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Chapter 5

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He was still pacing the floor of Sam's living room. He was silent except for the scuffing of his feet on the carpet. Sam still sat cross-legged on the sofa, waiting for him to begin his explanation.

When he'd said he'd explain he didn't realize how much he couldn't explain himself. He didn't know where to start. He didn't know how to phrase it. He just didn't know.

His long pale fingers worked themselves through his long dark hair in frustration. Striking contrast Sam noted.

"Maybe start with your name?" Sam said, sensing his discomfort and frustration. She thought that it might help if they properly introduced themselves.

He spun sharply to face her.

"Good idea." He said. "I'm Gerard."

Sam nodded, "Okay, Gerard. I'm Sam." She extended a hand for him to shake.

Gerard looked at her hand stupidly for a moment, and then he took it.

"We're starting our introductions again." She said. "Now that we're properly acquainted..."

"I'll explain." He finished.

Sam just nodded, releasing his hand from her grip.

She really hoped that he would explain and not just avoid it; he seemed to be having trouble with the whole idea of providing her with an explanation.

"Okay." He started pacing again. "Wh-- When I saw you the other night, I was out of control. I'm not usually like that, you have to understand." He was almost pleading with her.

"I usually don't attack people, really. I was going through a rough time, I'd just been in an argument with my brother, Mikey, a-and.. My anger just took over." He shook his head. "I'm not explaining. I'm just making excuses." His fingers found their way up to his hair again.

"No, I understand." Sam said. Did she understand or was she just saying that? Why could she understand? Relating to a vampire was not something that should just come naturally, she thought.

"You do?" He turned to look at her suddenly, his green-eyed gaze meeting her own piercing blue.

She shook her head. "I don't know. I feel like I could."

He just stood quietly for a moment, reflecting.

"..And then this morning-- This morning... I felt like I needed to come here. I felt drawn to here for some reason. I didn't really know why and I swear I didn't know it was you who lived here." He held up his hands.

"That-- That's really all I can explain." He sighed.

"You forgot something."

"Forgot something?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, you forgot to mention who your companion was the other night."

"Oh." He said. "That was Frank."

"And is Frank a..." Sam trailed.

Gerard nodded.


"The whole vampire thing freaking you out?" He asked.

Sam shook her head. "No. I just never expected to meet and be attacked by one and I never expected to..." She let her sentence fall flat. Maybe she just shouldn't finish it.

"Never expected to what?" He asked. His eyes searching Sam's, urging her to finish her sentence.

Sam was reluctant to. She didn't think that it would be a smart move if she were to reveal what she was about to say, but something in Gerard's eyes made her want to tell him. It seemed that she trusted him. But how could she? How could she really trust him when she still didn't know him despite being locked in a house with him?

Sam was still silent. Gerard could see the uncertainty in her eyes. He didn't want to push her to tell him but him, being as curious as he was, wanted to take advantage of the situation.

It seemed that after Gerard's frustration of explaining had passed, he now had the upper hand in this situation. It seemed that his control of the situation kept slipping away from him, her grasping it for a fleeting few minutes, but then it slipping and him taking advantage of it again.

"I never expected to-- to just... be so..." Sam sighed and closed her eyes. "To like you as much as I do."

Gerard was shocked. Again. He hadn't expected this. That answer was not one that had ever crossed his mind.

He'd expected an, I never expected to see you again. Maybe even an, I never expected this whole thing to happen. But never, had he expected this.

"Wh-- What?" He said, his eyes wide, portraying the shock he was feeling.

"You heard me. You know you did." She said quietly. Now she was regretting letting that slip out.

He really didn't know how to react to this. There was something about her he liked too, something that really intrigued him, he'd not yet figured out what that something was but maybe that was the whole thing that had him entranced. But he couldn't act upon this, could he? Vampires in relationships with mortals just never seemed to work. She was beautiful, amazing and he was... Well he was a monster. That's what.

Before he even knew what he was doing, before he even thought, he leant in and pressed his lips to hers passionately. She didn't pull away, but only returned the kiss with the same force. Suddenly he felt her teeth nip his bottom lip and the warm, metallic taste of blood trickled slowly into the kiss.

He pulled back, he could already feel his fangs coming in. He could feel the blood lust overpowering him.

She had noticed. Her hand now covered her mouth, "Oh gosh." She murmured.

Gerard let out a low hiss, before lunging at Sam.
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