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Did I make the choice, or was it...(2)

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flashback part dos

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As expected, Patrick and Destiny became inseparable from their first date on. It seemed that even though they shared different views on almost everything, Patrick was addicted to her. He craved the smell of her hair, the sound of her voice and the feeling of her lips on his. He couldn't recall the last time he had ever felt good and truly kissed, he assumed it was back when he was nineteen, when his other relationship was still new.

Destiny fell hard for Patrick quickly, warning herself not to let on, that it shouldn't be happening this fast, but she couldn't help it. She adored every inch of him. Everything he was proud of and all of his silly insecurities, she loved him.

The relationship her and Patrick shared was unique, in the sense that neither of them were specifically prepared for the magnitude at which they were going to fall for each other. Each had expected to like each other, but neither expected to be head over heels in a matter of weeks. It was romances like these that were either

A) Designed to fail


B) Designed to succeed.

Fate could only take the couple so far, the rest of the battles they would face would leave them up to their own forces of will power.

Destiny came to L.A. entirely for personal reasons. To her parents, she was merely transferring for school, but to her, it was something much more serious.

Destiny hated high school. She did all of her work and kept a B average, just enough to get by and get away to school. After she graduated in 2003, she went to school in her home state of Illinois and loved it. She was even lucky enough to find a boyfriend. She was finishing out her sophomore year after being with this guy since they were freshman and suddenly they found themselves faced with a problem: Destiny was pregnant.

After thinking for nearly two years that this guy was going to be, as he always said to her, by her side no matter what, it was now her understanding that 'no matter what' excluded pregnancy. So Destiny decided to run. She had no one to turn to with her parents being such strict, right-wing people, they would've never approved. So she thought of a way to be on her own to deal with it, transferring school. She was two months pregnant when she went to L.A. in July, giving her enough time to settle into the new city to find a job. She was eager to take care of things in her own way...


Destiny spent her summer by Patrick's side, sitting in on studio time, helping him get ready for certain award shows and being a huge support system. Her favorite thing to do became sitting next to Pete while Patrick recorded his vocals; the pair of them would gush over his talent.

It was important to her to be accepted by the rest of the band, she wanted them to approve of her relationship with Patrick and she also wanted to be friends with them. She wanted to love them in the same way Patrick did.

She developed a friendly relationship with Joe first, they were both silly and a little crazy, always joking about times they were drunk and even occasionally partying together, specifically on nights Patrick was holing himself up in the studio. Joe also had his girlfriend Marie with him most of the summer as well, she and Destiny hit it off immediately. She was glad to have another female around who knew exactly what it meant and what it took to be dating a member of Fall Out Boy.

To her, Pete was an interesting and complicated guy. It took her some time to understand the right way to talk to him, but once the informal channel of communication opened up between the two, she found him to be extremely smart and very business minded; it was when she realized Pete Wentz perfectly calculates every move he makes. She also found he was easy to talk to because he was a good listener and gave some good advice; ultimately he knew Patrick better then she did. Since her and Patrick lived with Pete while they were all in L.A., she also found it convenient that he rarely slept, they would spend some nights just sitting and talking, not sleeping for a few days, just letting time bleed together.

Andy was a whole different story in her eyes. He was funny, yes, but she didn't ever agree with his anarchist views on things and was always arguing with him over his veganism. She held her view that you have the right to do what you want, but cow were put on the earth to be eaten and if we let them all die a naturally, humans would be in the minority to animals. Needless to say, she found Andy annoying and slightly creepy, in the way he pretty much had a different girl with him every time she saw him.


Destiny's days were mostly spent with Patrick; her nights were spent on the computer doing her school work. Patrick pushed himself completely into making this album and doing all of his side projects, but at the same time trying his hardest to spend time with Destiny. He would take her out sometimes on the weekends to a movie, but his first love was his work. It was what he was chained to and it was who he was. Destiny understood that, but she found that it complicated things. They ran into problems throughout the summer, when Patrick would spend entire days in the studio until being kicked out. He was a perfectionist when it came to his craft. This would bother Destiny some nights, those nights when she would sit with Pete; she would be upset because he would come home and want nothing else but to sleep and wouldn't spend time with her.

When the band began doing shows in late fall, Destiny got her first taste of what it really felt like to date a rock star and it tested her will. She would hang out with Marie and some people she had met while in L.A. through Fall Out Boy and couldn't help but find herself occasionally unsure of whether or not she was prepared for her boyfriend being on tour...
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