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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Humor, Parody - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Published: 2007/04/07 - Updated: 2007/04/08 - 904 words

Gerard quietly walked through the single door leading back inside, grinding the cigarette into the ground with the toe of his shoe just before entering. The cool air conditioning was a welcome relief to the warm, humid night air outside. He began to walk toward the stage, but a tech person stopped him.
"Mr. Way, I'm afraid you can't return to the stage yet," she said nervously. Gerard frowned.
"Why not? The intermission's almost over; we have to play our second set." That was when he heard the crowd's collective laughs and cheers. He pushed past the girl and through a crowd of several black-shirted tech crew members, trying to get to the stage. He stopped in the wings before anyone could see him. He had to see what this was all about. Why were the guys on stage without him? And why was Bob holding a microphone? He decided to listen in hopes that he would find out.
"He died upon the cross. I thought that I was free," Bob said slowly. Ray toned down the music accordingly, letting the sounds of the piano take over. Mikey ran to the other side of the stage and quickly shed his robe.
"Finally, people would get to know me for me," he said, placing a hand over his heart. Mikey walked back on stage in his typical Black Parade uniform.
"Hi Bob," he said with a wave.
"Hey Judas," Bob said with a smile. The crowd roared with laughter. Gerard's eyes widened when he saw this, but still he made no attempt to stop the performance.
"This was my big chance to finally get ahead..." Mikey walked offstage again and put the robe back on over his head, waiting calmly for his cue.
Gerard had seen enough. He pushed past the last few tech people and walked on stage with his hands firmly clasped behind his back. His lips were drawn into a thin line, and he had a questioning look in his eyes.
The crowd began to laugh. Wondering why, Bob looked to his right and immediately wished he hadn't. His face fell upon seeing the lead singer. He suddenly realized Ray was waiting for his cue, and decided to keep going with the song. They would talk about this in a minute.
"The next thing you know, he's rising from the dead!" He motioned to Gerard as he sang the line.
"D'oh!" said Frank when he realized that Gerard was on stage; luckily it fit in well with the song. The crowd was laughing harder than the lead singer would have thought possible.
"Jesus' brother Bob, Jesus' brother Bob, a nobody relative of the Son of God. If only I'd been born just a little sooner, I'd be more than the brother of God Jr."
"Everybody!" shouted Frank and Ray, purposely overpowering the last word. They were determined to draw this out as long as possible. Mikey saw what was happening and remained in the wings. He was terrified of what Gerard would do to him, and knew he was already in trouble. No sense in making it worse.
"I'd be more than the brother of God Jr.!" Bob led the three of them in taking a bow at the end of the song. He looked at Gerard, who was waiting patiently a few feet away from him. He clearly wanted to know what was going on. /Now/.
"...Hey, Gerard," Bob said nervously, trying to keep his voice steady as he spoke into the microphone. The crowd said 'ooh' all at once. They knew Bob was in trouble.
"Would someone like to tell me what's going on here?" he asked calmly, speaking into Bob's microphone. The drummer glanced back at his friends.
"Actually, yeah, I would. Let's be frank."
"No pun intended!" Frank shouted into his mic, trying to create a worthy distraction. Ray smacked him upside the head, and everyone laughed as it turned into an all out brawl. The tech people quickly broke this up before any people - or instruments - were injured.
"I'm tired of you not even caring that I'm in this group, Gerard," said Bob, placing the microphone back in its stand and stepping away from it so no one would hear him. The crowd went unnaturally silent so they could do just that. "You've completely forgotten about Matt. And whatever differences there were between you two, I think you should still respect him. What's to say that won't be me someday? Sure, I hope that day never comes. But you're taking all the credit for this band, and I'm sick of it." Gerard was taken aback, and his face reflected it. He hadn't expected anything like this. A joke, maybe. Someone to shout 'April Fools!'. But not this.
"I...I'm sorry you feel that way, Bob. But that's not what I think at all." He crossed the stage and stole the guitarists' microphone. "In fact, Bob, we couldn't have this band without you." Mikey decided it was safe to walk back on stage. The crowd cheered for all five of them, and Bob smiled.
"Thanks, G," he said, walking over and giving him a hug.
"Aww..." said the crowd. There were several camera flashes, but they didn't care. Bob pulled away from him.
"You got the whole thing on video, right?" asked Gerard. Bob nodded. "Good. I want to watch it when we get back to the bus."
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