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New School.

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Humor, Parody, Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007/07/27 - Updated: 2007/07/27 - 2044 words

The cab trip was eventful.. almost as eventful as getting a leaf to scrape of gum from under my shoe. I shook my head and looking out of the window again, reverting my vision from the back of the driver's seat. I saw two teenage kids, one girl and boy, about my age were riding two coloured, rusty tricycle's down the pathway. I looked with confusion as the girl was chasing the boy with glasses, and suddenly her back two wheels fell off.. so therefore she was now riding a unicycle. As we pulled up at the lights, I kept on looking as she wobbled a bit before tipping over and falling into a nearby garden. The boy with glasses turned around laughing, he got up and ran over helping the girl up too, and as the lights turned green and we were driving off, I saw him quickly kiss her. I smiled to myself, facing myself forward once again and taking out my walkman. I then closed my eyes, leaning my head against the cold window and let myself fall asleep for the rest of the coming journey.

"Miss, Miss we're here." I felt someone shake me slightly and I opened my eyes to see the old can driver smiling at me. He was such a cutie.
"Sorry, must of dozed off." He grinned wider, showing the gap in between his two front teeth.
"That's ok Miss, I'd do the same if it wasn't for the whole driving thing." I nodded, smiling and paid him the fare. As I got out, he quickly followed suit and went straight to the boot, grabbing my bags.
"So where are you taking these?" He asked, standing next to me and locking the cab behind him. I turned and gave him a questioning look.
"I'll help you get these up there, it's not a ladies job that's for sure." What a gentleman.
"Thank you so much, umm, just up here to room 205." I said, pointing up the building and grabbing one of bags. He nodded and started to walk toward the building, I quickly gathered my senses and followed him, catching up.
"So.. who was that young chap that you were leaving for this fancy pants place?" He asked, walking through the sliding doors.
"Umm.. My Friend." I said, trying not to think about it too much.
"Eh? He seemed like much more of a friend, should've seen the way he was looking at you when you got in the car." By this point I was holding back tears, this man was so nice.
"He.. he was upset that's all." I said, putting my head down low, out of the corner of my eye I saw him roll his eyes.
"You keep telling yourself that love. Alright, here we are, I take it this is your room?" He asked, stopping outside a red door marked, '205' and putting my bags down. I nodded, smiling and shook his hand.
"Thank you so much.. it's nice to see that there are people like you still in the world." This seemed to have made his day, as he puffed out his chest, still grinning.
"Why thank you Miss, It was my pleasure." I watched as he walked away, and back down the stairs from which we had just come. I sighed, finding my key in the door already and unlocking it.
"Wow." I whispered, it was perfect. Red walls, oak furniture. I loved it, smiling I picked up all my bags and brought them inside getting ready to unpack.

It took me about 2 hours to get it all done, all my clothes, random shit and posters. Gosh.. I was hungry and tired by the time I'd finished. I lied down on my black quilted bed and closed my eyes, breathing slowly.
Is this really how you intend to get out of it?

Oh shut the fuck up.

Seriously, I regret agreeing with you. I regret being your brain. You're such a blind dumbass.

Can you NOT!

Just stating the truth darling.

I rubbed my eyes, clenching them shut. Fucking brain.. Of course I had to get the one that talked. Just as I was getting ready to relax, my phone rang. Bloody Nokia ring tone pisses me off. Without even looking at the caller id I flipped open the phone and put it to my ear.
"Emily?" I closed my eyes again, and groaned. This could not be happening.
"What's up Frank?" I asked. I heard him sigh on the other end of the phone.
"Why did you leave?"
"Frank, you know why. Because I wanted a better education-"
"That's bullshit and we both know it. Tell me the truth Emily.. was it because of me?" He asked. Well he's good at getting straight to the point.
"No.. well.. yes.. and no. It doesn't matter now anyway." I said, rolling over onto my stomach.
"Yes it does Emily.. because- Fuck!"
"N-nothing.. I've got to go." The next thing I heard was the beeping sound on the other end of the line, where Frank had hung up. Why would he just hang up like that? Mental Note: Get Frank's number blocked from my phone.

The next few weeks were interesting, classes being different and all. Frank hasn't rung back at all, and Ray keeps sending me emails warning me of teachers and students. Nice bloke. I get a lot more homework, and my room is actually clean. Wow. Talk about a change of paste. I didn't have any friends, this was a pretty posh school so even though we could wear what we wanted, the others all seemed to be wearing very similar clothes. I felt like such an outcast, but what could you do?
I'm just hoping I can finish College and actually live here, there's no way I'm moving back to that place. Too many rotten memories, too many rotten people.

