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Clense me....

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Frank gets introduced to one of the other house guests and decides that they really dont get along....not at all.

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A gentle groan forced it's way past my lips as I slowly started to regain consciousness. "Ugh, tell me this is all a dream." A soft kiss was pressed against my jaw line. I sat straight up. "Hey, watch it." In my head I heard myself crying that out loud and clear. I must've still been out of it because it came as a whisper.

A tiny giggle could be heard. It wasn't quite Mikey, and it wasn't quite Gerard. "Who are you?" I asked. A man with shoulder length, unruly hair placed a hand on my cheek, "why does it matter?" His voice was far away, as if he couldn't be bothered to pay attention to me. I slumped back onto the surface I had awoken on. "I guess-" I paused letting out a heavy sigh, "I guess it doesn't."

He smiled, satisfied. "Oh wow Gee did pick a good one this time, top notch." My mind started to race, rebuking the line "-a good one this time..." How many other ones were there!!!!. "What do you mean this time?" The man sighed, "what mean is Gerard has a tendency to buy things he never then either we, meaning me or the boys you met earlier, get to have you, or...." He paused, a wicked grin playing about his lips. "Or what," I asked. I cursed myself for letting the note of panic slip into my speech, but God dammit I was terrified. "Or, we have to throw you away."

I swallowed hard, "wh-what does that mean?" He laughed lightly, "it means we work In a very dangerous business. We aren't mailmen or milkmen, or coppers, god forbid." He mumbled under his breath. By this time I was back into a sitting position, leaning forward so far I was practically in his lap. "We're in the mafia,, and to tell you the honest to God truth if you don't preform exactly how he thinks you preform he wont think twice about having you eliminated." I gasped, "h-how many has he..." I made a line across my throat. The man laughed only about one or two." My breathing hitched, "how many has he bought?" He grinned, "around five I think." I cried out in alarm. "Well what happened to the rest of them?!!?" His smile broadened. "I took them, of course looking back now im sure they would have chose death if given the option." He looked thoughtful for a moment. "Why?" I asked, my voice trembled ever so slightly. He rolled his eyes in irritation, "you don't want to know."

He turned his back on me and started out the door. "Wait!" I cried. He half turned to stare at me, a bored look in his eyes. "D- don't leave me." I clenched my hands In the bottom of my shirt, "I'm... scared..I whispered." In two second he was at my side, his hand on my upper thigh. "Honey, you should feel more terrified now." I didn't say anything, I bit my lip. His hand moved up to rest over my groin. A squeak of surprise escaped my lips. He kissed me once long and hard. When he pulled back I sat swaying slightly, stunned. He licked his lips and pulled me to my feet.

I didn't say anything to protest. I didn't know I had a voice. The man swept me up bridal style and carried me out of the room. I still wasn't used to this "not a person anymore, officially an object," thing so of course I squirmed a little. The combination of being treated like a rag doll and his hand on my butt made me a wee bit uncomfortable.... just a wee bit.

As we rounded the corner I saw a boy about my age fumbling with the door, the exit. I made a mental note that that was the way out. The man who had been holding me dropped me on the floor, moving quickly to pull the boy back.

I rubbed my backside ruefully, all the while pondering how one person could possibly be so rude. Even still I didn't make any noise, I had no mouth. "What the hell are you thinking?!!?" He yelled to the boy. The poor thing nearly had a heart attack. I listened intently as he started to babble something in some nondescript language. The dark haired man silenced him angrily. "That was emplorical stupid." "Do you mean rectorial?" I offered. He silenced me with a death glare. "I say what I mean, don't contradict me." He barked. I reprimanded myself mentally for having a spine. I really needed to be more pathetic. It took all of my will power not to roll my eyes. It was so hard for me to take this idiot seriously. He was the cofounder of an illegal operation, and oh, if that wasn't enough he spent his spare time bullying little boys. Watch out he might take you milk money while he's at it.

