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Going once, going twice...

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Story set it the 1950's. Franks father sold him to Gerard, a welthy well known mafia boss. Frank thinks that he is there to clean houses....boy is he wrong. Rating may change, lemon later on.

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Snow drifted onto the cold streets as I stood shivering. It was a classic New Jersey winter, cold and white. The roads were gritted though there were still cars speeding past me. I wrapped my arms around my lithe form. My black T- shirt didn't protect me from the bitter cold of January in Jersey. Finally, my bus turned the corner and came towards me. I stepped forward and it sped past me. I grumbled, that was the last bus of the night. I would have to walk. What a pleasant way to spend my Christmas break.

So, I started on the terrible trek through the wrong side of Newark. This had to be one of the worst places to live in, and yet it was my home, it was all I knew. Amazingly I loved it's dark, dank streets . The best part though was that I could direct you to any part of my neighborhood, which compiled mostly of the town. Of course that was only if I was feeling nice. I could also send you straight into the middle of a gang war without a second thought. It just depended on how nice you were to me.

As I walked past the houses, I glanced in the windows. There were so many different people. Families, lovers, couples, friends. And then there was me and my dad. We weren't family, and we didn't like each other. Plain and simple. I kept out of his way and he made sure he was in mine.

Eventually I reached my house. There was a black Roles Royce in the driveway that I didn't recognize. I let out a low whistle of adoration and continued up to the front door. Pulling out my rusty old key I attempted to open the door as quietly as possible. Not quietly enough it seemed. As soon as I stepped through the threshold my dad had me by the collar and was dragging me over to the sofa. He flung me down on it and I landed on out visitors lap. I sat up abruptly and recoiled to the furthest corner of the couch. The man smirked slightly and then looked at my father.

"Is this him?" I had no desire to find out what they were talking about so I tried to sneak away. Just as I got off the couch, my father looked at me, "sit down" he barked. He said it so fiercely that I obeyed. The man turned his head to look at me. He was wearing a black fedora, with a red ribbon resting just above the rim. The shadow that it cast obscured the rest of his face from view, except for his lips which were stained an incredibly inviting shade of red His hair was long, pulled back into a small ponytail at the nape of his neck "So do we have a deal?" my father asked. It made me uncomfortable how his lips twisted into a smirk as he turned to me. Like he was analyzing every inch of me. A shudder ran down my spine.

The man nodded once and stood , Suddenly I felt two strong arms under mine pulling me to my feet. I yelped in surprise, I wasn't aware that there was more of them. The one on my left had a mass of chestnut ringlets that fell into his eyes, obscuring them from view. The one on my right was towheaded with piercing blue eyes. Both we're a good 4" taller than me, at least. And the one on my left had guns the size pf Cincinnati. I swallowed hard. " Dad...what's going on I watched, horrified as the other man handed my day dark colored suitcase. "1.2 million, just like we agreed." The man said in an almost whisper. My father nodded, " it's been a pleasure Gerard. Oh and by the way, no refunds." Gerard laughed. It was halfway between a school girl giggle and a manly chuckle. It suited him just perfectly, "if he does all you say he does I wont come looking for one." My dad grinned, "good then there will be no problems.

The two gangster like thugs half dragged half carried me out to the black car I had seen earlier. I fought and squirmed as best I could but they held fast. The towheaded one thrust me back into the arms of the other one, while he advanced to the door. I grunted softly at the impact. I was about to open my mouth to protest, but found myself, instead, watching transfixed as he knocked three times on the blacked out window of the back seat. On the fourth knock, however, the door swung back to reveal a pale hand, long slender fingers were wrapped therapeutically around a cigarette. On flick, two, a tiny pile of ash fell of the shoe of the man currently restraining me. I craned my neck trying to see who the mystery man (or woman) was. " Is that him?" The owner of the voice was defiantly male I noted, " Raymond this has to be some kind of a joke! Gerard is replacing me for this!" His last note held a wail of despair. " Bob, oh Bob, please tell me that this is a joke! I refuse to share my room with this- this BOY!" If I wasn't so distressed at the moment myself, I probably would have laughed. The towheaded one shook his head "no". The hand gripped the side of the car door, dropping the cigarette on the ground. The one with Chestnut hair stomped it out. "erm, thank you Raymond, your such a good boy. I felt my jaw drop. Who was this diva!

A long, thin, pinstripe clad leg, unfurled from the car. Seconds later its partner joined it. My eye's widened as the most beautiful man I had ever seen rose from the car. He had short chocolate colored hair and green blue eyes. I found myself staring it his seashell pink lips, moist with fresh saliva. My breath quickened. "You there, boy......what's your name?" I stared at him slack jawed, still to moved to speak. He snarled in irritation, "god you are incredibly will defiantly reside in the broom closet." I shook my head slightly trying to shake the feeling of admiration. "I-it's Frank....sir" I added not sure what his exact title was. He tipped his head to the side In amusement, " had a dog named Francis once. How very fitting" I bit my lip to hold back any sarcastic remarks I felt building in my throat. Something about this man made me hold my tongue, of course it could have been the two very intimidating hit men contenders on either side me. "What's your name?" The boy's lips tightened into a thin line of disapproval. "Michael....but to you....Sir" I felt my hands clench into fists at his rudeness.

The sound of the screen door slamming alerted my attention back to whatever was going on in the house. Gerard was moving quickly down the steps. As if communicating silently Michael shrunk back in the car along with the towheaded think his name was. The other one began to pull me in next. I started to struggle. "Hey knock it off, this isn't funny!" I tried to push him back throwing all my weight into it. At least the he had the decency not to laugh at my pathetic attempts.

