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chapter 7

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rydon AU high school

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Pairing- Ryan Ross/ Brendon Urie
Disclaimer- FanFICTION, title also belongs to Panic!

Ryans POV

After my amazing night with Brendon, I went strait to bed and fell into a deep relaxing dreamless sleep.
The next morning I was awoken by the shrill ring of my cell phone, mere inches from my face. I groaned and let out an over dramatic sigh.

I grabbed the phone and held it to my ear and uttered an annoyed " What. "

" Ryry! Did I wake you up? Dude it's like...twelve o'clock. "

Ah, Emma never fails with my Saturday morning wake up calls. I turned my head until my digital clock was in view, it was in fact twelve o'clock.

" Hey Em, whats up? " I said in a still groggy sleep induced voice.

" Not much, just called to tell you we're having a girls day and going to the mall. "

" Em. " I stated, " I'm gay, not a girl. " I stated agitatedly

" huh! " she huffed impatiently, " Whatever, same thing I'll be there in one hour to pick you up. Bye. "

I was about to argue when I heard the line go dead.I lazily made my way out of bed, and into the shower where I started my daily ' getting ready ' routine. Once done with that I styled my hair to give it that ' post sex ' style and applied a coat of liquid eyeliner. I then squeezed myself into my, dark blue, womens size zero jeans. And a form fitting forest green band t-shirt. And to top it all of a brown hoddie with the decaydance Bartskull printed in black on the back of it.

I grabbed a piece of dry toast in the kitchen and heard Emma's car horn honking from my drive way. I swallowed what was left of my toast and washed it down with a quick glass of water.

I walked out to the driveway and got into the passengers seat of Emma's car. She looked over at me, " Well, took you long enough princess. " I just rolled my eyes and buckled my seat belt.

" So....." she began, " I've been hearing rumors, about you and Urie. " I smiled at the mere mention of his name.
" What's going on with you two? " I gave her a content smile and replied with a " Oh, nothing, nothing at all. "
She glared at me threw the rear view mirror. " okay, okay, fine." I tell her.

The rest of the car ride is used for me explaining in excruciating detail everything that happened between me and Brendon.Once I'm done I look over at her only to see she's giving me a very serious look.
" So where does that leave you two? " she asks. And the problem is, I really don't know. We never really discussed where we were. Were we just friends with benefits? I really didn't know.

She was giving me an expectant look, knowing she wanted me to answer her I just sighed and said " I really don't know. I mean, I obviously like him in a way more then friends kinda way but....." I stopped. She gave me a look that told me to continue. " I'm not sure how he feels about it. "

About fine minutes later we were out of the car and walking threw the parking lot of the mall. We made a plan to meet in the food court in two hours seeing as she so desperately wanted to go to Ambercrombie, and I so desperately didn't. I walked around the corner and headed into Hot Topic.

I browsed for a while, not really looking for anything in particular . I was just walking around the store in my own little world, thinking, daydreaming, when I run right into someone. We both fall to the floor, the cloths they were carrying falling all over us.

I hear whoever I ran into erupt into a fit of laughter, instead of yelling or getting angry like one would expect. This causing me to burst out laughing as well. We probably looked hysterical lying on the floor covered in cloths laughing our ass's of.

I pick up the cloths on top of me, and turn around to face whoever I ran into.

My breath hitched in my throat upon realizing who it was. Brendon. And he looked equally shocked. Once the shock passed he gave me a warm smile that I returned.

" We've got to stop meeting like this. " I chuckle at my own corniness. He giggles, yes giggles how did I not notice how incredibly gay he is?

" What are you doing here, this is the least likely place I'd expect you to shop." Just as that came out of my mouth I looked at the clothes he and I were holding, they were all girl cloths. I gave him a quizzical look and he just laughed. " I'm here with my sister. " he stated.

Just then a petite girl came up behind Brendon. " Hey sis" he greeted , It was obvious they were related they both had the same, chocolate brown eyes, dark brown hair, pale skin color, and small frame. She greeted me with a smile and said, " And who is this. " she asked, looking at Brendon. He blushed and looked at his feet, " Karen, this is Ryan, Ryan this is Karen, my sister. "

Her smile widened if that was even possible. " Oh! so this is Ryan! " she started, " You were right Brendon he is cute. " She said stressing the word " is " I started to blush profusely and I noticed Brendon did as well.

I glanced at my watch noticing I was late meeting Emma.

" Wow. " I stated " I gotta go, I'm meeting Emma In the food court ten minutes ago. You two can come though. "

They both laughed and agreed to come along we walked into the food court seeing Emma already there with something or other from Taco bell, and a displeased look on her face, We sat at the table and she eyed Brendon and Karen, making sure to give Brendon a menacing glare. Brendon and Karen sat down across from me and Emma.

I introduced everyone and got up to get a drink with Brendon.

" Okay, I think Emma hates me. " he states. I shake my head vigorously and say ", she does that to everyone, sorry. " He nod's, " It's fine, I'm just glad I got to see you again before school on Monday.

" Yeah, by the way i was kinda wondering if maybe you wanted to go see a movie on Sunday with me? " I asked stuttering in nervousness. he smiled one of his big beautiful smiles and said, " Yeah! Of course! "
I smiled and walked back to the table. We chatted for a while before Brendon and Karen left to take Brendon to some stupid football practice or something.

Once they were gone it was time to take care of some business.

" Emma! What the hell! " I hissed at her, " You know I like him! Why can't you just get over yourself and be nice!" I seethed. And trust me, if looks could care Emma would be six feet under right now.

she shrugged, " You know he's just going to brake your heart, he's to deep into that closet of his and theres no way in hell he's ever coming out. ' she said determinedly.

We left the mall and drove in complete silence other then the sounds of the radio.

I just don't under stand why cant she be happy for me? I finally have something good in my life and she cant just let me have it?! I really like Brendon, and he won't brake my heart.

Will he?

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