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My apologies for the shortness but i needed to get this out - so don't be mad at me sillyfaces.

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"You're bleeding." Pete pointed to Kate's shirt where a small blood spot was forming. She instinctively covered it up with her hand and gasped before biting her bottom lip.
"Kate Anne! You're not supposed to do extraneous activity you pulled a stitch!" Pete scolded her while using the doctor's terminology as he grabbed her hand and ushered her into the kitchen.
"I didn't, I wasn't. It was his fault!" Kate blabbed and pointed at Patrick whose eyes widened.
"What? You came on to me, that's not even fair!" He yelled back defensively. Pete picked her up and placed her on the counter as he walked around the kitchen opening all the cabinets looking for something, not really paying attention to the arguing couple.
"Patrick you were supposed to be watching her and I come over here to tell you guys some good news and my sister is bleeding all over the place and where the fuck are the paper towels?" Pete groaned and then turned to look at Patrick who shrugged.
"I was, ergh, watching her and stuff." He responded as he looked under the sink pulling out the roll of paper towels and tossing them to Pete.
"Shirt." Pete gestured for Kate to pull up her shirt as he wet the paper towel, she obliged. He handed her the paper towel and she pressed it on her wound to stop the bleeding.
"So they caught Sean?" She replied while still sitting on the counter swinging her legs.
Pete nodded,
"Yeah the police called me when they couldn't get a hold of you at home. Wait, you know stuff? I mean, you remember?"
"Uhm yeah, kind of. I mean some things are still blurry but mostly. I don't know it's weird." She replied and Pete smiled relieved that his sister was almost perfectly healthy and that the culprit behind the 'incident' was in custody.
"What about Chelsea?" Kate questioned as she shot the paper towel into the garbage can across the room, making it in.
"What about Chelsea?" Patrick questioned back and Pete glanced at his sister confused.
"Is she in custody too?" Kate looked at them as if they were idiots to not know what she's talking about.
"No, why would she be in custody?" Pete responded finally turning to face his sister.
"Well, cause, she was the one that shot me." She huffed and Pete laughed.
"No, no sweetie, Sean shot you."
"Ugh no. Sean grabbed me and stuff but Chelsea shot me. She said that Sean couldn't do anything right and if she wanted things done that she would have to do it herself."
"Are you sure?" Pete prodded and Kate nodded. It was then that he glanced at Patrick who was now sitting at the kitchen table.
"That's why they new where I lived and my phone number." Patrick mumbled and put his head in his hands as guilt flooded once more over him.
"Oh God, oh God, oh God." Pete whispered to himself as he saw his friend slowly spiraling back into the state of mind he had been in at the hospital.
"Kate go call the police and tell them that ok, we might have to go to the station but whatever just go do that." He responded as he walked over to the table.
"What's wrong?" Kate questioned now worried, and Pete just shook his head and gestured for her to call already. She sighed and walked out of the kitchen in order to find a cell phone.
"Hey, hey Patrick it's not your fault." Pete sighed as he plopped onto the floor in order to get down to Patrick's eye level.
"Yes it is my fault, it's completely my fault so don't even try."
Pete was at a loss for words so he stayed silent until Kate shuffled back into the room.
"The police said that Sean has been telling them that the whole time and that they also have her in custody."
"See, Sean's in custody, Chelsea's in custody - and it's no ones fault. Everything is Kosher." Pete tried to sound overly excited, Kate looked at him with a raised eyebrow and Patrick just sighed.
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