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Did I make the choice, or was it...

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Flashback part one!

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AN: So there is a lot I wanted to cover, apparently, so it looks like this flashback is going to be split in two. I should have segment two done later tonight or tomorrow. Enjoy!

P.S.- "She" is getting a name! and um...I didn't know what the guys were doing around July this year, so I made it up. lol, it's called fiction!

Part Eight (segment one): Did I make the choice, or was it...

And this course I travel
Was it up to me?
Did I make the choice?

Patrick wasn't sure LA was the best place for him. He was of course beyond excited about making a new record, he had so much stuff and so many ideas, and this was really exciting for him, but as he watched Pete expand his star power by being seen with some of young Hollywood's most popular girls and hitting clubs every night they weren't recording, he began to think about all the normal stuff he continued to force himself to avoid for fear of hurting once more.

Ever since he broke up with his first girlfriend, he was having trouble getting back into dating, so he ignored it and concentrated on his work. He tried to date a few girls who hated his band, to avoid any confusion on whether or not they were dating him because they liked him, or if they were dating because 'omg, he was Patrick Stump!', but they ended up just not fully supporting him.

With headphones blaring and thoughts of new chords and melodies floating through him, Patrick wasn't paying any attention to where he was going and suddenly found himself face to face with a pair of large brown eyes...and the entire contents of her bag, all over the pavement.

"Shit," he mumbled, leaning down to help her pick up her stuff, "I'm so sorry," he said, grabbing random objects like pens, receipts and her cell phone from the ground as she picked up her wallet, sunglasses and keys.

"No, it's okay, I'm sort of out of it, I wasn't paying any attention," she replied. Her voice was kind, which surprised him because so far L.A. hadn't been too friendly. He wanted to ask her where she was from, but she quickly said thanks and was gone. He watched her dark brown hair blow in the light breeze as she hurried away, wondering what had her so seemingly flustered for a moment, before shrugging and continuing down the sidewalk towards his rental car.

Two weeks had passed and neither one thought about the other. It was just an accident on the street, happens every day, but as Patrick continued living in the area, he began to see her more and more. He saw her two weeks later at the same restaurant he was dining at with some friends, and then two days later, he saw her at the Galleria. It was interesting to him that he began seeing her everywhere since them. It seemed that everywhere he went, she was already there.

She didn't notice Patrick at all. When she bumped into him on the street, he wasn't wearing a hat, every other time since, he had been wearing one. She ignored him and he figured it was probably for the best, he wasn't ready to be in any kind of potentially serious relationship anyway.

One night, a week later, it was the middle of July and Fall Out Boy was celebrating the release of Gym Class Heroes new album "Cruel as School Children" at a club in southern California. He was having a good time, but kept to himself most of the night, being an observer as he usually was, but felt like he was looking for something, he just wasn't sure what.

She sat a stared around the party, laughing as she watched those dudes from the All-American Rejects get drunk. A guy with shoulder length hair sat down next to her friend, and introduced himself as Andy. He was telling her friend that he thought she was beautiful and if she wanted to hang out sometime. She rolled her eyes as her friend fell for the lines, she would've told him to fuck off. Leaving her friend to her own defenses with this Andy guy, she grabbed her drink and strolled around the party, looking for something, she just wasn't sure what.

All of the seemingly attractive men at this party looked taken in her eyes, everyone was dancing with someone else and she was left to sip her vodka tonic alone, milling around for someone to talk to. Then she spotted a guy, he looked maybe twenty-five, sitting in a VIP booth upstairs, looking contented, but sort of bored. She smiled at him, but he didn't see her and she began wondering how she could get in the VIP area. As she stood staring at this guy, he friend walked passed her with this Andy character and grabbed her arm, dragging her upstairs with her.


She bee-lined for the man in the hat, taking a gulp of her drink for confidence.

"Hi," she said softly as she took a seat across from him. Patrick was her.

"Hey," he said softly, his shyness preventing him from making any sort of eye contact. She fell silent, she didn't really know of anything to say, all she remembered was wanting to say hello, she didn't think any farther ahead then that. She took another drink and watched his eyes carefully, but subtly.

"Are you having a good time?" she asked him, fishing around for conversation. Patrick lifted his eyes and nodded slowly.

"Yeah, I guess. I mean, you've been to one club; you've been to them all. The party thing isn't really my scene, but work is work," he replied, shifting his eyes away from her constantly.

"Oh? What do you do?" she asked. Patrick let his eyes finally settle on hers, searching for truth or a lie within her statement. He couldn't find any indication that she was lying and was a little dumb founded that she was at the after tour party and didn't know who he was. Dumbfounded, but relieved.

"Uh...I'm um, in a band. I sing, play guitar and write a lot of the songs," he said. Her eyes widened.

"Awesome, what band?" she asked. He laughed nervously at her enthusiasm; he should've said he worked at Borders.

"Um...Fall Out Boy?" he replied.

"No shit?!" she said, this time her eyes widened even more, "I have two of your albums, but I've never actually seen you guys before. I hate MTV, but...yeah. But that's crazy, I love your band," she said. Patrick stared at her. She had to be fucking with him; she really liked his band and had zero clue as to who he was? He decided to change the subject.

"Do you remember me, by any off chance? I bumped into you about three weeks ago? I spilled your purse all over the sidewalk?" he said, hoping to bring her down to normalcy after she figured out who he was. She put her drink down and giggled slightly.

"Oh my god, that was you?" she asked. He nodded. "Wow, I don't even recognize you, that's so shitty of me. Sorry," she said. He shrugged.

"Yeah, on the street I'm pretty fucking ordinary," he replied, leaning back in the chair. She stared at him curiously.

"You weren't wearing a hat the last time, maybe that's why. Because your face is something I would've remembered. Plus I was having a shitty day, I wasn't really concentrating on anything," she said. He nodded, feeling curious about the face statement, but wasn't going to press it until later.

"So what brings you to this party?" she asked. He nodded.

"The band is actually on the label we used to be with and I produced a couple tracks for the album too," he replied, happy that she seemed interested in what he was saying.

"Wow," she began," singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer. You're a talented man," she said with a smile. He smiled back at her; he was really beginning to like her. He glanced at his watch quickly and realized why he was feeling so tired. It was now two in the morning.

"Damn, listen, I need to get some sleep, but," he said, pulling his cell phone out of his pocket, "we something, sometime," he replied. She smiled at him softly and nodded, getting her phone out as well so they could exchange numbers.

"So, I'll try to call you this week, okay?" he said, standing up. She nodded. He began walking away when suddenly he thought of something.

"What's your name?" he asked. She giggled then breathed out softly.



Some say it's luck
Others call it fate
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