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Haunted once again by the nightmares of his childhood, Pete is beginning to fear that these twisted scenes may be more than figments of his imagination, that they may be trying to warn him of somet...

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"I got it!" Emma called as she raced into the kitchen, grabbing Rae's cell phone off the counter.


"Rae?" The muffled male voice asked.

"Maybe it is, maybe it isn't," Emma said bravely, she'd been warned of the mysterious calls,"Who's this?"

"A friend. Let me talk to Rae."

"Who's to say you aren't already?" Emma ventured.

"I know who you are. I know all about you. I'm watching you. You and those boys best leave my Raechael alone," he said menacingly, "I wouldn't want anyone to get hurt."

Emma looked out the window, this guy had her scared now, "Who the hell is this?"

All she heard was a dial tone.

She raced around the house, locking the doors and windows.

"Emma, what are you doing?" I ask, walking down the stairs.

"I - He - You're not insane. You're right. He's watching us," she said hurriedly, locking the front door.

I told them so.


"I still don't understand why you guys are making such a big deal out of this. Everyone has nightmares once in awhile. It's probably just something you ate," Rae rolled her eyes as I pulled the SUV into their driveway that evening after a day out with the guys.

"Rae, he's not kidding," Emma said.

Rae stepped out of the car as Patrick stared, "What?"

"The door," he said,"Somebody broke in."

"Damn," Andy said, walking up to the porch to inspect the damage.

"Wonder if he's still in there," Joe said, following him.

"Still think I'm crazy?" I ask, as Rae slowly shakes her head, following Andy, Joe, and Emma into the house.

"They were looking for something," Joe observed their possessions, now scattered across the living room floor.

The four walked down the stairs and into Emma and Rae's basement bedroom.

Emma gasped at the sight infront of her.

Andy stood, mouth agape, at a loss for words.

Joe muttered incoherently under his breath before turning and blocking Rae from getting into the room.

"Joe! What the hell?" She asked, trying to peek around him, "Let me in."

She finally pushed around him and made her way into the room.

"Oh my God," she gaped at the sight of it all.

Drawers were flung open, her and Emma's belongings littering the floor.

The once white walls were doused in paint, rather obscene phrases were inscribed all over them in every color imaginable.

But the most alarming sight of all was on the wall opposite the bed where "GET OUT" had been written in enormous red letters.

"Pete! Patrick!" Emma called up the stairs.

Moments later Patrick came bounding down the stairs, I followed not far behind.

"What happend?" Patrick gasped, slightly winded,"Holy shit," he sighed, walking into the room.

An alarmed look fell over my complexion as I wordlessly took out my cell phone and began making calls.


Policemen hurried around the house, some lifting fingerprints, others sifting through the six housemates' bedrooms, searching for evidence.

Andrew, my brother, drove up to the curb and got out of his car, walking under a police line to get to where I stood.

"Pete what the hell happened?" he laughed, almost as though this was all a joke,"You and your buddies start a meth lab and blow it up?"

"Andrew shut up," I warned, "Some whack-job broke in," I said as a cop walked towards me, a piece of yellow legal pad paper in hand.

"Peter Wentz?" the policeman asked.


"Sir, do you know anything about this?" he asked, handing me the paper.

I felt an audible sigh escape my lips as I read the message scrawled on the torn piece of paper.

Stay away from Rae.
I wouldn't want anyone to get hurt.
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