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First attempt!

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The first vampire shows up to try and take Seras as his mate! Will Seras let him?

Category: Hellsing - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica - Characters: Alucard, Integra, Seras, Walter - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2007-04-09 - Updated: 2007-04-10 - 869 words

Seras opened her eyes and looked up at her coffin's lid. She still couldn't believe it but she knew it was true. How else would you explain the sudden desire for her master? She sighed as she rolled over onto her side and curled up as a flash of desire went through her body. She groaned and pulled into a tighter ball.

"Why does this have to happen, now?" Seras asked to herself groaning in desire that brought pain.


Alucard's eyes snapped open and he sniffed the air. Suddenly a grin broke out and he purred," Police Girl it seems that you have finally gone into heat. Now this is going to be entertaining watching you struggle with your bloodlust and desire." He gave a psychaotic laugh as he phazed out of the room and to his master's office. "What do you want now, Alucard?" Integra asked snapping at him which just caused him to grin.

"Why, my master, i've came to tell you that, Police Girl, has finally gone into heat." Alucard answered and Integra's eyes went blank as she went into deep thought. "Ah, I see." Integra muttered before she asked sharply," What are you going to do about it, Alucard?" Alucard grinned as he answered," Why nothing my master. Should I do something?" "So you are just going to let her suffer." Integra stated and then shook her head.

"Why of course. What monster doesn't play with their prey?" Alucard asked laughing as he melted into the shadows before disappearing. Walter walked in and asked gently at the sight of his master's annoyed look," Alucard is going to let Miss. Victoria suffer, isn't he?" "I'm afraid so, Walter. There isn't anything I can do to help Police Girl at this time." Integra answered favoring the Hellsing retainer with a slight smile.

"I feel for Miss. Victoria, Alucard shows no interest in her but when she goes into heat he plays with her." Walter said sighing and Integra gave him a pitying look as well as a knowing look. Walter was close to Seras, and looked at her as if she was his granddaughter or even daughter. Seras had grown on her as well, and she saw Seras as a little sister. "I do too. But Alucard will have what is coming to him." Integra said.


Seras walked out of the mansion and out onto the training grounds and looked up at the cloudy sky. "Such a shame. The moon is covered." Seras muttered before sighing as she walked through the area and looked around. She suddenly stiffened at the smell of a unfamiliar scent reach her nose. "What the..? Is someone trying to invade the Hellsing Organization Mansion?!" Seras asked turning around and her blue eyes flashed red.

She looked around the area to see nothing but she could still smell and feel a unwanted pressence. She ran to the gun course to see a few handful of soldiers there practicing their aim. "Hey someone give me a gun!" Seras yelled and they looked at her blankly before she yelled angrily baring her fangs," Gun NOW!!" That startled one of the soldiers into reality and he through it to her.

She caught the gun with ease before she turned and cocked the gun to her shoulder. Her red eyes started glowing as she barely caught a shadow moving to the side. She followed it with relatively ease and she fired a warning shot. Before she could fire another one she was sent flying into the side of the mansion and a rugged handsome vampire held her there. The gun lay on the ground forgotten.

"W-what the...?" Seras asked weakly as the hold on her throat tightened and soon her vampiric intsincts kicked in. Her fangs grew and she fought against his hold. " Master! What am I going to do!? This man.. he won't let go of me! This stupid bastard!" Seras thought angrily as she started clawing at his wrists. A wave of anger and hate washed over them as Seras turned wide eyes onto the person behind the one who was holding her, and putting his hands in inappropriate places.

"M-master!" Seras cried out in joy and happiness. Alucard looked absolutely furious, his crimson red eyes darkening and the texture changed. He growled low in his throat as he snarled out," Sbe's mine! Mine and mine alone! She is my fledgling so you better let her go or i'll rip you piece by piece!" The vampire looked shaken and with shaking hands he released Seras dropping her to the ground. Before he could leave Alucard was suddenly in front of him and he thrusted his hand through the vampire's chest. Blood sprayed onto both Alucard and Seras as the vampire screamed out silently before bursting into dust.

"Sick vermin." Alucard spat onto the dust and looked towards Seras checking over her for any wounds. "Master!" Seras cried out and ran into her master's arms and Alucard blinked before looking down at her and smirked. He could smell the sweet smell rolling off of her in waves. He was going to have a lot of fun with his fledgling before he gave her what she wanted.
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