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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Humor, Parody - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Published: 2007/04/07 - Updated: 2007/04/08 - 847 words

"Thank you, everyone! My Chemical Romance will be on in a few minutes," said Gerard with a smile, keeping with the theme of their recent album. The crowd cheered and laughed as the curtain closed. He walked off stage and continued out the door, going outside to smoke. Bob saw the spotlight's glow beneath the curtain. He stood from the drums and nodded at the others. It was time.
Bob pulled back the curtain half an inch, and the crowd immediately went insane. He sighed in defeat and stepped in front of it, taking Gerard's microphone with him. He had already arranged for the tech crew to film it from the sports announcers' booth directly across from the stage. They had even gotten their keyboard player to join in on the piano. However, he was still nervous, feeling a small flutter in his heart. He really didn't want Gerard to find out the plan before it took place. The crowd began to cheer at his presence, and he smirked. This was what he had been waiting for. He gave a small wave.
"Hey, everyone," he said, taking the microphone off of its stand and starting to take slow steps back and forth across the stage. "I bet a few of you might recognize me." They started laughing, and tons of people that had left for the intermission began flooding back in upon hearing his amplified voice. "My name is Bob, and lately, I've been feeling a little...unappreciated. But I'm not the first one to feel this way, am I right?" The crowd cheered. Frank and Ray stepped in front of the curtain as well, while Mikey, already dressed in his costume with props standing by, waited in the wings with a video camera running. More cheers and applause exploded from the audience.
"There are some people in this band who don't seem to think their drummer is very important, and right now, you're not looking at any of them. But underappreciated Bobs go way back. All the way back to the very beginning of history. So I'd like to dedicate this to anyone who's ever felt like they're not getting enough credit. Especially anyone named Bob." Ray rolled the first chord as an introduction. Bob brought the microphone to his mouth and began to sing.
"If you haven't heard of me, I wouldn't be surprised. I bet you know my relatives; their names will never die. My mother is a saint, and my brother is a god..." He held out the word, and watched as many people who recognized the song began to join him. "But all I am is Jesus' brother Bob!"
"Hey!" shouted Frank into the mic he and Ray shared, punching the air with one hand. The crowd began clapping to the beat as the chorus began.
"Jesus' brother Bob, Jesus' brother Bob, a nobody relative of the Son of God. If only I'd been born just a little sooner, I'd be more than the brother of God Jr." They cut off late for extra emphasis, and people began to laugh. Mikey had already set the camera on a tripod and walked on stage.
"I have to pay the ferry to cross the Galilee. But not my brother, no, not him," sang Bob, being joined by the other two members on the last three words. "He walks across for free..." They paused again. Dressed in a floor-length white robe, Mikey took out a water bottle and poured some of it on the stage, then walked across it with his arms raised reverentially. This set the crowd off in fits of laughter.
"I finally get to work about a quarter after nine." Mikey took out a bottle of red food coloring and poured its contents into the water bottle. He screwed the lid back on and shook it, not even trying to hide his actions. "Already he's turning water into wine!" Mikey gulped down the half-full bottle and pretended to pass out as they started the chorus again. Bob even began to laugh at the younger Way brother's antics.
"One day when I was home, I heard a mighty roar."
"Roar!" shouted someone in the crowd. Frank and Ray laughed along with the rest of the people.
"There were a thousand people right outside the door." Frank whispered the next line into the mic, then conducted everyone through the words.
"Help us, Jesus, help us!" shouted everyone. Frank raised his hands in classic 'rock on' signs, looking toward the ceiling with a smirk.
"...Came the cheering from the mob," sang Bob, holding out the last note as Ray did a quick guitar solo. They cut off at the same time with exaggeration.
"Then they got a look at me-"
"Oh nuts, it's only Bob!" everyone said at once, following Frank's lead. They launched into the chorus again, and Mikey, who had temporarily run offstage, brought back a basket containing croutons and Swedish Fish, which he threw at the crowd. Then he threw the basket itself. The person who caught it shouted something about eBay.
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