"Raymond hurry it along" Michael called from the car. Ray sighed, picking me up and placing me into the back of the Roles Royce. Gerard joined us shortly after. My palms began to sweat as the door to the car shut, "wait, what's going on?" I gasped. Gerard let out a low chuckle, "isn't it obvious?" I wretched my wrist from Ray's python grip. Michael lit up another cigarette and handed it to Gerard. " No, it's not. Who ARE you!?" Gerard tipped his hat out of his face, " Gerard Way at your service." I felt the wind rush out of me in one giant whoosh. 'Who were these men!?!!!?' I had never seen such a desirable man in my entire life

. He had olive green eyes, framed with a thin line of charcoal and skin like porcelain with a light airbrushed blush on his high cheekbones . I felt my train of thought disappearing rapidly. A smirk twisted those lovely lips into something taunting. "What, do I take your breath away?" I didn't respond, my cheeks tinging pink in humiliation. "I - um well." I took in a deep breath. " No, no....and your avoiding the question."

Gerard leaned in close to me, until I could identify every substance that made up the sweet smelling breeze that ghosted past his lips. Coffee, Cigarette's, and alcohol. "I bought you fair and square," he said. The smirk on his voice was all to evident. Franks hands twitched at his sides. " What do you mean you bought me?" Gerard grinned. "Honestly Frank I don't know how to make it more clear for you, you are my property." Michael sighed in irritation, "God Gerard couldn't you have found someone with a little bit more of a brain?" Gerard laughed, "of course not dear brother, don't you remember im trying to find your replacement. I actually think he's a bit to bright." Mikey blew a cloud of smoke in his general direction. "You're a pig Gerard, and absolute swine."

I watched them wide eyed. 'What the fuck is going on!!!' I cried mentally. Gerard turned his head to stare at me, his dark bangs cascading in front of his beautiful green eyes. "Darling Im not that bad, I'll hardly ever need you...well that is unless your really good." "Or really bad added Mikey, hiding his wicked grin"

I pulled my knees up to me chest, placing my head on my upturned palms, "my dad really sold me?" My voice cracked at the question. When I raised my head an inch for the response Mikey nodded. "Yeah and we got ripped off if you ask me." I let my head drop back onto my hands, "but isn't this like illegal." Gerard laughed. "Well obviously but haven't you ever heard of the black market." It wasn't a question, it was an answer and a death sentence all in one. I felt tears spring to the corners of my eyes. Stupid tears, why did I even care that my dad cast my out for, what was it, 1.2 million dollars. Hell I'd probably do the same to my kid. The hot tears began to trickle through my fingers, staining the knees of my jeans. Someone gently rubbed my back, a pathetic attempt to calm me. "Shh, hush it's really not that bad." I glared up at my "comforter" "Not that bad, not that bad!"I angrily wiped away my tears. " How would you feel if your father fucking sold you to go clean some assholes house?!!?"

Gerard giggled lightly, "Frank darling is that what you think I bought you for?" I turned my head away from him in fury, " What king of asshole question is that, you bought me to clean your God damn house," another giggle. "Frankie... do you know what an escort is?" I was quiet. How old did he think I was? "Well do you?" I nodded once. Mikey groaned, "God your so stupid! If you know what a escort is then why did you say he bought you to clean our house?" My palms started to sweat, "because I - im like a h-house keeper...right?" Even before he responded I knew what he was going to say. "Of course not, Frankie I bought you for my own personal enjoyment. I bought you as my privet escort."

My breathing started to increase, the hair on the back of my neck standing straight up. The Roles slowed to a stop at a red light. My heart was drumming so loudly in my cheat I knew for sure they could hear it. I had to make a break for it, I wasn't gonna become anybodies whore. Im not a skank. Or a floozy. I was a 17 year old boy. My mind was made up. As soon as we came to a complete stop, I made a break for it.

I chose the door on my right because I only had to get past Gerard. I managed to pull the lock up and get the door open before he realized what was going on. "Drive!" Gerard ordered as he tried to restrain me. I elbowed him hard in the face, stunning him. I seized my window of opportunity, flinging myself over his lap and onto the hard asphalt beneath the car. The door on the other side opened releasing Bob and Ray. I scrambled to my feet, desperate to put as much distance between us as possible.

The wet sound of converse against concrete was almost all I could hear, that and the sound of my breathing. I was in really bad shape, then again so would anyone who had been smoking since they were seven. As I rounded the corner a shop came into view. An old liquor store by the looks of it. It was only about a half a block down, I thought, I can make it. Suddenly I became aware of the footsteps behind me and the angry voices. They're getting closer, my mind screamed, don't give up now Frankie, if you give up now your giving up your freedom. This realization gave me a new burst of energy. Unfortunately unless your Superman being able to run really fast doesn't save you from a bullet.

I collapsed as the gun shot rang out, slicing through the panicked still of the night. White hot flashes of paint went off in my head as I clutched my left arm. Blood soaked through the thin material or my black "T."I groaned as my vision started to blur, and the pain slowly started to come in waves. I tried weakly to evade the inevitable darkness as the picture in my mind started to crumble, it was like in those old films where at the end of the movie the image starts to fade, first from the corners then slowly it engulfs the entire screen. I wondered numbly who would roll my credit's as my body relaxed against the frigid asphalt.


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