Prove me right then." She smirked and he laughed.
"No way Crazy." He laughed and licked the peanut butter spoon.
"Patrick, I need to hear you sing." Kate said with her mouth full, and Patrick shook his head.
"Kate I haven't slept in like four days and I just ate more peanut butter than any normal human should consume, I cannot sing to you right now."
"How come you haven't slept in so long?" Kate asked before she actually thought about her question.
"Cause you were in a coma Kate, I thought you were going to die." He said barely above a whisper.
"Oh." She responded in a hushed tone, she didn't understand the seriousness of his above statement.
"But I don't understand, everyone else got at least some sleep." She whispered.
"Well I couldn't." Patrick sighed and sat back in the chair crossing his arms over his chest.
"You love me don't you?" she continued to whisper, feeling guilty for not remembering him.
"If you only knew how much." He replied as a nurse walked in.
"Miss Kate needs to get her rest, so off to bed now." The elderly heavyset lady smiled, Patrick nodded and Kate slightly smiled.
Kate was getting situated as best she could under the covers when she noticed Patrick just sitting in the chair not attempting to get comfy or anything.
"Are you going to sleep? Can you sleep on that chair?" She stopped her wiggling to look at him.
"I'm fine." He responded and Kate shook her head.
"That's stupid," she scooted over and patted the newly created empty space next to her, "C'mon."
He looked at her hesitantly.
"No, I'm alright. The nurses will have a fit anyways."
"I don't care, c'mon." She patted the empty space again and he sighed before carefully scooting into the spot next to her. She nuzzled herself into his chest, he sighed once more before placing a hand on her head, stroking her hair. Before she drifted to sleep she glanced up at him as he stared at the ceiling.
"What?" he questioned not moving, she smiled.
"Tomorrow can I hear you sing?"
"Maybe." He responded with a smirk as he glanced down to meet her gaze.
"By the way, I really like your shirt." She patted his chest before closing her eyes.
"I know." Was all he replied before finally drifting to sleep himself.
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