I stifled a giggle as the tall, rather awkward man stumbled over to the mumbling boy. "Shut up," he hissed. "Do you think I want to hear it?" The boy stammered "no" a few hundred times. I casually let myself inspect the boy more intimately. I was sort of difficult because I had a side view of him, but from what I could see he had mocha colored skin. It was smooth and flawless, not a bump or a blemish in sight. He was sort of tiny, I mean I was short but he looked about 5". His hair was long, chin length and swept back out of his eyes. Though I couldn't see them I could assume that they were some shade of brown. From what I could see he was nothing unique. He was handsome, but nothing special. Just a boy. He didn't have any "stand out" features about him no defining characteristics. My eyes widened as he turned his head to stare at me, seemingly reading my gaze. My breath caught in my throat. Aha, so that was it. The boy had ice blue eyes. The unnerving kind. The shade that made your palms sweat. I wiped my hands nervously on my pant legs trying to dry them.

"Get away from the door stupid, what are you trying to do...escape?" The boy shook his head 'no' and held up a shaking hand. A bottle of milk was clasped there. My heart hurt for him. He was just getting the milk? The poor thing was being traumatized for answering the door for the milkman! "M-m- mister Bert....sir, I, if you please, I was just getting the-."

Bert back handed him, silencing him for his "back talk." The boy clutched his stinging cheek, letting go of the glass bottle. It fell in slow motion for me. I saw, mentally, the boy being given fifty lashes for his clumsiness. I saw Bert laughing as the poor child's blood gushed out of his newly inflicted wounds. I saw water falls of crimson cascading to the floor as a symbol of his punishment. "YOU IDIOT, YOU FUCKING SCREW UP. NOW WHAT ARE WE GONNA HAVE IN OUR BREAKFAST?" The boy burst into tears. Liquid trails of crystal stained his cheeks. "Im sorry please, im so sorry." He fell to his knees shuffling over to Bert's feet. " Please don't punish me, I'll make it up to you."

My stomach churned as the boy started to place frantic kisses all over the toe of Bert's shiny combat boots. He rolled his eyes, but made no move to stop the hysterical boy. I opened my mouth but shut it immediately. Button your lip, they don't want to hear it, no one cares. I repeated this several times in my head coaching myself to hold my tongue. As I raised my eyes to focus back on the scene in front of me. The dark skinned boy had his cheek pressed against the crotch of Bert's pants. I stared, to stunned to even process what was happening as he began to rub. A satisfied moan drifted past Bert's lips. "Good boy, uh, that's it."Was this really happening? I screamed mentally. After about a minute or so Bert told him to go wait for him in his bedroom. He nodded getting to his feet gracefully and dashing out of the room.

'Was Gerard this bad? Did he expect Me to follow him around like a puppy. A sick little dog that had been kicked to many times?"I bit my lip. If that was the case I would kill myself. Frank Iero was nobodies bitch. A hand on my chin jolted me out of my thoughts. I looked up, startled, at Bert's leering face. He wore a smug, sexual grin as if saying, "God I bet you wish you had me." I tried to pull away, but he held fast. "Sorry baby but our little get together has been cut short." I opened my mouth soundlessly, "I know baby, im speechless to." He placed a kiss on my parted lips, flicking his tongue in my open mouth. I recoiled, taking great care to close my mouth. "Man of few words, okay, that's fine. I like a guy who knows when to shut up." I looked away. When would this guy fuck off? Couldn't he tell that I hated his fucking guts?

"Sorry I couldn't stay with you, I mean I know how afraid you get." He was mocking me, this asshole was mocking me. 'Button your lip, they don't want to hear it, nobody cares.' This mantra would safe my life one day. Bert stood his black hair washing in front of his face, conveniently blocking his judging eyes from view. "Don't worry though baby, I'll make it up to you. Rain check okay." I watched as he turned and walked away in the same direction the boy had gone. At that moment my hatred for him bubbled over, causing a slow burning in my chest, An empty kind of aching that steadily began to work it's way down my spine and into the pit of my stomach. I buried my face into my hands and let out a long loud cleansing scream. "Fuck," I cried.
Hot tears bubbled over onto my palms, soaking my pale skin. "Oh fuck, what the hell am I doing here?"

I wanted to get away so bad, but if I ran they would catch me. If I stayed, I they would make me into their slave. Me Frank.... a slave. The words tasted bitter. My sobs wracked my body as I sat there. The door was just outside my reach. It was teasing me, telling me that all I had to do was open it and I would be free. What did it know about freedom? It was bolted to the frame of this Goddamn house.