I never forgot about Frank.. never. I know it may be a silly crush, but there was always still that little part of me that hoped he felt the same way I did. Even though reality said a completely different thing. Actually, Ray had rung me telling me that he was currently in a band that had gotten signed recently. I was surprised, like, I knew he was excellent at guitar but I never actually thought he would ever be in a band. I have the coolest brother. There are 3 other guys in the band and another one that only plays with them sometimes, and they were looking for another guitarist for rhythm apparently. I've been sent some demos over the internet, they're really good. He hasn't told me names, except for the lead singer's name, Gerard.

After hearing this piece of information I'm considering maybe being in the music business, or working for a record company. That would be awesome. I was sitting at my desk in my room, writing out some random shit when there was a knock on the door. I got up, and walked across the room to answer it. As I opened the door I was greeted with a guy about 16-17, black hair, green eyes and the fact that he wore a band shirt made me feel absolutely positive about him.
"Hey, You must be Emily!" He said, immediately hugging me, his voice sounded a bit.. preppish?
"Hey, who might you be?" He smiled, putting his bangs down.
"I, am Andy, and your roommate!" He said, gesturing to himself and then his bags.
"Oh excellent, someone to talk to finally. Come on in!" I said, opening the door for him. He came in with his bags, walking over to the vacant bed and putting down his things.
"Wow. I see you've already put up some nice wall decorations.. lucky I have some to add to the large collection." He was looking at the band posters I had hanging up everywhere, I smiled and nodded.
"Excellent. Well, you get unpacked and then we will.."
"Get to know each other and then you can show me how you do your eyeliner because it is fucking gorgeous!" He said. I laughed, nodding again.
"I'll help you if you want."

The next 3 hours was spent unpacking his shit, seriously this dude had more stuff than me, shocking. He had finished with his clothes and put his luggage bag under the bed along with the other random bags he had carried with him before lying down on the bed like I had the first day of coming here.
"So where do you come from?" I asked.
"New York. All that way for a stupid college, but I suppose it's better here. They don't tease you for gender bending do they?" He asked, turning his head abruptly to face me. I shook my head smiling.
"No way dude, or at least I don't. But I don't think they will if you don't make it too obvious." He nodded in agreement.
"Smart thinking. So, why did you move here?" He asked. I sighed, sitting down next to him.
"I had insecurities."
"Ooo.. with a guy?" He asked. My eyes widened.
"How the fuck did you know?" I asked. He winked.
"As soon as I asked you the look on your face said it all." I nodded slowly, "What was his name?"
"Frank." He nodded back.
"I take it that it didn't work out?" He asked.
"Nope. Well, it wasn't anything to start off with. I loved him for ages.. and apparently he didn't love me back. So he went out with my bimbo cousin." He frowned and whistled.
"What an asshole. Personally, if I was straight I'd be all over you in a second." I smiled.
"Thanks Andy." I watched as he closed his eyes, nodding slowly.
"I had a guy.. but he cheated on me with a chick. Fucking butthead."
"What was his name?"
"Pete. And the sad thing is how do you even begin to trust new people when there are people like that still out there?" He asked.
"I know exactly how you feel."
"Yeah." It was silent for a few seconds until he sat up and crossed his legs, looking at my eyes.
"You have really beautiful eyes, hazel. And that eyeliner makes them stand out like crazy.. can you please teach me how you do that!" He asked. I laughed.
"Of course! Do you have any liquid eyeliner?" He smirked, raising an eyebrow.
"Is that even a question?"

We spent the rest of the night playing with eyeliner.. the end result was it ending up on the walls and bed sheets. It was nice to have a nice room mate, especially one that you knew you wouldn't have to worry about hitting on you. This was all as close as I could get to it being perfect.

If the person that has taken your heart, doesn't end up noticing that a bit of it is missing. Then all you can do it hope for a second action, that the person who has taken your heart doesn't lose the whole of it. Because then you'd be screwed.


Omg. I updated within 3 days again!! It's a freaking miracle!
Hey dudes,
I love you all, as always. Thanks to those who reviewed. You all fucking ROCK SICKASS MOFO STYLE!
Yeah.. my little saying thing.. o.O
Any suggestions for the story welcome, including criticism and requests. Next chapter is coming soon, so brace yourselves. Hope this one wasn't too boring, I know it had no Frank but the next one will I PROMISE!
Ok, I was thinking and I decided to put up some cool songs that I was listening to while writing this, ahem.:
=She's the Girl all the Bad Guys Want - Simple Plan
=I Caught Fire (In Your Eyes) - The Used
=I'm Not Okay (I Promise) - My Chemical Romance
=What Went Wrong - Blink 182
=Say Goodbye - I Killed the Prom Queen
=Hands Down - Dashboard Confessional
=Can't Stop - Red Hot Chili Peppers
=Dance of Death - Iron Maiden
=Change Your Mind - All-American Rejects
=Stiff Upper Lip - AC/DC
=Here in Your Arms - HelloGoodbye

All those songs absolutely ROCK! Gah. Gotta love them Anyway sorry about the wasting of space and Maggie Loves you all.

Magi Pirate.

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