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Seras realize's!!

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Seras has finally realizes that something is wrong when she is attracted to Alucard!

Category: Hellsing - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica - Characters: Alucard, Integra, Seras, Walter, Other - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2007-04-09 - Updated: 2007-04-09 - 768 words

Eyes open up to reveal startling blue eyes and around the female's head her blonde-orange hair fans out. "What... was that dream about?" The female asks herself before feeling a tug of hunger at her stomache but this time she couldn't ignore it. The coffin lid flew off and her eyes were now crimson red as they fell onto the blood packet. She was suddenly in front of the table and she picked up the packet.

Her fangs grew and she bit into the packet draining the packet of it's blood. When the blood hit her tongue a mewing sound tore from her throat. "Good Police Girl. Drink your blood." Her master's voice echoed through her mind and she looked up before whispering," Master..." She felt a tug of desire in her stomache but ignored it as she walked out her room and up towards Integra's office.

" No goodnight? That's rude Police Girl." Alucard said chuckling in her mind and Seras smiled a little as the tug of desire became almost unbearable. "Master, my master. Goodnight." Seras said purring as her crimson eyes melted and seemed to be like warm blood. " Better Police Girl. Goodnight. I'll see you soon." Alucard said before his pressence disappeared from her mind leaving her with a sense of lonliness.

"What is this... this desire I feel for my master? What's wrong with me?!" Seras thought her eyes widening in shock before rushing into Integra's office causing the woman to look up and blink. "What is it, Agent Victoria?" Integra asked at Seras's shocked and scared look. It was very unusual to see Seras scared at all much less scared and shocked. "S-Sir Integra what's wrong with me?!" Seras asked not even explaining what was wrong.

"You must tell me what's wrong with you before I can even begin to think about what may be wrong with you." Integra explained carefully though it didn't make much sense to anyone who heard which was only Seras. She then got Integra's meaning and blushed embaressed but she explained softly," I-I feel such... such desire for, master. This has never happened before." A knowing look came into Integra's eyes before she ordered," To your room, Agent Victoria. We'll talk later for sure."

Seras looked at her confused but obeyed and left the room going back to her room. "ALUCARD!!" Integra yelled and soon a dark chuckle filled the room as a shadow formed before Integra's desk and then took shape. Alucard grinned and bowed low before Integra as he asked," Yes, my master? There is something that you need?" "Police Girl came to see me just now. She is really worried, Alucard." Integra answered now calm once more.

"Oh? Why did she come see you?" Alucar asked curiously and his face broke out into a new grin. "About... certain desires." Integra answered half way and Alucard sighed before grinning once more. He knew his master wouldn't tell him what Seras went to talk to her about. "I suppose you want me to go see, Police Girl." Alucard stated and Integra shook her head before she stated," I want you to watch her when she is outside of Hellsing."

Alucard shrugged but nodded his head and melted into the floor as Integra sighed. "Seras!" Integra called and soon the door busted open to reveal Seras standing there. "Yes, Sir Integra?" Seras asked nervously as she eyed Walter. It wasn't that she didn't trust him it just was that she didn't trust herself. "It's time we had that little talk. Sit down." Integra said motioning to the chair and Seras did without pausing.

"Seras what you are going through is something that all female vampires will go through or so Alucard says. I know nothing of the symptoms or how long it will last but all i know is that Alucard says you are in heat." Integra said calmly and Seras went wide eyed as she asked," In heat?!" Integra stopped herself from sighing and answered calmly," Yes, in heat. If you wish to know more than it ould be best if you asked Alucard. He know's more about it than I do."

Seras paled before standing up and saluting Integra before walking out of the room. "Sir Integra will this cause any problems for Miss. Victoria?" Walter asked softly and Integra rubbed between her eyebrows before she answered wearily," It could cause problems, i'm not going to lie." "I hope it doesn't, Miss. Victoria doesn't need so much trouble. She deals with enough as it is." Walter said softly and Integra couldn't help but agree with him.
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