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Too alarming now to talk it out

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Take your pictures down and shake it out. Truth or consequence, say it aloud. Use that evidence, race it around. There goes my hero...Watch him as he goes. There goes my hero...He's ordinary...

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Emma stared at her cell phone, willing it to ring. She jumped when she heard a noise, and then laughed at herself as she realized it had came from the apartment next door. She sighed and pushed herself up out of her chair and aimlessly wandered around her apartment. She hadn't really spoken to Pete much the past couple of weeks. He had been busy off being Mr. Celebrity. She sighed as she walked past her bedroom and looked inside at the mess that was her room. She stood in her doorway and looked around. There were several hoodies strewn about the room, lent to her from Pete. There was a box lying on the floor, its contents spilling out. She smiled and leaned down and sorted through it. It was from the boys, they had sent it to her when they were in California. They had sent her little knick knacks and such, like postcards and a couple of figurines. She giggled as her eye caught a strip of pictures from a photo booth. All 4 of the boys had crammed inside somehow and taken the pictures. In one they were all serious, the next, smiling handsomely, in the third making goofy faces and in the last one, they were all pouting. She shoved the contents back in the box and walked over to her bed and grabbed a hoodie, slipping it on and zipping it halfway up. She sat on her bed and contemplated her relationship with Pete.

They had only been together a month. During that month, they had barely spoken because he was so busy. Emma was willing to forgive him for it, but she was uneasy about his feelings towards her when he was gone. She stared at her feet and slipped deep into thought. She began questioning every thing that she had been so sure of just a few short weeks ago. She began to doubt that Pete ever loved her. She made herself believe it was a figment of her imagination. She was afraid to get hurt, so she made herself believe it was all a lie. It didn't hurt her to think it was all a lie. She was lost in thought when someone sat down next to her and sent her reeling back to reality.

She looked up and saw Pete. She smiled at him uneasily and he knew right away that something was wrong. He looked at her closely. She ducked her head and tried to think of something to say. "Emma, what's wrong?" he said quietly. She sighed and looked up into his eyes. "I'm just scared...when you're gone, I just find it hard to believe in this..." she mumbled. His mouth dropped open and he stared at her. She took a deep breathe and launched into a mini speech she had somewhat prepared in her mind. "It's just that, we were only together for about a week and then you had to leave and you haven't been back for almost a month. I barely get to talk to you, how am I supposed to know you still feel the same? I sit here everyday, missing you like crazy and it kills me. Because I know you're not sitting there, missing me. And do not lie to me and say you are, because I know how busy your days can be. At least Patrick takes the opportunity to call me..." she blurted out. Her last statement sent pain flashing across his face and she knew she had hit a nerve, a sore spot. He stared at her for a couple of moments and she started to think he was going to hit her. His face was rigid with anger and she knew that she had said something that really hurt him and to be honest, she didn't care. His face softened and he said, "Emma, I'm sorry. It's just that I've kinda become the front man of the band and I have to do so much more shit than everyone else...I know that I could easily say no, I won't do it, but it's for the fans. And if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be where we are. So I just can't say no. I'm sorry...let me prove to you that I love you. Please..." he pleaded. She squeezed her eyes shut and shook her head. He mumbled 'no...' and she felt tears welling up in her eyes. "You shouldn't have to prove your love; it should just be known...I'm sick of always feeling second best. How can I have a relationship with you when you're not even there and emotionally available? This..." she pointed to herself and Pete, "is not a relationship. As much as I love you and want to be with you, I can't. This hurts too much. I need you here, with me. I need you to be near me. I can't take this anymore..." she finished, lamely. He nodded and wiped the tears from her cheeks.

She closed her eyes and felt him stand up. She cautiously opened her eyes and saw him gathering some things up from her room. She fought back a sob as she realized that he was taking this entire thing way too calmly. She watched him until he walked back in front of her. He smiled at her, a fake smile. She knew him too well. She didn't smile back. He pointed at the hoodie she had on.

"You can keep that. Kinda like a memory of when you had the infamous Pete Wentz..." he said, before turning to leave. He slammed the door to her apartment as he left. She shook violently and fell back on her bed and began sobbing.

It's for the best... she kept telling herself. If only she could believe it.
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