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Stroms, I Love Lucy, and Ben and Jerry's, Oh my!

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Izzie is in hiding but not for long. Where is she and who finds her? Read Rate and Review to find out!

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Izzie's POV

I packed up some of my stuff and headed to the airport to decide where I wanted to go. I decided due to I haven't been to Florida in forever and that would be the last place people would find me. I rented a car and drove to my childhood home. Since the divorce my mom has been living by herself in the house along with my cat. Esteban was getting restless and I couldn't blame him. I finally arrived at the house knowing that it would be empty because my mom is in Chicago for Di's wedding. I dug through my purse and found my old house key to let me in. My cat greeted me and Esteban and I went upstairs to my room to sleep.

I woke up the next morning to Esteban barking to let him out. I let him out and he comes back rather quickly. I turned on my phone and saw there was about 50 missed calls and 20 messages. I deleted all of them and then made myself a bowl of cereal. I watched tv and baked cookies. I was on my 7th hour of the I Love Lucy marathon and my second batch of cookies along with a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream when the doorbell rang. Yay my pizza is here. I grabbed my wallet and headed for the door. "How much do I owe you?"

"For punching out Will? Nothing!"

"Brendon, how the fuck did you find me?"

"Well when I went to you apartment and you were not there. I thought to myself where is the last place anyone would look for you? Definitely not overseas just incase there was an emergency at Clandestine. Not the Caribbean because you hate sunshine. That only left me the continental U.S. and everywhere else is boring. LA is not your scene and Vegas would have been too easy. But Florida you haven't been here since you moved to Vegas with me. So I am here checking to see how you were."

"I am fine nothing I Love Lucy, baked cookies, and Ben and Jerry's can't fix."

"Yea how about you eat some real food?"

"I am once my pizza gets here."

"No I am talking about real food like Mama Mia's food." He picked up a bag he set down outside the door and let himself in.

"Brendon, what are you doing?"

"What do you mean?"

"You called me a whore and now you are being nice to me. Why?"

"Because you deserve nothing but the best."

"Yea and look where that has gotten me. I met Will, we started dating, you and I profess our to one another, we have sex, I cheat on you with Will, you dump me, I get back together with Will, we get engaged, I have a miscarriage, Will knocks up Christine, I call off our engagement, and you punch him. Yea I do deserve nothing but the best."

"Stop putting yourself down. Do you forget you are a successful designer who every celebrity wants to wear your clothes?"

"Yea don't forget everyone is getting pregnant and I can't carry a baby for more than a month. Go me!"

"Who else is pregnant besides Christine?"

"Diana is pregnant and I am going to be an auntie."

"That's exciting!"




"Is Esteban with you?" I looked over in the living room and Esteban was curled up with my cat. "Oh he made a friend."

"Yea he did. You are welcomed to stay here until you leave. Just don't tell anyone else that I am here."

"Okay I won't."

"I'll be upstairs if you need me." He nodded and I went to my room. I saw it was getting dark outside not because it was getting late but there was a storm coming. Shit I thought just what I needed. I crawled into bed hoping it will pass. But it didn't, then to make things worse the lights went out. Brendon knocked on my door and came into my room.

"Hey do you need company?"


"Move over." I moved over and turned around to face Brendon. "Just like old times right?"

"Shh, you know I hate when people talk during storms!" Sorry he mouthed. I laughed and closed my eyes. I opened my eyes and smiled at Brendon and he placed his hand on my cheek. I scooted closer to him and he scooted closer to me. We put our heads together and kissed. I backed away and looked at him. I crawled on top of him and kissed him again. He smiled into our kiss and positioned ourselves into a sitting position. He removed my top and I removed his. He began kissing my neck and unlatching my bra. He looked at me for awhile before he flipped us over. He began kissing my breast and stomach, until he stopped and saw my scar from my appendix surgery. He looked up at me and kissed the scar. He undid my jeans and pulled them off along with my panties. He then quickly removed his jeans and boxers. He gave me a look of reassurance and I nodded. He slid into me gently as if I was fragile. I grabbed a hold of both of his hands and laced them with mine as he continued to slide in and out of me. I put one of my legs around his waist making him go faster and deeper. Getting frustrated I pushed him over on his back and straddled him. I grinded him in circles making him moan. Hearing this I grind slower and lift myself up grinding nothing but the tip of his penis. He grabs a hold of my waist and flips us around again. I laugh making him go faster and deeper than before. I came hard all over his penis screaming out his name to let him know I was rather pleased. He came moments later and collapsed on his side. We looked at each other for a moment and laugh.

"Why did I ever leave you?"

"I was going to ask you that same question. Because that was just to amazing to even describe."

"I know."

"God I love you."

"You do? Because I never stopped loving you even when I was with..."

"Don't ruin the moment with his name."


"Fine! Move back to Vegas with me."


"Move back to our home with me. It hasn't been the same without you."

"Brendon we just kind of got back together and you want me to live with you again? Are you crazy?"

"Yea, crazy in love." I laughed and we were getting ready for round two when we heard a scream.

"Mom, what are you doing home?"
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