I trailed my fingers over to the shattered pieces of glass. Broken. The insides of the bottle were splattered across the checker board tile in front of me. The milky white of its blood made me queasy. I lay my hand down flat in the thick creamy mess, but pulled it back quickly with a hiss of pain. I'd cut myself on a piece of broken glass. I brought the cut to my lips to nurse.

"You alright over there?" The light concerned tone surprised me. I turned to look at who was speaking and blanched. Gerard stood there in all his self proclaimed glory. His hair, now out of it's restraining ponytail fell almost to his shoulders. His lips glistened with fresh saliva causing that hypnotic ruby color to sparkle, and stand out so stunningly from his pale skin.

"I, uh, yes sir, I just cut myself on this glass." He cocked one perfectly manicured eyebrow as he took in the scene. Destroying my Dairy products are we Frankie?" I blushed as I realized how I must look. "Oh , ah no sir , I would never." Gerard laughed. "No sir, yes sir. Ha! Do you bow and curtsy too?" I couldn't tell if he was joking or not and it made me uneasy. "Um....sir?" He smiled. "Frankie, baby, im joking. I don't give a damn what you do with my dairy products. I'll just buy more. And please, sir, makes me feel to old." A hesitant smile crept onto my lips. " How old are you si-." "Ah, ah , ah. Its Gerard, I know it's not much of a name but it's mine." I laughed at his self ridicule, "my mistake, how old are you Gerard. That is if you don't mind me asking?" He grinned. "Well I do mind you asking, but im going to answer anyway." Another laugh, this guy was on a roll. "Im 22, 23 in April." I nodded once, 22 looked about right. He could've passed for 19 but I didn't want to offend him. People like him liked to look older than they were. If I'd learned anything in Newark it was that rep. came with time.....well that and a mean left hook.

I watched, still partially cautious, as he extended his hand to me. Was it a trap? Not like it really mattered, I was pretty much screwed already. I took it and he pulled me to my feet. "I'll take you to your room." I nodded and smiled. His house was huge. I couldn't even see the end of some of the hallways. Doors everywhere. And it was so quiet. It was almost unnerving. My hand wandered down to tug at Gerard's slightly swinging palm. A small smile twisted onto his lips as he accepted the cry for an embrace. Or fingers locked, my breath caught. I t felt so strange. Him holding my hand, almost like we were old friends, or lovers. I wondered faintly if we would hold hands all the time once we WERE lovers, or if this was like a pre-sex thing.

By the time my mind had reached it's long winded and very off topic conclusion we were standing directly in front of white french door. He loosened his grip on my hand queuing me to let go. I did, but very reluctantly. I don't know why, but I felt so sad letting go of his gentle warmth.

"This is your room. My room is only two doors down. Mikey is going to be sharing with you for the first few nights to make sure that you don't try anything. I would do it myself but im hardly ever in at night." I nodded understandingly, but in my head all I could think was, 'wait your putting me in a room with "puff the psychotic, bipolar, flamboyant dragon" who liked to eat little 5'4 boys like me as a afternoon snack.' But like I said on the outside I just smiled.

He leaned forward and placed a tiny kiss on my cheek. "I also didn't want to leave you alone to face Bert, I know he can be a bit over whelming sometimes." 'SOMETIMES!!!!' I mentally screamed, 'TRY EVERY SECOND OF HIS GOD FORSAKEN EXISTENCE.' On the outside I told him that we had met, and yes I had seen quite a bit of his "wild" personality. He laughed lightly and opened the door for me. "Yes well, Bert has a bit of a fear of Mikey so you should be fine. It turned to walk into the room, but pivoted back last minuet . "What if I have a bit of a fear of Mikey." He stared at me for a second before bursting into peals laughter. "You'll be fine, and if your not we'll have to work out new sleeping arrangements." I smiled up at him. "Like maybe I could start working earlier and we could share a room."

I don't know what made me do it. Maybe it was the devil himself, but at that moment I didn't really care. I leaned up onto my tiptoes and placed a kiss on his lips. It was an invitation, and of course he accepted.
IM VERY HAPPY THAT YOU LIKED IT.... And very sorry for making you wait for this one.
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