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THIS IS THE END - don't flip out though, cause i'm working on the sequel - so everybody breathe. lol. i think alot of you are going to be upset but it fits the story - just read the title.

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Kate sighed and placed her hands in her pockets before jogging out of the kitchen to get the now ringing phone.
"Promise me you'll take care of her." Patrick said barely above a whisper and Pete looked at him confused.
"Uhm, what?" Pete scratched his head and Patrick glared at him.
"You heard me now promise!" he spat. Patrick's sudden anger startled Pete.
"Yes, of course, she's my sister. But dude, what the hell is up with you? You need to get off the guilt train and help her deal - none of this was your fault and now the people who ARE guilty are in jail so you can live happily ever after and get married and have babies and grow old and have porch swings and motorized scooters the whole nine yards ok?"
"Uhm yeah, that's not going to happen for me - I'm going to do the only thing I know will keep her safe and that is getting her far the hell away from me." Patrick responded solemnly while standing up from the table. Pete immediately stood and shoved him back into his chair.
"Are you insane?" He raised his voice but quickly lowered it as to not cause attention to the fight that was most certainly brewing.
"Move." Patrick spat while standing but Pete stood firmly blocking the exit out of the kitchen.
"No, you're not doing something stupid this time Patrick, don't do this." Pete pleaded.
"Move Pete." Patrick spat again, Pete still stood firmly.
"You love her, she loves you too - this is going to kill her Patrick, your not protecting her by doing this, why can't you see that?"
"She'll get over me - I'm no good for her and it's best if I just let her go." He responded before shoving Pete out of the way and onto the floor. Pete laid his head onto the kitchen floor and sighed as Patrick stepped over him and into the other room.
Kate was standing with one leg propped on her knee as she wrapped the phone cord around her finger.
"Mommy I'm fine."
She stopped to laugh and nod,
"Yes he's fine. No I'm not doing any extraneous activity - I'm not, no I'm not."
It was then that Patrick caught her eye and she covered the receiver with her hand.
"Are you ok?"
He shook his head 'no' and she frowned. Kate turned her attention back to the phone,
"Mom, I have to go, I've got to go, yes, yes, I have to go." She responded into the receiver only to be ignored by her mother who kept bringing up new topics to discuss. She sighed and placed the receiver on her shoulder and returned her attention back to Patrick.
"What's wrong, do you feel ok?"
She went to reach for his forehead to feel for fever but he moved his head out of her line of reach. Kate immediately drew her hand away and looked at him confused.
"Don't Patrick." Pete responded from his spot at the counter.
"Shut up!" Patrick spat at him. In return Pete sighed and placed his head on the counter.
"What is it?" Kate questioned slightly annoyed. Patrick opened his mouth a few times before ultimately blurting "I think we should break up."
Kate cocked her head to the side and glared at him before picking up the phone from her shoulder.
"Bye Mom." She spat before slamming the phone down not even bothering to fix it when it fell off the cradle. Patrick backed up slightly until his back hit the wall and there was nowhere left for him to go.
"Why?" Kate questioned rather calmly and Pete rested his head in his hands waiting for his friends response.
"Uhm, beca-because that's what I think - that's what I want." Patrick stuttered before closing his eyes preparing himself to get punched.
"No." She spat and he looked at her surprised, he hadn't of expected her to say that.
"What?" He questioned still confused.
"No, I said no - stop being stupid Patrick." Kate stated while placing her hands on her hips.
"Kate seriously, I'm ser-serious." He avoided her gaze and she huffed.
"Fine if you're serious, look me in the eye and tell me that you want to break this off because you don't want to be with me anymore and not for any other reason - not because you feel guilty for what happened or anything else Patrick."
Patrick glanced to Pete who was now standing with his arms crossed.
"Don't look at him he's not going to help you." Kate spat and Pete nodded,
"Go on Patrick, tell her."
It took everything within him to look her in the eye and tell her that he didn't want to be with her anymore - he had to keep repeating that it was for the best, she'll be safer in the end, probably happier.
After all was said Kate sighed defeated and nodded before walking away. She didn't have the strength or the energy to fight him anymore. She started up the stairs before stopping and turning around, she was now crying.
"Are you sure this is what you want because I swear to God once I am out the door Patrick, I am not coming back."
"I'm sure." He sighed and looked at the floor before ultimately sliding down the wall. Kate was crushed, devastated, completely destroyed. Her heart told her to stand her ground and not leave but her body robotically followed instructions - she ran up the stairs and frantically started throwing any and everything into a bag. Pete emerged from the kitchen and looked down at Patrick who was curled up in a little ball.
"I hope you realize what you've done." Pete sighed before jumping slightly.
With the slam of the front door Kate was gone and Patrick had sealed his fate for what he thought was going to be forever.

The End - :( But go read the sequal 'Broken Down On Memory Lane' :)
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